Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Goals and Project Arms

March Goals:
~ I found a 5k for March 12th (11 days!).  1st goal: Sub 21:52  2nd goal: Sub 21  I'm feeling really confident about this one :D

~ Increase my mileage by at least 10 over February's total of 67

~ Get on my bike!!!

~ Get in the pool more!

~ Keep studying for the ACE, I kinda slacked on this in Feb.  (Also congrats Keri on passing the ACE Exam :D)

~ Still going for 30 push-ups

~118 or bust  (I know weight is a touchy subject [for women], I'll elaborate in a later post why I'm aiming for 115-118)

~Just all around Kick-Ass in everything :D

and I plan to keep my Daily Workout page updated, yell at me if I slack off!! :D


   Big BIG focus on toning my arms this month.  They have always been a problem area for me.  Especially my Triceps; there was actually a boy in HS who thought it was fun to grab the back of my arms : /

Exhibit A:
Nolan and I in St. Augustine FL last March

Even though I LOVE this picture of me and Nol, there is a part of me that can't see past my arms looking like that from the back.

And I know I can do something about it.

It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Part of it is I need to lose some excess body fat (hence 118) and part of it is I need to build some serious tricep muscles.

Push-up and Pull-up work have not been enough and I've slacked on the tri dips, but they are coming back BIG time; along with isolated arm moves with my 20lb and 15 lb KBs.  More swimming should contribute somewhat?  and imma keep on keeping on with the BodyRock.

I will take any advice I can get on how to target the back of my arms?!

Also feel free to join me, tank top season is coming!!  Maybe I will set up a weekly (or bi-weekly) check in for anyone who wants to work on this with me.  And I'll post some moves we can add each week. 

 This week I'm going to be making sure to get my tri-dips in. (My demo here
I also have a combo arm/ab move I plan to tape this week.

I totally rocked the arm and Ab work yesterday, LOTS of dips, push-ups, planks, arm hangs, crazy Zuz moves.  I feel great this morning.  A month of this and I'll feel like a rockstar.


JohnP said...

Great goals! I'm certain you'll nail that 5K!

Tank top season? Sorry I dont do tank tops. My arms are like spaghetti noodles at best. The closest I get to tank top is the classic white 'beater' I wear under my dress shirt. I put it on and talk redneck trash to the wife but she just rolls her eyes cuz she knows that she'd totally kick my ass. Maybe I should work on those arms afterall lol

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Gotta do tricep pushups.. my arms look like doo..

John said...

I will be very curious to see if you have any luck ‘targeting the back of your arms’ doing triceps dips or some infinite variety of triceps dumbbell rep work. Two key points worth noting. First women store fat in their triceps and their thighs so the back of the arm issue with any women in partially related to this issue. You will need to reduce your overall body fat to make any progress on this front. Second, the way to stronger (leaner, more defined) triceps is through compound exercises (think close grip bench press, military press and med ball push ups, not target work. Summary answer is you need to build muscle (compound) before you can tone it (triceps dips, etc). Without compound work first, while you can rock out 10 or 15lb triceps presses, etc its not a very good use of your overall effort since these exercises are just not a very good (or efficient) way of actually building arm muscles. Also, your arm is going to want balance so you will want to also get some compound exercises in for you biceps as well. (Think chin-ups even if you only do the eccentric ones, not curls). Just something you might want to think about. And whatever you do, don’t even begin to worry about bulking up, etc. . . if you have not read new rules of lifting for women I strongly urge you to grab a copy.

Only been reading your blog on and off for a few weeks - so apologize if this has been discussed here before.

Harlow B said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your son. Looking at it I can’t see what you see in regards to your arms, I think they look good! That being said, completely understand where you’re coming from (everyone has a body part they want to fix up) so I might suggest a couple things? I agree swimming is a great idea for toning up your upper body, how about adding some back/lat work to your weekly routine? I’ve used the p90x program (not currently following it because I’m training for my 1st full marathon!) and find the chest/back and the bis/tris/shoulders DVDs challenging but so worthwhile in regards to arm and upper body toning.

~ Harlow

Heather said...

That's a beautiful picture, it's very sweet and I like the sunshine rays. I can relate though...when i look at some of my photos I'm seeing what I want to work on and I don't thinkk that's a bad thing. I'm with ya' on the getting the arms ready for summer!!

Mike said...

You have an all around great attitude, which I applause. Great goals!

Tri-James said...

The pushup goal and arm toning goal are one in the same. Start rocking out tons of diamond pushups and the arms will follow.

That being said, I don’t see anything wrong in the picture – I just see a mom who loves her son. The arms are your impression of yourself.

Chad said...

Hot arms are hot.
Bench dips are you friends, lots of them. Also, has a great program, but you probably know that.

Julie said...

Hey there Lady! You can totally do the sub 21...I have faith in you:) Good luck! Hugs!

Jill said...

