Friday, May 20, 2011

Quality Over Quantity

  I started to write a post yesterday on my 400 workout, it got long and ramble-y and didn't get  a chance to finish it.

  I went back to it this morning and decided against putting up a long ramble-y post that discussed how scary and hard 400's are. (95% of the time, if I don't finish and publish a post in one sitting it never gets posted.  It's my impulsiveness; I think, I type, I publish.  There is no saving drafts and going back later.)

So instead the synopsis:

400's are scary

400's are hard

I gave an all out effort on each one.

65° (nice) 92% humidity (not so nice)

1 mile warm-up
1- 1:27 (5:50)
2- 1:26 (5:46)
3- 1:26 (5:46)
4- 1:27 (5:50)
5- 1:29 (5:58)
1 mile cool down

  Despite once again not doing a large number of repeats, I was 100% satisfied with this workout because I know I gave everything I had on all 5.  I didn't have a set number starting the workout, pretty much my thought was, "as many as you can do at max effort."

   Speaking of going all out for a short period of time: I made my best, I'll call her Dales from here on out, do Zuzana's 6 minute workout today and she is no longer speaking to me :D

6 minutes of jump squat, pike jump, mountain climber intervals. No rest.

Pike Jump

  She thought a 6 minute workout sounded delightful. . . sorry Dales!!  She'll be thanking me soon enough though ;)

Question to the Op-Man: What was so unbelievable about my last post, that it led you to believe I was, "making this stuff up?" ;)

  Question to all: Do you prefer to go for quality or quantity in your workouts? I don't think one is better than the other, it just depends on what works for you and what you are working for. Some work better on high volume/lower intensity, and others lower volume/higher intensity.  And of course if you are training for longer events you're going to be doing longer workouts.   I'm a short intense kinda girl, which is probably why I love the 5k so much :D  But I also make sure to get in some long runs and I enjoy the calmness of them.

  Also I'm not in any way saying that longer workouts are less quality, by quality (in this question) I am more referring to high intensity.


Claire @ Live and Love to Eat said...

I need to do 45-60 minute workouts. It takes me that long to really de-stress and feel good afterward.

Mon Amour said...

I try to always have quality workouts but sometimes I have to go for a certain time to really feel it. Even if quantity is the goal, quality should still matter

Michael said...

Wow girl....digits in the 5s....that's amazing. I think if I did an all out sprint as fast as I possibly could I would still only be in the 8s and it would probably only last like 30 seconds.

I like to mix my workouts up - some long endurance ones and some with more intervals...quick bursts of speed.

Molly said...

wow, great workout! I'm a quantity girl, I tend to go long if I can, as often as I can.

It would be great to see you in NYC! : )

Melissa Cunningham said...

GREAT 400's!!!!!

and yes,in my book,quality beats out quantity ALMOST everytime.
due to limited time in the gym,i make everything count! sometimes a one hour power workout (30 min weights,30 min cardio,usually HIIT,) is more benificial than an hour of weights and an hour of cardio.....but sometimes,the longer slower distance runs are quality and quantity combined...
like you said,totally depends on person and type of event being trained for...
anyways,again,great job on 400's!!!
you are really getting me pumped up to get back to running! give me a few more days to rest/heal up,then ill be back to being your virtual running buddy!!

Stefanie D. said...

I do love short and intense, but sometimes I really just like to get a good long sweat on too. :)

Mike said...

There's nothing wrong with enjoying shorter races more. Stay intense!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Um great job with the 400s!! Those times freaking rock. I think when it comes to quality vs. quantity it is all about what works for you and what satisfies you mentally and physically. I am an in between type of person. My favorite is a good tempo paced 6 mile run.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I'm mixed about this---my favorite workouts are long slow runs, but I feel so good after short intense workouts too. I guess I'll keep on with both!!

BabyWilt said...

Dales WILL thank you I'm sure.

Quality/quantity debate .... depends on what I'm doing and how I feel. I find endurance exercise HARD. It's also possibly why I entertain the idea of doing a marathon because the mental challenge is so incredibly huge for me.

Tri-James said...

400's are brutal as the reps increase.

But, you train for what you race.

I, however, think a short 400 is much easier mentally (no thinking - just all out) than a 10k or half marathon at your best rate.

To hold that edge for so long is very difficult. They all have their place.

Julie said...

I want to do a pike jump and look like her doing it. None of my wiggly bits flailing here and there. She is one fine looking woman. DAMN.

Laura Frey said...

AWESOME!!! Great workout! I always tell myself during track, "you can quit after this one" then I finish it and think "just one more" hehe At least the pain is short!

Keep on keeping. you're kicking ass!

Black Knight said...

A very good job on the 400: fast and at the same pace.
As I am old I prefer the quantity to prevent injures.
Have a good week end.

Doug said...

I definitely enjoy shorter, more intense workouts. You have to get the longer workouts to improve your overall endurance though. I would rather run 400 meters 12 times than 3 or more miles continuously at a slower pace.

And thanks for the motivation last week. I broke 22 minutes in a 5k this morning just like you said I would. :)

coach dion said...

Yes 400's are a great session, but you might be running them:
a) to fast
b) resting to must
c) not running enough of them.

so what would I do:
a)I would say maybe aim at 93sec per 400m
b) rest 60 sec
c) 10-15 of them...

never said it would be easy.

good luck

katy said...

Hi, I'm Dales!

I put Katie on a time-out after the Hell workout from Bodyrock!!! But I told her that every time I say "I hate you" during a workout it really means "I'll thank you later"

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Without a question, QUALITY! Since I'm doing 95% cardio of exactly what my races are going to require, the last thing I need is for my form to slip and have that become a habit. Come race day, I need my body to have good form be a habit, not something I keep having to mentally check in with.