Monday, April 11, 2011

Sub-20: Game On!

June 5th it's going down :D

    As I was emptying Nolan's school folder this morning I found a 5k race flyer, the race is in memory of one of our school district's assistant superintendents who passed away suddenly last year.  I remember a few years ago when I started subbing in the district he conducted my interview.  I was crazy nervous bc it was my first job interview ever, but he put me at ease telling me I pretty much had the job so let's just do some interview practice for the future.  I will always remember him as the man who helped me get through my first interview alive :)

      I knew as soon as I started reading the flyer that this 5k would be my first serious attempt at sub-20. The race begins and ends on my old HS track and the rest of the race is run on the surrounding roads that I ran so often 10 years ago.  I can feel the excitement building and in my head I've been putting together a little game plan.  I thought about it the whole way through my easy 3 miler this morning.  There are no specifics yet but it goes a little something like this:

    ~ Focus on getting some milage the next 2-3 weeks so I can get through my first half and hopefully run around 1:45 (my little knee issue kinda caused a hiccup in my training, but I do think 1:45 is still a possibility).  I'm going to have to make sure I get training in while at Disney, there is a 1 mile jogging trail on our  hotel grounds, does anyone have tips on running around Disney?  I'm not planning on a taper since I haven't put in crazy mileage.

    ~ After my half I have about a month till the race and I am going to focus on getting quality speed work in.  Sub-20 is equal to 6:25 pace. There will definitely be some LOTS of 400, 800, Mile repeats involved.  I have almost exactly 1 minute to shave off; it won't be easy but it will be worth it :)

  Prior to finding out about this 5k my sub 20 sights were set on my June 26th Firecracker 5k race.  I've ran the firecracker a few times over the past years, but I hadn't been training and racing like I am now.  Usually a bunch my coworkers from Tobay run it, it's an annual tradition.  This year I've been planning to break 20 in it , so if I don't get it on June 5th I have this race to try for it again annddd if I DO break it on June 5th. . . well I'll just have to do it again and better it!!

   Okay enough talking about it, the plan is going into action and it will be done :D  

Weekly goal review 4/3-4/10:

 ~ Attempt a 9 mile run Nope still taking things cautiously, but I've scheduled a 9-er for tomorrow
  ~ 4 mile race on Sunday Goal: Sub 28 (sub 7 pace) Very close! I consider yesterday more of a tempo run than a race.  I didn't get the gut busting feeling I get when I race all out.
  ~ Schedule ACE test for May Checked out test dates, only need to schedule 15 days in advance, once I find out when my brother is coming home from college I'll schedule (I need him to put Nol on the bus the morning of)
  ~ Prepare for Disney in 2 weeks :) Started, minor prep. . .but started :)
  ~  Nighttime Abs & Arms at least 5 nights  Mmmhhmm I'm a rock star with this one, feels good.
  ~ Track my workouts on DW page Well I wasn't and then I added my workouts for past 2 days, so I'm going to try my best to stick with it.   

Running out of time today, new week goals tomorrow.

  Also question: The only thing that is sore today is the back of my knee, I don't usually feel sore back there so possibly it is related to my knee issue? Suggestions?

One more pic from yesterday:
Sad to say this is one of my better race pics.  
Gosh my arm positioning is awful when I sprint.


Claire @ Live and Love to Eat said...

It's so exciting to have a new goal and it's great that you'll be so familiar with the course. Your foresight with the training is awesome, good luck!

Dirty Boy said...

You'll do it but keep an eye on that knee pain. Big problems always start out as small problems ignored. Good Luck!

Dirty Boy said...

Oh and I forgot, great blog!

Rochelle said...

You are so awesome and I love that goal. You totally have plenty of time to achieve it and you are already there! And what a cool thing to do in his memory! I love things like that. Maybe I should put in my will right now that they must coordinate a fun run in my name every year on my birthday after I die...I like it!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Yay I love this goal for you. 1 minute is nothing girl. You can totally do it, I have complete faith. Good job with your goals and good luck with your 9-miler tomorrow.

No advice on the back of knee pain. It could just be because you pushed yourself a little bit harder during the race than normal and hopefully it will go away. If not than is could be related to the knee problems.

Harlow B said...

Good luck on reaching your goal!

I'm a new runner so I don't really have any advice for your knee other than to monitor it and maybe pay a visit to the dr?

~ Harlow

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Sounds like a sub 20 5k is a great goal, very challenging to shave a minute off a 5k. Hope you do it.

coach dion said...

If you put in the hard work over the next couple of weeks that sub 20 can be easy. sessions 4 x 1mile @ 6:10ish pace with 75sec rest, yes 10-15 x 400m @ 85-90 with 60sec rest.

And the stretch your Quads and ice your knee

then go and run 19:30...

Mike said...

I really like the way you plan your training week. I think you will break sub-20.