Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let's See How Far We've Come

 6 months of Run For the Bikini! on Tuesday :D

   And wow how things have changed :D  If you have looked back to some of the earlier posts, I was doing weekly weigh-in posts which, yes,  looking back now was a little bit unnecessary.

   After exploring and finding all the amazing running/tri blogs I was very inspired and began to change my focus to performance.  It has become a very positive source of confidence and happiness for me :)

   When I started this blog in September I had just ended my summer lifeguarding gig and was already thinking about how I was going to get in the best shape and all around kick booty for summer '11.  I remember near the end of last summer sitting with one of the three other (out of 70) lady guards (and honorary sister :D), and making plans to run the LI half (her, my sister and I) and be super fit and awesome for summer '11.

  I don't know about her and my sis, but I am doing it and I don't know if I would be if it hadn't been for this blog!  Same thing goes for the tri I just registered for, at the end of this past summer I was saying I was def gonna do it next yr, but I've been saying that for many years and never got it done.   Well I'm registered and I have a road bike, there is NO way I'm NOT doing it :D

   Speaking of the bike, I actually got on it today! I only went a mile, and it's definitely gonna take some time for me to be fully confident, but I DID IT and I didn't fall over :D Success!

I didn't get a pic on it today; here it is afterwards:

     Still no name, apparently I'm an animated movie person because when I try to come up with a name  that is all I can think of:
~ Stitch

~ Dory

~ Suzy (From Nolan's all time favorite movie Cars)
Tangent: Nol told me that when they run in gym he sings the Car's Song in his head so that he feels fast like a race car :D
~ Lani
Watched this movie today, it's greatness :)
"Stepped on me? Stepped on me? That guy was dancing on me!
Broken, broken, gone, gone, brok-en, brok-en, broken."

     Ooops got a little off track there :D   So it's been 6 months and March has actually been my lowest posting month thus far, but not for lack of awesomeness!!  

  ~I am down to 120 (from 122-123) and I think this is a decent rate of 1-ish lb a week.  I've had some runs where I feel a little run down/weak, but on a whole I'm feeling pretty awesome.

 ~ On Friday, keeping up with Michelle's Push-up Challenge, I squeaked out 27.  It wasn't easy, but I did it and only have 3 more to get to my March goal!

 ~ I've run a bunch of 7 min miles the past few days.  I blame the Garmin; I'm also saying, "Hey, if I can make 7:00-7:10 base pace, well that is just awesome."  It is not quite easy right now, but 7:20-7:30 is :)

   Hmm this post is a little all over the place.  That is what happens when I don't post for a few days and have random thoughts floating around.

   Next Sunday's 4 mile race might be a no go;  Nol's first soccer game is Sunday and the race is kinda weird in that it starts at 1:55 pm which is conflicting.  I do have another 4 mile race scheduled for April 10th which won't conflict.  Whatever I end up running I WILL be aiming for 5k pace of faster!

  To conclude this randomness: There are no emotions to describe how I felt on Friday when it was 70 and sunny.  The second Nolan got of the bus we headed to the park and spent almost 3 hours there.  So many kids! The energy was amazing.

  Has your blog changed since you first started it?

  How have you changed through blogging?
  I've become more motivated to achieve my goals and with this has also come more confidence in my ability to reach these goals.  


Beth said...

sounds like a great 6 months! I think my blog, but more because of reading other blogs, I am more motivated and confidant that I can reach my goals. I also really love the support I get from other bloggers =D

RockStarTri said...

I'm riding @ Heckscher early on Saturday if the weather cooperates. It is a low pressure ride with a fairly large coached group. Let me know if you want to join in.

Laura Frey said...

Awesome! Countdown is on for your next 4 miler! lol on the randomness. I was totally following it. Keep up the great work!

Molly said...

My blog found it's niche a few months after I started it. you just find your groove I guess, and keep with it.

plus, random posts end up being the most fun : )

Cynthia said...

I like the name Dori for your bike! All the names I ever think of are always Disney related. Our chichuahua is named Dash cause he is fast like the boy in the Incredibles :)

Matty O said...

WOO HOO!!!!!

The transformation continues huh? lol.

Yeah we started out with normal pedals on our bikes and after 1 ride we bought the clip in pedals. Much easier to ride with them.

Biking, well it took me a good year (which I have only been biking for 10 months) LOL, to get comfortable. You will learn quick, patience with the bike.

My blog is the reason I am still working out and signed up to do an ironman this year :)

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

My blog has changed tons, I started it as a barefoot runner, now I'm talking about just getting through my marathon. :) I like Dori!!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Congrats on the 6mos of blogging!

It will change as you change.

My blog started out as a personal journal to keep myself accountable while doing P90X. Then it became a why for a newbie triathlete to ask questions. Then after a ton of tri's and races it is now about my IM training and other random rants. When starting the blog I never expected that I would develop the friendships that I have with other blogger - that is by far the best part of blogging!

Mike said...

I like reading post like this. You are doing a great job staying in shape. Wow! A tri? I been reading a lot of blogs on tris and ultras. I would like to try both in the future.

BrianFlash said...

If you really like animated movies, you have to rent 'Despicable Me.' I'm just saying...

Tri-James said...

My blog started as a personal journal as I trained for my first IM. That is still the premise of the blog. However, it has proven invaluable to me, as I have looked back on different races. What was I thinking? What worked? What didn’t?

It is also about personal accountability. I need to put myself out there – and let everyone know what my goals are – it helps to have the support of the community when it is 4:30 in the morning and you want to sleep in …

Charlotte said...

Ooh I think you should name it Stitch! That's an awesome name for a bike! And congrats on the race schedule - sounds like a lot of fun!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I'm glad you seem to have found a way to stick to your fitness goals (the blog). Mine has worked just the same way for me (and that was the whole point from blogging day one).

My blog has changed a bit - gone from simply stating my workouts to talking about fitness related things. But overall, the goals haven't changed, just the means.

And I remember my first ride on my road bike - gripping the handle bars like vices 'cause I didn't trust the uber thin tires... You certainly will ease into it all. Keep at it and you'll be a true triathlete in no time (and have the body to boot!). No joke, triathletes rock some socks!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i like stitch too!!

my blog has definitely transformed and I am very grateful for that, since it means I've been changing too!