Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking a Chill Pill

  Mucho studying + lots going on mentally & emotionally for me = inability to bloggy blog

Numbered list of what's been going down the past week:
   1)  I kinda left you guys hanging on the results of my much anticipated 5k on Sunday.  It was a small race, pretty uneventful so it doesn't really warrant a full race recap.  To sum it up: No PR. . . 20:59. . . 1st female.  I had kinda built up trying to go sub 20 in this race, but I could tell from my workouts the week before that it was highly unlikely.  My attempt at mile repeats resulted in 1- 6:27 mile and I was donzo.   I did run it at noon in 85+ degrees and a few days into no sugar feeling majorly depleted (not the race, the repeats mile), still I know that holding that pace for 3 miles was a loooonnnnnnggggg shot.

    I had planned to run the 5k with my garmin because I don't actually know when I'm slowing down since my first mile is usually right about 6:30 and then my average pace is 6:40's. Then I got really scared about wearing it and getting frustrated and down on myself when my pace dropped so I skipped it.  I didn't wear any watch and there were no mile splits in this race so I just ran by feel.  Even though I ran exactly 1 minute off Sub-20 I was very happy with my time.  I've been able to run right at 21 or just under consistently and I feel very strong doing it.

   2)  With all that said: I've decided to chill on pushing the sub-20 for now.  I gave myself so much anxiety about hitting times in workouts and I think it had a negative effect on my results.  Right now I just want to run, when I want and what I want.  And I want to BodyRock without worrying about being too sore to get my workouts in and run stairs (which I had trouble fitting in with interval workouts).  And I'm beginning to add in more swimming/biking for my triathlon at the end of August (I found another awesome local tri for end of September too :D It's a Super Sprint [shorter than a sprint])

    I'm still going to run almost everyday, but I'm not basing my runs on specific race time goals.  I need it more for emotional/stress release right now.  I will be doing a bunch of races this summer but I'm more concerned with effort and enjoyment for the meanwhile.  My next 5k is June 26th and I'm really looking forward to it.  All the beach peeps do it every year and there is a lift portion you can enter where for every bench press you do (men: bodyweight; women: 70%) they shave 10 seconds off your time.   I won my age group for the lift & run 2 years ago (I was the only one in my age group who did the lifts :D and I could only bench it once lol.  This years goal: 2 reps haha.)  Then we all party afterwards :D :D

   3) I'm starting to get comfortable on my road bike.  My bro went on a ride with me 2 days ago and helped me out with shifting and stuff.  It was only about 5 miles, but prior to that I had only been doing 1 mile around my block to get the feel for it.  Gonna go for 8-10 later I think.

   4) I haven't been completely sugar free this week.  I did 10 days with absolutely NO added sugar and then the 2 days before my race I had a bit because I really needed the energy for my race.  It worked out well I didn't have the depleted feeling I'd been having in workouts during my race.  Since then I've been mostly added sugar (and refined carb free), but I'm (trying) not obsessing over  it.  I did start to get a little crazy about it and since I didn't give myself a set date for ending it I've felt kinda like I was cheating and guilty.  But I'm eating 95-98% healthy real foods, I'm still losing weight (but slower which is good bc I don't have much more to lose) and I feel good.  

   5)  This I am SUPER excited about: I signed up for a 2 day personal training seminar in NYC!!  It is July 9th-10th at Peak Performance, where they train celebs (Anne Hathaway, Claire Danes, Jimmy Fallon) and models.  It's limited to 30 attendees so it will be very personal, I can't wait :D  I am on a mission to learn/ take in as much as I can in order to be on top of my training game :)

   My ACE exam is Monday, so back to studying for me.  I have so so many blogs to catch up on, but that will have to wait until after Monday morning.

   I don't like to post picture-less, so here is me completely dead and sweaty mess after 2.5 miles and 20 min/ 400 rep bodyrock workout in 90 degree heat yesterday (I dripped puddles):

and to make up for that mess; cleaned up to go out:

      Since this post was all I, I, I . . . tell me about you!  I've been missing out on your lives;  How are all you Sugar Free challengers doing?  Any new PRs this past weekend? Other exciting news?  I'd really love to know so tell me below and hopefully I can catch up on your blogs soon.


Melissa Cunningham said...


sounds like you have a busy summer/fall planned!
i do hope things start getting better on the emotional/mental aspect,but with all the working out and such,im sure that will help out a lot! i always say that running/training is my free therapy sessions,lol!
anyways,hope you have a great weekend,and you look beautiful in your pics!!!! (as always!!!)

Johann said...

One thing I did learn over the years is to not worry about times and just to relax and run. I enjoy my running much more that way. Since I focus on ultras I don't have much to say about PR's on my side. Take it easy!

Chris K said...

Good luck on June 26th. Maybe you'll beat me this time :-)

I don't do sugar free, but for the past 3 years I am very mindful of how much sugar I eat. My rule of thumb is no more than 7 grams per meal, including my two daily snacks.

12 days until summary starts. Looking forward to the bikini pics.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Awesome update! I completely agree with you that pushing for a sub-20 is completely exhausting and takes the fun out of running. Good for you for taking a break to focus on enjoying the journey!

You are awesome! Good luck on your test!

Keri said...

Good luck on your test! btw you totally got me into bodyrock! I am loving it...I did one of the burpee challenges yesterday...48 in 10 minutes...

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Sometimes getting so fixed on a time can take away from the enjoyment of running, and even the enjoyment of something so exciting like placing 1st woman. So that sounds like a great idea just do it races/runs this summer for fun. LOVE it!

I'm super excited about your triathlons this year! I really want to do one, I need to practice swimming first a lot more.

Great to hear the update, love reading your stuff.

Julie said...

You need to mellow out a bit on the sugar free thing me thinks. Don't be so hard on yourself. SERIOUSLY!

How do you look so cute even when you are dead tired from working out? I wish I sweated that pretty :)

I did a distance PR this weekend with a 2.48 open water swim. It was fun!

Good luck with your test on Monday!

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Great job on the sweaty bodyrock workout! This sugar free thing has been amazing! Super hard at first, but my body has adjusted and once I regained the energy to workout, I found my stamina was so much higher than before! Definitely going to be a long term change (slightly modified of course, lol). Good luck on your ACE exam!!!

Dash said...

Great job on the 5k and good luck on the next one! That's a pretty fun challenge, unless they weigh you in front of everyone (ha!) :)

I just finished my second tootsie roll pop, that I have been addicted to for 15 years, so no sugar-free diet for me! whoops... ;)

No worries, life > blogging any day!

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

how much weight are you hoping to continue to lose? i am curious what your goals are! ;)