Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1) Thank you all greatly for taking the time to respond to my plea for advice :)  It was very helpful and I'm feeling optimistic about being back to pain free soon :D  I actually felt no pain at anytime today (so far, hopefully I didn't jinx myself)

  From your comments and some research I did, here is a list of possible causes for my knee pain:
~ I have extremely high arches
~  Although I'd like to think I have decent quad muscles, I also think my hamstrings/glutes are a lot stronger and could be causing an imbalance
~ I'm not big on stretching nor am I terribly flexible, so tightness could be a factor.
~ Or as Nelly pointed out, I ran that first mile (in which the pain first surfaced immediately after) too damn fast without warming up and strained something.

   All of the above have pretty straight forward solutions which I will be incorporating into my training.  And will hopefully keep me running.

2) Necessity is the mother of invention. 
  Necessity~ I have not a drop of wine in the house right now.
  Invention~ I've decided there is a great need for a company that delivers wine/beer/alcohol in the same fashion as Pizza and Chinese delivery.  Who wants to jump on the opportunity to get in on this at ground level with me :)
If you live in Toronto, you're in luck.

3) Nolan gladly took over the position of Ryders sunglass model since Matt refused:

He's gonna be trouble in a few years. 
(Kidding :), despite the punky faces he's the bestest :D)
Also, I think he stole SkinnyRunner's sunglass pose

Last chance to enter for your own pair here, giveaway ends tomorrow night.

A) These were spotted throughout the MS I subbed in today:
This one was a HUGE post-it in the teacher's lounge.
They were also all over the bathrooms.
You may remember I did my own here.


Molly said...

when I lived in Astoria, the liquor store delivered. Loved it!

Victoria Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! He is such a cutie!

Cynthia said...

Optimisim is the best way to approach an injury! You will be back to your speedy self in no time!

Nolan is soo cute! I love his poses!

Beth said...

There are many times when I would have appreciated a wine delivery, and hey you might stop some drunk driving, great idea.

I hope your leg feels better soon!

Melissa Cunningham said...

ok,nolan is soooooo stinkin cute!!!
imagine if him and my alex (a LONG TIME FROM NOW) ever started dating...
now THAT would be a cute couple!!!
anyhoo,i do hope your knee gets better asap!!!
i did 400 repeats for you today!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Wine delivery? Sign me up!

Michael said...

Love the pics. What a cutie.

Chantal said...

Yep, Ontario has an alcohol delivery service, called "Dial a Bottle!" Definitely something we all used in college, haha.

Nelly said...

Thanks for the shoutout, hopefully the knee pain goes away soon! Its weird that I've almost ran into your exact same knee problem, I'll have a post about my problem and what my sports doc said by this weekend...

alcohol delivery would indeed be awesome, haha My favorite is that on wine delivery boxes it usually says the following: "do not deliver to intoxicated person" haha

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I hope you knee pain is only temporary! Heal Katie!

Okay, Nolan is gonna break some hearts in the future! Holly adorableness!!

Chris K said...

Hello young lady. Thanks for the extra comment today. I have been taking a Blogging break. Just got burned out and it wasn't fun. So, I am going to only read some of my fav's for awhile. I guess that's the plan.

Join twitter, okay?

coach dion said...

We've got wine in our house, you are welcome to pop over for a drink...

Jill said...

I think pizza WITH beer and wine would be ideal :)!!

Nolan is just uber precious!!

Adam said...

Love the posters!!! Why didn't they have anything cool like that when I went to school?? All of them were all "pain is temporary, pride is forever" Borrrr-ingggg

Mike said...

I drink some wine from time to time, but I would do anything for a Michelob Ultra right now. I haven't really had a drink since New Years!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I stick post-its up all the time at home. I'll add this one today, it's one of my favorites. :)

Dash said...

Nolan is a rock star! :)