Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Things

    I kinda knew that once lifeguarding started I'd have trouble keeping up with blogging.    And now I have the time to post, but so many things I want to write about that it is hard to keep them straight.  I want to just put it all in one big crazy post except I know that would be an unfortunate mess.  I'm off the next 2 days so I plan to catch up with everything I want to write (and hopefully catch up on what you guys have been doing).  For today I'm gonna go with a fun, mostly picture post of some new training related things I've purchased/received. 

I finally got a GymBoss Interval timer!! In pink!

Now I can BodyRock on the beach :D

I look just like Zuz now, right?
Nahh. . . her hair is a lot darker ;)

I got THESE  babies. . .
ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 6


Third + Fourth:
   A few weeks ago I won a CamelBack Handheld Water Bottle and $25 iTunes gift card from Carrie at Confessions of a Registered Dietician .

The water bottle is awesome and looks like this:

And I think iTunes cards are pretty much the greatest thing you can win (I don't dl from free sites)

So far I bought the new Lady GaGa album:
Favorites from it right now: Marry the Night, Bad Kids, Fashion of His Love, Highway Unicorn, and You and I

I need suggestions for 10 more great running/workout songs please :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

BodyRockers in the House Tonight

I've been listening to Party Rock Anthem while I workout and I like to pretend they're saying "Bodyrockers" instead of "Party Rock is. . ." :D

Today I went back and re-did the first BodyRock workout I ever performed (in January): Suicidal Sweat.   I remember when I first did it I skipped a whole section because it involved some 1-legged jump squats that I could not for the life of me do.  Did 'em today :D   It also involved a bunch of Break Dance push-ups which some of you may remember from my little demo and if you haven't seen it they look like this:

Love those guys! 
I did them a lot better today too, in the video on some reps I'm hooking my foot around my other leg, none of that this time :)

Speaking of Break Dance. . . So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is back on!  YAYYYYY!! And I remembered how much the Break Dancers on that show always rock. 
I think those guys are some of the best athletes in the world.  

Legacy was one of my all time faves:
 Even though he was a B-Boy, he could rock any dance style.

I'm thinking about getting Nolan some break dance lessons :)  Nollie showed me how he can learn to walk on his hands by putting his feet on an exercise ball and moving into pike position.  Such a smart 5 year old :D

Dales and I are thinking of taking some dance lessons as well after watching the past few episodes, I am so envious of their flexibilty.

Season 6: Ellenore and Legacy

I might do a post on my top 5 SYTYCD routines because I think everyone should experience them.

Full Time Beach starts tomorrow!!!! 

How's that for a random post :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Aced the ACE!

I'm an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer!!!! Woohhooo :D

All of this:
finally paid off.

And I don't have to feel like this:

   Plus I can get back to blogging, reading and commenting regularly again :)  

  I thought the test was pretty darn hard and I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest as I pressed submit; I really had no idea whether I had passed or not based on the questions.  But I did it!! :D :D :D

  I still have anxiety feelings in my stomach (I finished 1 hour ago) because I was so so nervous before & during the whole test.

  Random fun fact that I noticed while studying the ACE manual:  The names of the people in the case studies were: Phyllis, Stanley, Oscar, Kelly, Jan, Andy, Meredith, David and . . .DWIGHT!  That is no coincidence and I was highly amused by it :D I guess I'm easy to please :)

No Jim though. . .

My Jim Halpert face from January

   I plan to continue studying my Kinesiology and Anatomy at the beach this summer, even though I passed I didn't feel confident enough answering many of those questions.  I'm also thinking of pursuing another cert over the summer, probably NASM.  As well as ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management coach certification.  Ohhh and RRCA running coach cert (just looked it up, cert course in NY on Sept. 10-11th, I'm on it!) :D  

CRAZY excited about all this ish!!

    Need to go workout and get rid of some nervous energy I still have, I should be posting more now that I'm not studying during every available hour.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking a Chill Pill

  Mucho studying + lots going on mentally & emotionally for me = inability to bloggy blog

Numbered list of what's been going down the past week:
   1)  I kinda left you guys hanging on the results of my much anticipated 5k on Sunday.  It was a small race, pretty uneventful so it doesn't really warrant a full race recap.  To sum it up: No PR. . . 20:59. . . 1st female.  I had kinda built up trying to go sub 20 in this race, but I could tell from my workouts the week before that it was highly unlikely.  My attempt at mile repeats resulted in 1- 6:27 mile and I was donzo.   I did run it at noon in 85+ degrees and a few days into no sugar feeling majorly depleted (not the race, the repeats mile), still I know that holding that pace for 3 miles was a loooonnnnnnggggg shot.

    I had planned to run the 5k with my garmin because I don't actually know when I'm slowing down since my first mile is usually right about 6:30 and then my average pace is 6:40's. Then I got really scared about wearing it and getting frustrated and down on myself when my pace dropped so I skipped it.  I didn't wear any watch and there were no mile splits in this race so I just ran by feel.  Even though I ran exactly 1 minute off Sub-20 I was very happy with my time.  I've been able to run right at 21 or just under consistently and I feel very strong doing it.

