Monday, November 26, 2012

Training Plan 11/26-12/2

   By focus I mean the exercise(s) that I do first in my workout after warming-up.  It is the lift(s) that I am most trying to improve strength on so I put them first as I am not yet fatigued and able to give 100% effort.  I usually go heavier weight, lower rep on it, 4-6 sets, 3-8 reps (sometimes 1 or 2 reps in last sets).

On most lifting days I like to warm-up with a few KB Turkish Get-ups on each side.

11/26- AM: Chest/Tris/Core- w/ focus on heavy weight, low rep bench press and bodyweight dips
PM: 9 mile run- 1:05:51 - 7:18 average  7:49/ 7:51/ 7:35/ 7:26/ 7:09/ 6:57/ 6:48/ 6:56/ 7:19

11/27- Lower Body- KB Swings to warm up.  Focus on Heavy (135-145lb) Squats, Hip Thrusts and Step-ups with some extra glute stuff at the end.
No Run

11/28- Back/Biceps- focus on Pull-ups and Bent Over Rows
followed by treadmill intervals if legs can handle it (if not switch with Th run)
1 mile warm-up, 15 ~ 30sec -1 min intervals at 5-5:20 pace with equal rest, 1-2 mile cool down.

11/29- AM: Shoulders/Core- focus on Clean and Press, Overhead Press. TRX Core Exercises
 PM: 4-5 miles easy-ish

11/30- Possible light lifting session, 3-4 miles

12/1- 2 miles easy with 4-6 strides after

12/2- 5k! :D

Approx Total mileage: 30 (with 1 mile race warm-up and 1-2 mile cool down)

   Today's run felt pretty good, it's the longest run I've done since last  January's 10 mile race (which I mentioned last post I'm doing again this year).  I didn't train for it last year, but my pace today was already faster than my pace in last year's race (although mostly bc I fell apart in the last 2 miles from the lack of training lol).  My goal time is 1:05 and I think today's run is a good indication that it's possible.  I didn't plan those 3 sub-7 miles near the end, my legs just felt loose and they happened without too much extra effort so I went with it.

    For the bench my immediate goal is 90lbs, I've been stuck at 85 for awhile now.  I didn't have a spotter today so I just did 4 sets of 3-4 reps at 85 with a beginning and ending set of 65lbs x 8(b) & 12(e).

Garmin Question: I've been unable to upload my data for awhile now.  The site recognizes my Garmin but when I try to upload my runs it tells me, "no new activities to upload."  Anyone ever have this problem and/or a solution to it?


Laura Frey said...

I've been following your blog forever! I am so proud that you are kicking some major 5k ass!! It's unbelievable!! Congrats, keep it up and tell us! Thanks so much!

coach dion said...

Had that problem with my Garmin once, but it went away, Can't remember what I did, But I record my runs on about 4 different places and wait, now I think I remember, The date was wrong!!! yes it was using a date from yesteryear for from 2015!!! and kept using the same date. So try down loading your runs in a different place and see if you can pick anything up, then you might have to empty your memory.. Good luck.

Jennifer Gibbons said...

Great run! It is really nice to challenge yourself and have a goal when running. This really helps to improve your running skills and also to be healthier.

Heather said...

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