Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shorty Saturday

What I'm Loving Today
    1)  I am sore all over :)  I got in such an amazing workout yesterday, made me feel like a rockstar. 
     * 21 minutes of stairs  (no knee pain during or after so I think the stairs are okay, maybe even good for my knee)
    * Hot in Here Body Rock workout~ I think this one is my new favorite :D Took about 14 minutes and I was destroyed.  Hit every muscle group.
This move is being added to night time abs.
     * 2 mile run since I was feeling really good, went garmin-less, but felt fast (which I haven't felt in the past few days)
      * Random planks, blaster push-ups (thanks ROSE ;), pull-ups, more crab toe touches↑

EVERYTHING is sore.  It is love :) Especially my sides under my arms, my lats I guess?

   2)  My best friend is on her way here right now!  She will probably get here before I finish this :D

What I'm Not Loving
   1) It is mid 30's today :/
      * I was supposed to go to a track meet at my old HS where they were having an Alumni 4x1 race.  No one knew exactly what time that was going to happen and I had no desire to stand around in the cold for hours in order to run for 20 seconds. Although it would have been nice to see some old teammates.

   * I was also going to take Nolan to an Easter Egg hunt at the local college campus, but I don't want him to get sick before we go away on Wednesday.

Oh well, we will be in warm weather soon enough :)

    Also I wanted to add: Thursdays virtual hugs should also have been extended to Steph at Run On! and Nora at MamaRunsBarefoot who are recovering from there own injuries. Sending positive vibes to all you girls.


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Thanks for the shout out! I have begun to do push ups you would be proud of me!!

Laura Frey said...

Nighttime abs?! You are sooo motivating me!! Awesome!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Gosh, I love the feeling of being super sore from a great workout!

Two weekends ago, I could barely get into my car b/c my glutes were so sore. It sucked, but it was great at the same time.

You and your son are so cute in the photos in your last post!

Dash said...

OMG, where do you find all these pictures of these super buff chicks!! :) I want to have abs like that too!

Jill said...

Holy cow - how does one perform that move? You need to do a video so we injured souls who can't run can at least attempt one of those :). I'd even do them if I could get abs like that models. Nothing beats the soreness from a great workout - yay to you!

Just_because_today said...

ouch...those work outs look hard! discipline plus work outs is a good combination.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Those Body Rock workouts really are KILLER!