Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Been a Summer

Hi Guys!

    I had a feeling I wasn't gonna be able to keep up with blogging during the summer and I was 100% right.  And it's really hard to get back to it once you've got a stockpile of things you want to write about and no idea where to start :/

  My summer was amazing, crazy, exciting, scary, exhausting, FUN, and a major period of growth all mixed into one :D

    Gosh there is so much to say, where to start!?!?

   I'm gonna start with the fact that I WAS supposed to be a triathlete by now, but unfortunately my debut triathlon that I built up for months was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.  I was definitely disappointed by this but immediately signed up for another Tri which is now a week away!  I'm really easing into the sport as this triathlon next weekend is a Super Sprint; 400 meter swim, 10k bike, 4k run.  Cake.

Speaking of Irene, here are some pics of what our beach looked like after:
Flooded tunnel

Mi Hermana

Y Hermano

This tunnel is usually about 12 feet high

  We spent the next few days of work reconstructing the beach, I donned my work (rain) boots and gloves and did some heavy lifting.  We actually had the place looking pretty close to normal in 2 days.  

I also took the opportunity to Hurricane Party:
While wearing my son's rain jacket.  Definitely a night I will not forget :D

   I planned to write a lot more, but it's getting late and I've got to be up early on a Saturday morning for my new job.

  I got a personal training job!  

        So Sooooo excited!!!  I don't actually have any clients yet, I just started on Tuesday, but I have loved every second of every one of the 26 hours I've worked so far. The gym is brand new (it's a big chain gym, but it's thier new updated version, only the 2nd one ever opened!) and has EVERYTHING (TRX, Kettlebells, Plyo Boxs, . . .) I could ask for.  
   I have so much more to say and I plan to post again tomorrow and hopefully get back to posting regularly from here on out.  I am working mayyjor hours at the gym especially this week as it just opened (this evening at 5 pm!), but I'm gonna find some time.

I miss you all!! I need to catch up on everyone!