Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday

     I've been wanting to participate in WIAW (hosted by Peas and Crayons) for the last few weeks, but I kept forgetting to take pics on Tuesday.  Then I'd see other people's WIAW posts and think "ohhh I meant to do that" :D    Matt called me out on it and said I'm lying because it is really what I ate on Tuesday, I tried explaining that in order to post you have to take pics the day before, whatev.  He also called me out for posting a pic of my underwear 2 days ago, Sorry Babe!

  I figured this would be cool to do every once in a while, since I occasionally get asked how I eat on a daily basis.  I'm no food picture pro though; I took all these with my phone:

High Fiber English Muffin spread lightly with PB, topped with Gala Apple and Banana slices, and sprinkled with cinnamon (Same thing every morning!)

Coffee with Hazelnut Creamer

Post Run Snack:
Single Serving bag of Edamame

Lightly sprinkled with salt

Doesn't look so pretty, but it was awesome!
Romaine lettuce, Fresh chopped salsa, Avocado (about half), Grilled Chicken and a few crunched tortilla chips.  No dressing needed; just mixed it up and the avocado and salsa coated it nicely :)

High Fiber Wrap, Roasted Red Peppers, Melted Mozzarella, Romaine, Roma Tomato, Chopped Basil and drizzled with Balsamic Vin.

Not pictured: 2 Reese's Easter PB Cups :), Few slices of Turkey.

   As for workout:  I did what was "supposed to be" an easy 3 miler.  My first mile was 6:13 (oops).  The rest was definitely easy pace, 2- 8:30's
~ Zuzana's 4 minute workout that I posted on Thursday
~ 50 Kettlebell swings with 20 lber
~ Few pull-ups with as minimal jump as I could manage
~ Nighttime Abs: 2 min plank, alternating toe touches, russian twist w/ KB, leg raises and holds.


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Food looks awesome!!! Great workout! You are way incredible!

Michelle said...

So glad you linked up! Everything looks delicious! I want that salad ... grilled chicken, avocado, salsa, YUMMM!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Hooray!!!!!!! Welcome to the party! =)

Your salad looks/sounds like it was absolutely amazing! everything looks great girly! =) You're a WIAW all-star! hehe true story!

The day thing confuses a ton of people. haha It would just be super hard to take pictures on wednesday and then do a huge post? We have fab lives! hehe so tuesday eats on WIAW will be my schtick too! =)

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Teamarcia said...

Great food ideas! Yum!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Your meals look delicious!! When can I come over?! haha

Matty O said...

I have been eating the same things for 2 weeks now haha. I need variety :)

Down 10lbs though!

Keep up the good work!

Run with Jess said...

Man, those Reese's PB Easter eggs are getting me too! They are at EVERY checkout!

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Looks like you're eating pretty healthy and looks yummy! Nice job on the workout! 6:13. holy moly! someday *sigh* lol.

Black Knight said...

That food look delicious. Enjoy!

Molly said...

That single serving size of edamame is such a good idea! I can only find the big bags : )

LifeasKristina said...

I've been doing the same thing-every wed being like DAMN I FORGOT! Or I ate something really boring that I really didn't feel like showcasing! Great finding you through WIAW!

coach dion said...

I had PIZZA last night, now looking at your food I feel fat...

Tia said...

Found you through WIAW. I just take picture throughout the week if I happen to make anything extra yummy or interesting. :) Then I post them on Wednesdays. That salad is one of my favorites!

Jill said...

The breakfast looks awesome, I am going to try that soon!!

Laura Frey said...

That food looks so good! A whole foods just opened by my house. I get so excited for the salad/hot bar! And ps LOVE the 6:13 mile! I do the same thing. Not quite 6:13 though! Good job!

PoweredbyPeanutButter said...

I had edamame yesterday too. It's my current obsession!

Twila said...

The breakfast looks awesome! Going to try that this summer when I don't have to be out the door at the crack of dawn with an unwilling 2 year old