Lots of tricep exercises should help the back of the arm.

I love how you just want to kick-ass at everything :)!

Can't wait to see the sub 21 - woohooo! :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

A: I completely fail to see anything in that picture, but I know each of us are our own critics (I'm just as guilty). But that's my $0.02.

B: I must agree with John above. While pushups, dips, and such will certainly help target your tricep muscles, the issue of losing fat is a global process (aka, an arm workout will not burn fat only on your arms, but throughout your body). Therefore, the best fat burning work is done through using a variety of muscles in your body (the bigger the muscle, the more energy it burns through, and the more fat is lost). Building muscle first will give you an increased capacity to burn more fat, but overall, doing targeted workouts (unless done in extreme amounts - not advisable) will only build muscle underneath the fat. Summary: Target workouts only build muscle and/or endurance. To efficiently burn fat, do exercises that use a wide variety of your body's muscles (hint: your quads are your biggest muscle). Harlow B's idea of the P90X workouts is good; it's a very mixed upper body workout.

C: Sub-21 5k or not, I hope you have fun!!

Rae said...

Scull Crushers! They are awesome! I did them 2 times a week in my Rep Reebok class and can totally see a difference.

Melissa Cunningham said...

yup,agree with john and kurt here....
just keep rockin it out like the rock star you are!

oh and girl,ive got 8.5 weeks to get my arms in perfect shape....eeeeeeep!
so yes,make me accountable!!!!!
oh,and btw,5k this weekend for me!
will be thinking of ya!

Jason said...

I know you make those cake lollipops so I am wondering why you haven't signed up for the Cupcake Marathon. Is it because you are doing arms and not paying surfing the web for spring marathons?

Anyway, come on over and join in the fun:

Keep up the great work. 2011 is going great and will only keep getting better for you.

Nelly said...

I think you will do great in your 5K! I bet you will break your PR for sure, good luck!

That is a great pic of you and your son. For your question about targeting your arms, John and Kurt are dead on. Losing fat is a global process, whereby if your entire body burns calories more efficiently you will gradually lose weight. I'd also add that muscle is denser than fat (so as your muscles get bigger you might continue to weight the same amount, but you are stronger). Basically, I wouldn't try to focus on the actual weight number on the scale, because likely you are getting stronger, and thus your body composition is changing more towards more muscle as opposed to fat. So to me the actual weight number is meaningless, it only matters how you feel and how you look, since you are gradually literally transforming your body by working out.

Michelle said...

Hey great goal! I would love to get more definition in my arms, so I'll look forward to following your progress!

RockStarTri said...

I've raced that course multiple times. The beginning and end are flat but the middle is a little bumpy. One of my athletes was planning to run it but is injured (not running related). I might show up to race but it would be a last minute call.

You will do great, I'm sure.

Jennifer said...

Triceps are my biggest problem area ever!! I hide them in cardigans b/c im so embarassed that they aren't what they should be! I agree -- we totally have to do somethign about this b/c it is sooo sooo fixable! I ordered a new workout video for toning that i'm hoping will help me get them in shape! I'll let you know how I like it! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

good luck on teh 5K, those are some great time goals! shoot i'm still striving for a sub 23 so I'm in awe of you!

i am getting in to weights finally and know that I will really see a difference my sticking to it, so I'll be back to see what you decide on!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Your 5k goals are freaking amazing!

I am confident you will make the changes that you want, though I think you look great already!

Chris K said...

You sure do have alot of goals. I didn't see "balance" on the list :-)

Laura Frey said...

You have great goals! You'll kill the 21 min 5k easily!

I hate doing arms and actually don't do any arm workouts with weights. Instead I freestyle swim 2-3 days a week for 45 minutes each time. I swear, it will rip up every muscle in your arm. I wish I had more chub on my arms. I get embarrassed sometimes. But I think the pool is the way to go. It's just sooooo hard to do it in the winter!

Keri said...

Thanks for the shoutout and good luck! Email me if you have questions. I can tell you what to focus on. Definitely study the special populations chapter because one of your simulations will be on that!

TRI714 said...

Little blonde warrrior ! DIPS, DIPS ! PULL UPS AND PUSH UPS.
If your want to change it up, forget weights, use ISO bands for resistance and hold.

Adam said...

Michelle obama has pretty good arms. Doesn't she have some workout videos out by now or something? :) I mean, the govt IS in a lot of debt, she should be doing her part!

Dash said...

haha what Adam said. I'm sending speedy wishes your way for the 5k!

On the arms, do you have access to a gym or just your home routine?

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

divebombers!!! Those things get my arms pumpin.
Love the goals, i know you will surpass them all.

Memphis Steve said...

You're running 5Ks in 21 minutes?! Holy crap, I haven't done that since ... it's been a long time. My last one I think I ran a 29 something and I was satisfied with that. Of course, I don't train, so I guess that might have something to do with it, eh?