Sunday, December 11, 2011

I think my rendezvous with the 19's is going to be short lived. . . 18 I'm looking at you!

I Ran 19:00 today!

I will add that I think the course was a little short and it was closer to a 19:30, but either way it's a PR and I couldn't more psyched up :D

I felt smooth, strong and in control the whole race, it felt almost easy. I'm ready to start posting some sweet 18 min times come the spring :)

My Garmin mile splits (which work out to a 19:30 pace, my garmin had the course as 3.03): 6:07/6:20/6:25.

My first mile has stayed pretty consistent throughout my races, I'm usually around 6:10, it's really my 2nd and 3rd miles that have seen such a great improvement.

I'd love to write more right now but it's pretty tedious on an iPhone (I don't currently have a computer). Come the new year I will be back in full swing!