Monday, November 14, 2011

The Never-Ending Quest

I attempted sub-20 once again this weekend and got oh-so-close, but no cigar.

Official time: 20:07

11 second PR

1st place female/ 6th Overall

I won a year long $600 gym membership

All things to be happy about and yet I'm still kinda bummed :/

I wanted to break 20 for my birthday (11/11/11) and so I can set a new goal AND so I can finally stop talking about breaking 20 already!

These Garmin Stats make me pretty happy though:

I know that is obviously not official, but that's a sub 20 pace right there :D

   Not much to say about the race, it was nice 50-ish weather, a bit windy, especially since parts of the race ran along side the Great South Bay.  I ran all out, felt good, ditched the music (I've realized I'm much more focused and don't zone out without it).   
   My old soccer coach (from my 13 yr-old, 170 lb days) has been at all my recent races and we are right around the same time so we paced each other through most of the race.  He dropped back a little near the end but only finished 9 seconds after me, it was pretty awesome having someone to help push me along.

    I've got a bunch of races lined up for the rest of the month so we'll see if I can finally conquer this thing :)

Here's the upcoming sched:
11/20 ~ 5k on my old HS XC course, this will not be a sub 20 attempt since it is a hilly (with one super crazy hill) trail course.  My goal here is to break my HS time of 20:53
11/24 ~ Turkey Trot 5k
11/26 ~ Trail 5k, but it is flat 
12/11 ~ Habitat For Humanity Santa 5k- this is at my HS but if it's too cold I probably won't do it

  I also meant to write about meeting SkinnyRunner and Hungry Runner Girl, but time escaped me as is the case most of the time these days when I mean to post.  I'm sure everyone reading has seen the posts on both their blogs and they are both just as crazy awesome in person.  

  In case you missed their posts on the post NYC marathon Crumbs meet-up here are some group pics (stolen from SR,  Katie of Keeping up with Katie and Cat of Breakfast to Bed)

                        There were 2 camera men, Janae and I obviously got the wrong memo on which one to look at  :D

Skinny Runner snapped this lovely family shot for us:
I'm surprised she got a smile out of him since at this point he was a crankmaster after we dragged him around the city for a few hours.

And I'm out of time and off to work once again so that's all she wrote, for now.

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