   2)  With all that said: I've decided to chill on pushing the sub-20 for now.  I gave myself so much anxiety about hitting times in workouts and I think it had a negative effect on my results.  Right now I just want to run, when I want and what I want.  And I want to BodyRock without worrying about being too sore to get my workouts in and run stairs (which I had trouble fitting in with interval workouts).  And I'm beginning to add in more swimming/biking for my triathlon at the end of August (I found another awesome local tri for end of September too :D It's a Super Sprint [shorter than a sprint])

    I'm still going to run almost everyday, but I'm not basing my runs on specific race time goals.  I need it more for emotional/stress release right now.  I will be doing a bunch of races this summer but I'm more concerned with effort and enjoyment for the meanwhile.  My next 5k is June 26th and I'm really looking forward to it.  All the beach peeps do it every year and there is a lift portion you can enter where for every bench press you do (men: bodyweight; women: 70%) they shave 10 seconds off your time.   I won my age group for the lift & run 2 years ago (I was the only one in my age group who did the lifts :D and I could only bench it once lol.  This years goal: 2 reps haha.)  Then we all party afterwards :D :D

   3) I'm starting to get comfortable on my road bike.  My bro went on a ride with me 2 days ago and helped me out with shifting and stuff.  It was only about 5 miles, but prior to that I had only been doing 1 mile around my block to get the feel for it.  Gonna go for 8-10 later I think.

   4) I haven't been completely sugar free this week.  I did 10 days with absolutely NO added sugar and then the 2 days before my race I had a bit because I really needed the energy for my race.  It worked out well I didn't have the depleted feeling I'd been having in workouts during my race.  Since then I've been mostly added sugar (and refined carb free), but I'm (trying) not obsessing over  it.  I did start to get a little crazy about it and since I didn't give myself a set date for ending it I've felt kinda like I was cheating and guilty.  But I'm eating 95-98% healthy real foods, I'm still losing weight (but slower which is good bc I don't have much more to lose) and I feel good.  

   5)  This I am SUPER excited about: I signed up for a 2 day personal training seminar in NYC!!  It is July 9th-10th at Peak Performance, where they train celebs (Anne Hathaway, Claire Danes, Jimmy Fallon) and models.  It's limited to 30 attendees so it will be very personal, I can't wait :D  I am on a mission to learn/ take in as much as I can in order to be on top of my training game :)

   My ACE exam is Monday, so back to studying for me.  I have so so many blogs to catch up on, but that will have to wait until after Monday morning.

   I don't like to post picture-less, so here is me completely dead and sweaty mess after 2.5 miles and 20 min/ 400 rep bodyrock workout in 90 degree heat yesterday (I dripped puddles):

and to make up for that mess; cleaned up to go out:

      Since this post was all I, I, I . . . tell me about you!  I've been missing out on your lives;  How are all you Sugar Free challengers doing?  Any new PRs this past weekend? Other exciting news?  I'd really love to know so tell me below and hopefully I can catch up on your blogs soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Race Fashion Friday ft. Heroes in a Half Shell

I've skipped the race attire photo shoots for my past few races and I kinda missed them, be honest you missed them too ;)  

Sunday is a special race and so I decided it needed a special shirt.

This $5 Foreva 21 tank does the trick:

More from the fashion shoot:

Ready to Rock

Turtle Power

oh the fun ways I spend my friday nights :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two 8 hr days in the sun (and some sunburn) + No Sugar +  Intense workouts (hello 550 rep workout and 400 meter repeats) = Exhausted Me

But don't worry I am taking it real easy the next 4 days and then Sunday is my race.  I ran an easy shake out 1.5 miles today and I've imposed a no bodyrock rule till after Sunday.  Dales is doing today's  Amazing Ab workout in front of me right now and it's killiingg me not to join her (sidenote: she lost 4lbs this week, you rock Dales, I'm so proud of your bodyrocking :D). 

Day  10 of no sugar and refined carbs, and not a slip up yet.  Amanda's Sugar Free Challenge starts today and there are over 80 participants! Awesome.

I realized this weekend that if I'm going to stick to this sugar free thing for a prolonged period of time I need to bring A LOT of food to the beach.  I get so hungry the last 2 hours and this wknd I was so hungry at the end of the day that I was tempted to eat anything.  On the whole I feel like I've been eating a lot, but I'm always hungry and I'm losing weight.  I was stuck going between 122-124 and I am now at 119.5.  Pretty much right where I want to be, I'll see if I can get 116-118, but I don't want to go lower than that.

I did feel really confident at the beach this weekend, I think it's the least self conscious I've ever felt in a bikini.  That was pretty much the mission when I started this blog; to work hard all fall/winter/spring so that I could feel great come summer.  Success :D

    I have to laugh a little when I see this search term in my traffic sources: "How to get bikini ready in 2 weeks"  Sorry I can't help you there, unless you are super close to where you want to be already I don't think anyone can tell you how to do that.  My blanket advice: Start eating right and working out now, don't do anything drastic (aka: starve), stick with it.  Maybe in 2 weeks you will see some progress, in a few months you will see more.

I forgot to take pics this wknd but my sis took this pic of Nollie and his cousins. . . and my co-worker adjusting himself in the background.

Posting (and commenting) will most likely be light the next 2 weeks because my ACE cert test is June 13th and studying/passing that kinda takes precedent over bloggy things. 

 And then I start full time beach June 17th so who knows it may stay light, or maybe just picture heavy. There will be lots of fun races to report on though :)

I started reading this lovely book yesterday:
It's not required reading for the test but I figured I should learn as much of this stuff as I can.
So far I'm finding it very interesting.
  I really wish I had gotten my degree in Exercise Science :(

I also discovered the anatomy arcade yesterday and rocked some poke-a-muscle.  If you are trying to learn the muscles of the body I highly suggest it, fun and educational all in one :D