Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Very Thankful Day


Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving All!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I've Been Eating Wednesday~ Jamie Eason Edition (with bonus progress pics)

    I've mentioned in my recent posts that I've been following the Jamie Eason LiveFit 12 week trainer,  I'm actually kind of obsessed with it and am in shock over the positive impact it has had on my fitness and my life in general.  I've always run and recently I've gotten more and more into resistance training (BodyRock!), but I've never followed a structured lifting program.  I am loving the change of pace that lifting heavy has done for my mind, body and soul, I truly look forward to my workouts (almost) everyday.

   Yesterday was leg day and I squatted, singled leg RDLed, walking doubled lunged, single leg split squatted and barbell glute bridged my heart out :D

     But the best part about the program may just be the laid out nutrition plan.  Besides never having followed a lifting program, I've never eaten (or knew how really) in a way that promotes muscle growth and fat loss (as opposed to weight loss).  

Some basics of the plan:
~ Eat every 3 hours (so usually 6 meals a day)
~ Complete lean protein with each meal
~ Load up on veggies (as with all well rounded diets :)
~ Non processed, limited ingredient foods (Here is Jamie's list of approved foods for the plan)
~Complex carbs with the exception of post workout simple carbs to aid quick protein digestion and muscle repair (I go with 1/2 a banana as recommended by Jamie)
~ Macros (% of protein/carb/fat) vary depending on the phase your in
~ Taper carbs out towards the evening (no carbs after 7 in all phases)
~ Protein meal before bed (prob around 9-10 pm for most people, best options: Egg whites, Cottage cheese or Casein protein)

   Here is what I ate yesterday , which is pretty much what I eat everyday with some small variations.  I'm really bad at remembering to take pics of my food, so I don't have pictures of everything, I also added a few extra pics with variations on my meals (or just my egg whites bc thats the only thing I remember to snap).

First off there have been LOTS of egg whites! 
Thankfully I really like egg whites and I've had fun finding different ways to prepare them.

I usually have an omelette for my 1st or 2nd meal and sometimes for both :D

Yesterdays Meal #1:  Egg Whites with: Spinach, White Mushrooms, Red Bell Pepper on Ezekial Toast and Lottsss of Black Pepper (love!)

Sweet Potato and Spinach Egg Whites 

Egg White Omelette with Cinnamon and Banana Slices, bit of Truvia sprinkled in and Strawberry Slices on Top (Sometimes I'll sprinkle Vanilla Whey Protien in too, makes it french toast like)

Meal # 2 yesterday:
Chicken Stir Fry ~ Throw chicken and stir fry veggies in a pan and done :D 
So simple and so so good!

Meal #3
     Didn't get a pic, but yesterday I had Chobani Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt with Cocoa powder, around 1/4 cup oats, and a few blueberries.  This was my pre-workout meal so I was okay with a bit of extra sugar in this meal (also Chobani has 7 g sugar as compared to Fage's 9 gs)



Post Workout:
I have great love for my post workout whey protein and 1/2 a banana.

Meal # 4
   Sometimes I consider my Whey and Banana as a meal, but as it was leg day and I need the extra cals I ate a more substantial meal an hour later.

  Didn't take a pic, but I had one of  Jamie's Italian Turkey Burgers (made mostly with zucchini and ground turkey).  I usually make a batch of about 10 of these on Sunday and then Matt and I have them throughout the week.  He brings his to work for lunch on a wrap with cheeses and tomato.

  I had mine crumbled over a spinach salad with mushroom, roasted red pepper and balsamic vinaigrette :D

Meal #5
     I failed at taking pictures the second half of the day, besides I was so hungry by the time I came home from work that I pretty much devoured dinner while I was still making it.

     Dinner was a can of albacore tuna mixed with avocado, salsa and extra tomato slices plus a slice of Ezekial bread.  This was around 6:30 and I usually wouldn't have that many carbs at this time in the evening, but it was leg day, I still needed the calories and  I'm trying to gain all the muscle I can before the final phase which is strictly fat loss.

Meal #6

My final meal was at 9:30 last night:  5 egg whites sprinkled with cinnamon, chocolate casein powder, truvia and a drizzle of natural peanut, cashew, almond butter (Target brand).  

Sometimes I just do 5 hardboiled egg whites or a casein shake but last night I wanted more of a treat.  I know some people have a hard time with egg whites but I've grown to love them during this program.

Progress Pics:
Took these shots yesterday, I'm extremely pleased with my results so far :D

More on the program tomorrow!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Never-Ending Quest

I attempted sub-20 once again this weekend and got oh-so-close, but no cigar.

Official time: 20:07

11 second PR

1st place female/ 6th Overall

I won a year long $600 gym membership

All things to be happy about and yet I'm still kinda bummed :/

I wanted to break 20 for my birthday (11/11/11) and so I can set a new goal AND so I can finally stop talking about breaking 20 already!

