Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I've been doing recently, besides not posting. . .

Dead Hang Chin-ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This may just be my proudest accomplishment to date :D :D

If you've been following this blog since the beginning you might remember this has been a goal of mine for a year!  And I was really, reeaalllyyy losing hope that it would ever happen.

Here is a post from April of me struggling to get one chin-up from a bent arm position and that was after 5 months of working with resistance bands and negative pull-ups, it definitely wasn't looking good for me.

  The two things that really moved my progress along were:
     1) I started a structured lifting program, Jamie Eason's LiveFit to be precise (which I will most definitely be writing more about, it is love!)
    2) I added a few sets of static holds at the top (for as long as I could hold it) at the end of most of my workouts.

Finally becoming a triathlete on September 25th (after my first tri in August was cancelled)

I think this pic makes it clear the bike is not my strong leg :)

and placing in the top 5 women:

Leaderboard WOMEN:
Kelly Pickard41:15
Christie O'Hara43:37
Louise Grausso43:54
Katie McGrath44:18 ~Me 
Erin Garland45:31

   Race breakdown:
Clock Time44:18
Overall Place28 / 268

    The run was a 4k and definitely my saving grace, I ran at just about a 20 flat 5k pace and loved every second of it.  I was thrilled about this since my running training during August was minimal due to a knee pain/ injury (backing off a bit made it go away :)  and then starting Jamie's program I was supposed to lay off cardio (I just greatly cut back) for the first 4 weeks (to promote muscle growth).

Chipping away at Sub-20
   Coming off my triathlon race I decided I needed to enter some 5ks STAT bc that Sub-20 was mine for the taking, right?  I mean I ran 4 min per k pace after swimming and biking, I should be able to hold on for one more kilometer at that pace sans swim/bike, yes?  Easier said then done :/

BUTTTT I did inch just a little bit closer.

    In my October 8th race, I shaved 7 seconds of my PR with a 20:18 and 1st place female :D  

  I thought for sure I would break 20 this past Sunday, but the feels like 20° and windy weather through me for a loop.  Final time: 20:52

   I've got a few more races planned for the upcoming weekends and most likely 2 races during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm not giving up on this one!!

Being a Rockstar trainer :D

   Anyone who is/has been in the personal training field most likely knows that starting out is tough, starting out in any new career is a challenge as you gain your experience and learn new things everyday. Despite being challenging sometimes and majorly time consuming, I still love it and know with 100% confidence that it is what I want to be doing.  

Plus I get to work in this kick ass studio:

I've started working on a nutrition cert too, but haven't been finding a lot of time to dedicate towards studying so it's a little slow going right now.  

Kicking my own booty in the weight room

  As mentioned briefly above I've started lifting and I'm loving every second of it :D  My workouts are the highlight of my day. Squats, Bench, Deadlifts (Single Leg deadlifts: OMG OWW, in a really good way!), Curls, Rows; I love 'em all. 

   Along with the lifting (and in conjunction with Jamie Eason's Trainer) I'm following a super clean, high protein, 6 meals a day diet plan and seeing amazing results.  I've dropped a few %'s off my bodyfat and I've become so immersed in it that I've even been contemplating competing (bikini class).

  Okay I feel like I was a bit braggy in this post, but truly I am just amazed at how far I have come in the past year.  I definitely think starting this blog a little over a year ago (I missed my 1 year blogiversary booo :( ) got the ball rolling for me to finally go after and achieve some of my long standing goals.

  Tell me about a goal you've recently achieved and whether/how blogging helped you to reach it  :)

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