Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Psyching Myself Out Over Speedwork

   Yesterday I decided that today HAD to be a speed work day.  I was actually gonna do it yesterday but then I did a 20 min bodyrock workout that was all sumo squats, KB swings, and one leg squats and could barely hobble through 2 miles after.  So I knew my legs where going to be a little sore today, but I should be able to handle some intervals, plus it would make me feel that much faster when running on fresh legs in a race.  June 5th is fast approaching and I need to get some good workouts in if I want to even think about sub-20.  

  My plan was 3x1600's and of course I started psyching myself out about it the moment I made the decision.

  I freak out about not being able to hit the times I want, my goal was 6:20 pace for each mile.  If I can't hit 6:20 pace for 1 mile how can I expect to run 6:26 pace for a full 5k? Total mind trip.

  I think especially because I'm in unknown territory (I've run 21 min 5ks [a few sub 21] in H.S.& college, but never Sub 20)  I am questioning whether it is even possible for me to do this.  What if a 19 min 5k is just not in me? Then again I have run 2 miles at 6 min pace, so logic would say that yes I can hold 6:27 pace for one more mile.  In fact I just put it into the Macmillan Calc and it spit out a 19:35 5k, now that 12 min- 2 mile was back in the day, but I did do it once upon a time.  And I dreaded speed workouts back then too.

  This morning I was mildly sore but definitely able to handle some fast running, albeit still having some major anxiety about it.

I finally got out there and decided to just get it done.

The result was half fail, half quality speed work.

Warmed up with an easy 8:10 mile

I started the first mile repeat; saw my Garmin start at 6:20 pace and drop to 5:58 nearing the half mile.

And I changed the game plan.


I stopped at the half mile: 2:59 

Jog/walked the remaining .35 around to get to my start point (my driveway)

#2 This time, knowing it was going to be an 800, I started out too fast.  Started at 5:58 pace ended at 6:06 pace: 3:03

   And then things got a little shaky.  I was really feeling the first 2 reps, but knew 2- 800's didn't make for much of a interval workout.  I started another one and then quit .15 in.  Tried to recollect myself, gave myself a little more rest and decided to try the next 800 in a different direction, maybe a change of scenery would help? No :(   Cut it short at .20

Was I really gonna call it a day at 2?

Determined to gut one more out (and I seriously mean gut, why is my stomach the thing that holds me back the most, like it feels ready to burst)  I lined up next to my driveway and was off.

#3 3:10

  And I'm spent, it would have been nice to get one more in, 4x 800's sounds a lot nicer than 3X800's, but I gave my all and hit some decent times.

I didn't look at the Macmillan Calc times before my workout, but looking at it now I was in the range for 800 repeat times if aiming for a 19:50 ish 5k.

I'm thinking about jumping in a 5k this Sunday and if I do my goal is anything below 21 :)

I'm also gonna jump into What I Ate Wednesday:

With the beach starting in just over 2 weeks this salad is on the lunch menu everyday :)

It is so awesome that I'm 100% okay with that.

Hiding under the chicken are some green olives and cucs and those red peppers are sweet peppers from a jar, love them!

And of course some avocado.

But the best part of this salad may be the dressing, it is only 10 calories and I could drink it (actually I DO drink what is left at the bottom of the bowl) :D 

Dressing= Rice Vinegar and Fresh Squeezed Lemon

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Rachelle Wardle said...

I swear that speedwork is 90% mental. It is so easy to pysch yourself out and go into the workout afraid. You did awesome though girl. Wow you are really fast. I 100% say you should enter the 5k. Why not?

Your salad looks delicious and I would eat it every day too. Have a great day girl.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I hate speedwork.. I did half mile intervals today. I wished you lived closer to me we would be perfect training partners and could really push each other. As it is I have my dog! I did mine the same times you did yours. I am cheering for you and a sub 20 wow! My goal was to get under 7 min/miles this year for 5ks. I did now I am trying to figure a new goal!

Dash said...

Nice workout, I bet it's hard to follow the garmin's pacing for mile repeats and esp 800's! Good luck if you decide to run the 5k this weekend! Even if it doesn't go as well as you hope, it could be a great tempo! :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

With those 800's, as long as you can get the endurance up to repeat them enough, you've definitely got a sub 20 5k in you!

Jonathan Rohr said...

I'm with Kurt, keeping working towards the sub 20!!

Also, that salad looks amazing!

Jill said...

Speedwork is tougher mentally - if you're head's not in the game then they become impossible. Next time you'll do 5!! :)

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Girl you can totally do the sub 20 5K, it's only a matter of time!

tink said...

Speedwork can be such a challenge, but its totally worth it if you are looking for speed. I am waiting till summer to pick up with my speed work, and crosstraining! One thing cool about speedwork is how much you improve everytime you get out there and do it.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I did some speedwork today but I guess "speed" is relative when I love at your pace, wow!
I was pretty happy with my 8 minute miles!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

mind over matter katie!
you CAN run a 5k in the 19's....
its physically possible for you!!!!
like others have said,its the mental battle thats the hardest...
next time you will get in more than 3x800 repeats...
if you find yourself breaking down,gut out 400 repeats.....
even if its not the pace you want,just repeat,repeat repeat....
get your body used to the motion of faster vs slower (even if your faster is only slightly faster than your jog in between repeats!)
you can do this.
you WILL do this...
once ,y gimp hip is all better i will be right back in the gameof seeing the 19's for a 5k!!!
just hang in there!
and next time,
dont think about it,

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

I agree, you totally have it in you. Speedwork can be so daunting and so exhilarating all in one. I think with a few more, you'll definitely get there!

Laura Frey said...

hey, I just did a similar workout! Cool beans! Mile repeats are by far the most stressful thing ever. Make sure you're ipod has a good playlist that day!

also when I get serious and sub 20 train I only do 400's and 800's...everyone is diff't but it always worked for me and got me out of the damn mile!

You're doing great!

Jennifer said...

Go girl go! <3 I'm so trying that dressing combo. STAT! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Lisa Staples said...

That salad looks really good!

RoseRunner said...

due to memories of high school track, tracks give me the shudders. I've never (as an adult!) done any sort of 800, 400, or mile repeats. it sounds dreadful! I am impressed you got 3 done. and HELLA FAST!!!

thanks for your sweet words, you really know how to lighten my day :)

Rochelle said...

YOU ARE NUTS! I don't think I could even reach a 5:58 at all - let alone hold close to that for 3 800's. You are amazing and just keep up with your goals. I suck at speedwork -I don't like running out of my comfort zone so I have no advice and I'll dream of one day running close to as fast as you!

coach dion said...

Doing a session alone on a road just running to the garmin is not easy. What you need to do is mark it out before hand... yes find a nice stretch of road a couple of miles from home and 'mark' out your 'track' (800m, 1km, 1mile) from the stop sign to the tree, or the lamp pole, (we have a nice one that goes around the block).
Then find some-one to do them with, if need be give them a lead and aim to finish with them.

Put the work in and you can have that sub 20,
good luck

Stephanie said...


Chris K said...

I am 100% sure that you will virtually chick me tomorrow. And, I am very very sure that you can run sub 20:00 tomorrow. I've been reading your Blog for awhile now and know what you can do.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much the race environment really gives you extra adrenaline (read: speed).

Seriously, you got this.

Mike said...

Speedwork can test your sanity and if you can keep everything in your stomach.