These Garmin Stats make me pretty happy though:

I know that is obviously not official, but that's a sub 20 pace right there :D

   Not much to say about the race, it was nice 50-ish weather, a bit windy, especially since parts of the race ran along side the Great South Bay.  I ran all out, felt good, ditched the music (I've realized I'm much more focused and don't zone out without it).   
   My old soccer coach (from my 13 yr-old, 170 lb days) has been at all my recent races and we are right around the same time so we paced each other through most of the race.  He dropped back a little near the end but only finished 9 seconds after me, it was pretty awesome having someone to help push me along.

    I've got a bunch of races lined up for the rest of the month so we'll see if I can finally conquer this thing :)

Here's the upcoming sched:
11/20 ~ 5k on my old HS XC course, this will not be a sub 20 attempt since it is a hilly (with one super crazy hill) trail course.  My goal here is to break my HS time of 20:53
11/24 ~ Turkey Trot 5k
11/26 ~ Trail 5k, but it is flat 
12/11 ~ Habitat For Humanity Santa 5k- this is at my HS but if it's too cold I probably won't do it

  I also meant to write about meeting SkinnyRunner and Hungry Runner Girl, but time escaped me as is the case most of the time these days when I mean to post.  I'm sure everyone reading has seen the posts on both their blogs and they are both just as crazy awesome in person.  

  In case you missed their posts on the post NYC marathon Crumbs meet-up here are some group pics (stolen from SR,  Katie of Keeping up with Katie and Cat of Breakfast to Bed)

                        There were 2 camera men, Janae and I obviously got the wrong memo on which one to look at  :D

Skinny Runner snapped this lovely family shot for us:
I'm surprised she got a smile out of him since at this point he was a crankmaster after we dragged him around the city for a few hours.

And I'm out of time and off to work once again so that's all she wrote, for now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I've been doing recently, besides not posting. . .

Dead Hang Chin-ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may just be my proudest accomplishment to date :D :D

If you've been following this blog since the beginning you might remember this has been a goal of mine for a year!  And I was really, reeaalllyyy losing hope that it would ever happen.

Here is a post from April of me struggling to get one chin-up from a bent arm position and that was after 5 months of working with resistance bands and negative pull-ups, it definitely wasn't looking good for me.

  The two things that really moved my progress along were:
     1) I started a structured lifting program, Jamie Eason's LiveFit to be precise (which I will most definitely be writing more about, it is love!)
    2) I added a few sets of static holds at the top (for as long as I could hold it) at the end of most of my workouts.

Finally becoming a triathlete on September 25th (after my first tri in August was cancelled)

I think this pic makes it clear the bike is not my strong leg :)

and placing in the top 5 women:

Leaderboard WOMEN:
Kelly Pickard41:15
Christie O'Hara43:37
Louise Grausso43:54
Katie McGrath44:18 ~Me 
Erin Garland45:31

   Race breakdown:
Clock Time44:18
Overall Place28 / 268

    The run was a 4k and definitely my saving grace, I ran at just about a 20 flat 5k pace and loved every second of it.  I was thrilled about this since my running training during August was minimal due to a knee pain/ injury (backing off a bit made it go away :)  and then starting Jamie's program I was supposed to lay off cardio (I just greatly cut back) for the first 4 weeks (to promote muscle growth).

Chipping away at Sub-20
   Coming off my triathlon race I decided I needed to enter some 5ks STAT bc that Sub-20 was mine for the taking, right?  I mean I ran 4 min per k pace after swimming and biking, I should be able to hold on for one more kilometer at that pace sans swim/bike, yes?  Easier said then done :/

BUTTTT I did inch just a little bit closer.

    In my October 8th race, I shaved 7 seconds of my PR with a 20:18 and 1st place female :D  

  I thought for sure I would break 20 this past Sunday, but the feels like 20° and windy weather through me for a loop.  Final time: 20:52

   I've got a few more races planned for the upcoming weekends and most likely 2 races during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm not giving up on this one!!

Being a Rockstar trainer :D

   Anyone who is/has been in the personal training field most likely knows that starting out is tough, starting out in any new career is a challenge as you gain your experience and learn new things everyday. Despite being challenging sometimes and majorly time consuming, I still love it and know with 100% confidence that it is what I want to be doing.  

Plus I get to work in this kick ass studio:

I've started working on a nutrition cert too, but haven't been finding a lot of time to dedicate towards studying so it's a little slow going right now.  

Kicking my own booty in the weight room

  As mentioned briefly above I've started lifting and I'm loving every second of it :D  My workouts are the highlight of my day. Squats, Bench, Deadlifts (Single Leg deadlifts: OMG OWW, in a really good way!), Curls, Rows; I love 'em all. 

   Along with the lifting (and in conjunction with Jamie Eason's Trainer) I'm following a super clean, high protein, 6 meals a day diet plan and seeing amazing results.  I've dropped a few %'s off my bodyfat and I've become so immersed in it that I've even been contemplating competing (bikini class).

  Okay I feel like I was a bit braggy in this post, but truly I am just amazed at how far I have come in the past year.  I definitely think starting this blog a little over a year ago (I missed my 1 year blogiversary booo :( ) got the ball rolling for me to finally go after and achieve some of my long standing goals.

  Tell me about a goal you've recently achieved and whether/how blogging helped you to reach it  :)