Tuesday, April 12, 2011

9 Mile Techno Dance Party In the Rain

   Got my 9 miles in today and pretty much it was one big party :D  I took it slow and just enjoyed being out there.  Finished in 1:21 which is spot on 9 minute miles, my last miles were actually my fastest and I felt stronger at the end.  It did take me a little bit to get in the groove, I felt very tired in the beginning and wasn't sure how well the rest of run was gonna go.  I also noticed my arms were feeling heavy from lots of pull-ups yesterday.

   As for my knee, felt it in the beginning again, went away before I finished mile 1 and never came back.  It is weird that it has switched from starting after mile 1 and not going away, to starting before mile 1 and then going away.  On the whole though it feels much better then it did a few weeks ago; when I was taking days off to rest it I felt it more throughout the day and while sleeping/lying in bed.  When I run everyday it actually feels better during the day and while sleeping , strange?

   Okay on to what made my run such fun :) My Friend posted this video to their FB wall yesterday and I am officially obsessed:
Neon Blonde Runner is that you? ;)
If you despise techno/dance music watch it on mute :D

 I pumped myself up for the run by doing this:
It's okay to be jealous of my rockstar dance moves, if you want I will teach you :D

So I pretty much listened to that song on repeat for 9 miles.  I did mix it up a little bit in the beginning because I thought one song for 9 miles might be overkill, but eventually I just gave in to my dance party desires and it made my run that much better.

    The best part though was the rain ☂    It started slowly around miles 4/5 and then down poured through miles 6-8 which ended up being the best part of the run.  Mile 7 was my fastest, it was also when I ran past the college in bucket-esque rain, everyone stared at me like I was crazy and I couldn't stop smiling while rocking out in my head.  The whole last 3 miles I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear, it can be hard to get yourself out the door when it's raining, but once you get out there and run in it you realize how much fun it is :D (Beth you were right!)

   Also what made it awe-some was that I did not have a set course I just ran around my town turning wherever I pleased. (BIG perk of the Garmin :)

Drowned Rat:

Goals for the week: I'm not feeling hardcore goals this week, pretty much keep up with what I have been doing lately (exercise, diet, career [future], family wise) and go for 10-11 next Tuesday (the day before we leave for The Dis :D)


Keri said...

Nice run!

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Awesome! A nice run in the rain actually sounds like a lot of fun! Glad your knee is feeling better :)

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

ooh running in the rain sounds like fun!! I have to try it sometime, glad you're feeling better and nice job on that 9-er! :)

Lauren said...

Yep, that video just made me want flat abs.

Stefanie D. said...

I love that you are still adorable even after being caught in the rain. :) Rain runs are pretty fun though. It's a nice way to cool off too! Unless the wind is blowing...then it's a no go. LOL.

Carolina said...

you are so inspiring!!! i'm planning to start my running tomorroW..with baby in tow...will in the joggin stroller!lol. i'll let you know how that goes...and I LOVE running to electro/house!! <3


Jim ... 50after40 said...

I love rain runs!!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

That's an awesome video!

And I totally agree on rainy day runs! As long as it's not too cold, it's so fun to go run in it. You get a LOT more "are you crazy?" looks which makes my day!

Victoria Elizabeth said...

I miss running in the rain! Lately it just turns to snow still so hopefully sometime soon it will actually rain here!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

aweosme job running in the rain!possibly my favorite weather to run in!
kepe up your hard work!

pseudoally said...

Nice! I like running in the rain if it starts when I'm already out. It's hard for me to leave when it's already raining. Glad you had a good run and are feeling good again!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Glad your knee twinge went away after mile 1! Excellent 9 miles--you'll be knocking sown double digits in no time!

Your techno pics are cute--I love a lil dance mix for my running tunage!

coach dion said...

My wife often has injurys that stop her running slowly!!! and you should see us in the morning as we hobble out the front door, you would never believe we could run if you saw us in the 1st km

BabyWilt said...

All round excellent, well done. Rain runs are the best when its not cold :-)

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Oh my gosh, you just made my day, you sweet girl!!

Loved that video, I'd like to think that I'm that cute when I run, hehe.

And so funny b/c when I ran my 10K the other week, I ran to a ridiculous electronic/dance mix. I don't usually run to music, but it totally got me going.

Chantal said...

That video was AWESOME! Totally what I needed to brighten up a pretty crappy morning... Thanks!

hauterunningmama said...

Love the video, the song and your uberly-awesome rockstar moves!

I am adding that song to my ipod :)