Monday, October 15, 2012

Bikini Comp Recap

     I actually came back to the blog today to write about the direction of my current training and goals, I've been thinking about posting regularly again to journal my training and progress toward my current goals.  More for myself but others may be interested in it as well.  Then I realized I never posted about my Fitness America Competition, which had a big influence on what I'm choosing to pursue goal wise now (but not in the way you might think).  So I'm going to recap and reflect on that first.

  My competition took place on July 7th, I placed 5th in bikini short class which I suppose is good for my first time but it was a beginner comp so everyone was new at it lol.  And although I'm glad I went through with it and experienced something new I learned that bikini competitions really aren't my thing.  I HATE being on stage in front of an audience ha.  I felt like a deer in headlights up there the whole time, forgetting to smile, full of anxiety and wanting nothing more than to be off the stage.
    So although part of me wonders if I could keep working at it and do better, I don't think I will be partaking in any more bikini comps anytime soon.  Plus it's so subjective.  In running, if you run the fastest time you win; but how do you judge who has the best physique?   I know it's really about doing it for yourself and being happy with the work you put in and the results you got.  I told myself this repeatedly before the competition, in my head I would think, "no matter what you place, getting on stage is a victory."  And I was happy with how I looked so that should be good enough.  Buuttt I'm competitive so I still got a little bit down on myself for my placing.

    Also despite not taking drastic measures (no carb cycling,  no low carb/calorie, no excessive cardio), I still ended up a little thinner then I would like.  Yes, most women compete at weights lighter than they normally maintain day to day, but I still would have liked to got on stage 4-5 lbs heavier than I was (@ 5'4" I competed at 108lbs, I think 112-114 would have been perfect) .  Even though I didn't take drastic or excessive measures, in the last few weeks I was afraid to eat too much and be bloated or have extra fat (I was still eating plenty though, averaging 1400-1500 a day [which is a lot for someone at 110 lbs in the last few weeks of contest prep.] I guess I could have gotten away with more though, you live and you learn :).

 Some contest pics:

If you know anything about these types of competitions, you'd know I was waving with the wrong hand, ooopps.

Probably the most genuine smile out of all the pics, the rest all look very forced. . . cause they were haha.

      Overall, I loved the training, I loved the changes to my body composition, loved the clean eating BUT I did not love the stage, the tan, the hair and make-up, being judged, the cost lol.   So I've continued to lift daily and lift heavy, to eat clean and make sure I eat enough to maintain my weight (and even add a bit) but I've gone back to focusing my goals on the sport I love: RUNNING :D  More on my current running goals and progress in the next post :)