Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two 8 hr days in the sun (and some sunburn) + No Sugar +  Intense workouts (hello 550 rep workout and 400 meter repeats) = Exhausted Me

But don't worry I am taking it real easy the next 4 days and then Sunday is my race.  I ran an easy shake out 1.5 miles today and I've imposed a no bodyrock rule till after Sunday.  Dales is doing today's  Amazing Ab workout in front of me right now and it's killiingg me not to join her (sidenote: she lost 4lbs this week, you rock Dales, I'm so proud of your bodyrocking :D). 

Day  10 of no sugar and refined carbs, and not a slip up yet.  Amanda's Sugar Free Challenge starts today and there are over 80 participants! Awesome.

I realized this weekend that if I'm going to stick to this sugar free thing for a prolonged period of time I need to bring A LOT of food to the beach.  I get so hungry the last 2 hours and this wknd I was so hungry at the end of the day that I was tempted to eat anything.  On the whole I feel like I've been eating a lot, but I'm always hungry and I'm losing weight.  I was stuck going between 122-124 and I am now at 119.5.  Pretty much right where I want to be, I'll see if I can get 116-118, but I don't want to go lower than that.

I did feel really confident at the beach this weekend, I think it's the least self conscious I've ever felt in a bikini.  That was pretty much the mission when I started this blog; to work hard all fall/winter/spring so that I could feel great come summer.  Success :D

    I have to laugh a little when I see this search term in my traffic sources: "How to get bikini ready in 2 weeks"  Sorry I can't help you there, unless you are super close to where you want to be already I don't think anyone can tell you how to do that.  My blanket advice: Start eating right and working out now, don't do anything drastic (aka: starve), stick with it.  Maybe in 2 weeks you will see some progress, in a few months you will see more.

I forgot to take pics this wknd but my sis took this pic of Nollie and his cousins. . . and my co-worker adjusting himself in the background.

Posting (and commenting) will most likely be light the next 2 weeks because my ACE cert test is June 13th and studying/passing that kinda takes precedent over bloggy things. 

 And then I start full time beach June 17th so who knows it may stay light, or maybe just picture heavy. There will be lots of fun races to report on though :)

I started reading this lovely book yesterday:
It's not required reading for the test but I figured I should learn as much of this stuff as I can.
So far I'm finding it very interesting.
  I really wish I had gotten my degree in Exercise Science :(

I also discovered the anatomy arcade yesterday and rocked some poke-a-muscle.  If you are trying to learn the muscles of the body I highly suggest it, fun and educational all in one :D 


Keri said...

Good Luck with the studying!!

Keelie Sheridan said...

Can't wait to hear how your ACE Cert goes!

There's always time to get another degree! ;)

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Yay for being close to goal weight, so fun!

Have fun studying for your exam, you're going to rock it.

Michael said...

Congrats on the weight loss although you didn't have a pound to lose.

I did the sugar free thing for about 2 weeks, I was planning on a whole month but just didn't make it through. I however, did not lose a single pound - story of my life. Anyway...good for you!

Alisa said...

Congrats on lasting so long with no sugar! I can barely last two hours. You've inspired me to try! And study hard for the ACE!

Jill said...

I always wish now I got my degree in exercise since, too...way too late for me to go back now plus one in college and two about to embark there, no funds for me! Oh well.

So laughing at the co-worker :).

Good luck on the race - that's so exciting!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Umm bikini pics please!! Common you know you what to and I need motivation. You are amazing girl and I am so proud of you. Go out there and flaunt that rockin bod.

Good luck at your race Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the bikini pics?? That was the goal of the whole blog and I've been reading for months.


Thomas Bussiere said...

No sugar!!! I would go crazy.
I don't know how you do it. Wished I was that strong.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I did the poke a muscle, that was pretty fun. I knew more than i thought I would, but I guess I should know them since I am a nurse. I did the 550 workout last week. Great job on the weight loss.