About Me

Welcome to my fitness bloggie, i'm Katie :).  I'm new to blogging and I'm not always sure how to organize my thoughts. . .but i'm working on it.  Born and raised on Long Island, NY, and now raising my 5-yr-old son here.  Going on 26 and I am not happy about it, mostly because I am still unsure about what I want to do with my life?  I work as an Ocean Lifeguard during the summer (that's my beach in the header pic :D) and if I could do that year round I would in a heartbeat.  I currently hold a degree in Elementary Education but am having second thoughts about it as a career :/ .

I am very passionate about fitness and staying active.  Like most woman I have had a very rocky relationship with my body and self-esteem and am working everyday to improve it.  I was overweight until the age of 13 when I took the initiative and dropped 50lbs (More about it here).   I then got into running and ran cross-country/track through all of H.S. and college.  During my freshman year of college our team qualified for the NCAA D II XC championships, it was an amazing  experience!  I also competed on my college's crew team for 1 1/2 yrs which I would love to get back into.  I'm planning to compete in a triathlon near the end of the summer and if all goes well more in the future :).   

As for this blog, I want to document my results and how I am achieving them and also share fitness advice with others who are interested.  I believe by sharing my results it gives credibility to the advice dispensed here.  I'll also be writing about how I am training for my first triathlon, follow along  if you are interested in completing one too :) .  Lastly I've considered that this could be a jumping point for me to get into the personal training field.  I will be detailing any steps I take in that direction so if you are also interested in how to break into personal training (or you'd like to give me some advice) stay tuned!
                                                                                   Written~ 9/28/10