Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Adventure


   Knowing you all support me helps me push myself harder :)  I'm loving reading about everyone else's races as well.  So many PRs!!

   I've worked really hard the past few months to drop 2:20 from my first race back, in early October.   But now the REAL hard work begins.  I've got to drop just over a minute to reach my sub-20 goal which is no small feat in a 5k, especially as you get to the lower times.  But. . .

    Warmer weather is arriving and I am ready to Go For It!!!

     I said yesterday that I might do a long run with my college coach today, but our schedules didn't work out.  We plan to get together for some long runs in the future though.

      I don't know if I even had a long run in me today, after our adventure (below) I planned to run around 8, but I ended up falling asleep for 2-ish hours.  I did eventually get myself out the door for a 3.5 miler and I felt pretty exhausted and weak.

On to our little adventure today:
      It was a gorgeous 50° and sunny today so we decided to explore the nearby arboretum.  It is only about a mile from our house and I frequently run there; today we took a little family trip.

Adventure # 1 for the Spring/Summer


This pic make it look like we were in CR 

This was just a tree, but it looked like a hippo :)

Nolan loved it and the sun felt great :D

Odds and Ends:

     * I forgot to post that I kept up with Michelle's push-up challenge and maxed out at 25 push-ups on Friday morning.  5 more to reach my March goal :)

    * At the race yesterday they had a table with upcoming race flyers.  There is a 4 miler and St. P day parade  in two weeks and I'm doing it!  Guaranteed PR since i don't have a 4 mile time :D  My Shamrock socks should be here by then too! 

Did you attend any parades this weekend?
We didn't get to any parades, maybe next wknd.  And there is the parade at the race in two weeks.  I believe it starts right after the race goes off, I think it follows behind the runners.  We are the opening act :)


Tri-James said...

Try to run the 4 miler at your 5k pace.

I dare you!

Stephanie said...

We love adventure days! He is TOOOO cute. Looks like a great weekend. :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Yay for adventures! Double yay for outdoor adventures!

Black Knight said...

Congrats on your fast 5 km.
A beautiful adventure day. Great pics.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

"A gorgeous 50 degrees ..."

Did not know such a thing existed. That is parka weather in these parts!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh,i DOUBLE DOGdare you to run the 4mile @5k pace....
and...glad you had a great day with the family-moments like those are PRICELESS!!!


Laura Frey said...

You'll get the sub 20! I know it. You have the drive. And once you see a 19 on the clock it becomes addicting. 20 is super fast but 19 gives me chills! So much fun!!

Jogging with Fiction said...

I fell asleep on Sunday for two hours after an outdoor adventure too! Gotta be the time change and fresh air :)