Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm In :D

Registered last night and am very relieved!  This race doesn't sell out in hours, but it does fill up and I've been checking compulsively for the past few months to see if registration was open yet.

And now I'm in and there is no backing out :D

   March has been straight up awesome so far.  I might need to make some new goals for the second half cause I am blasting through with my current ones!

    I've worked more this week than I did in Jan/ Feb combined :D  I was in the Middle School W-F and it rocked;  kids were great, read my ACE manual on the off periods, was home by 2 everyday which left time to get my workouts in before The Nolski got home :)

Wednesday   ~6 mile run outside in 49 min. I started with two mid 7 min miles, but my legs were lead-ish from bodyrock the day before so I just went for getting the miles in for the rest.    
   ~Night time planks, dips, pull-ups, KB russian twist, dive bombers (I do love how these work the arms Linds :D, but I collapse on the floor after like 2.  SO Hard!! Gotta keep working on them!)  

Thursday ~3 mile tread run
~Same night exercises as above

Friday   ~Michelle issued a little push-up challenge on her blog.  It involves max tests every Friday in March. So yesterday morning, 5:55 AM, I dropped and busted out 22 :)  8 more by March 31st ? I freaking got this :D
  ~20 minutes stair running
  ~Since it was Friday and I rocked the week, I allowed myself a little (huge understatement) wine, and then challenged Matt to a Plank-Off :)  We called it a draw at 2:30.

   I'm feeling so good I threw on my new Gilly Hicks Bikini this morning and danced around the house (sorry no pics ;)

I did a little mix and match when I bought it, with this top:
and this bottom:

   Other things of note:
   I've been trying to do some push-ups where the elbows go back to target the triceps. . . I can do like 1.5.   Seriously lacking on the tri strength.  I'm gonna start off doing them on my knees for now.

   I am SO CLOSE to my first chin-up.  Book your flights to NY now for the 
"Katie's First Chin-Up Celebration!"

This month has definitely come in like a lion and I have no plans of slowing down.


Melissa Cunningham said...

sounds like your a roll chica!!!
keep being the lion and roar straight through march and into april!!

Jonathan Rohr said...

August 28th!?! Thats sooo far away!!

Congrats though!

Laura Frey said...

I love the plank off!! Those rock if you can keep from laughing. The sprint looks good...get it!!!

RockStarTri said...

I'm just back from a bike ride where I rode the big hill (Moore's) of the Tobay course. It is still there and you will come to either hate it or love it!

Nelly said...

wow, 2:30 on plank is amazing, I make it like 30 seconds and I need a breather, haha sounds like your month is going great!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on signing up for your first Tri! It sounds like you are doing an awesome job of meeting your goals - 22 push-ups is awesome and you will totally get to 30! Thanks for playing along with my challenge :) I'm excited!

JohnP said...

Tri-Babes are so hawt!!

What an awesome goal - congrats on registration! I'm excited for you, this is going to be a blast!! :)

If you do one chin-up that is 100 times more than what I can do lol :)

Katie said...

Jon~ I may do a some earlier tri's in June/ July, but this one I've been saying I want to do for 7+ yrs and I am so excited I am finally doing it!!

Rockstar~ I am more afraid of the downhill on the bike than the uphill!!

Nelly~ I think the alcohol numbed the pain a bit on the plank :D

Thank you all!! :)

Julie said...

Excellent!! TRI GIRL IN THE MAKING! I can't wait to follow your training :-)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I just want you to be fully warned - Triathlons are highly addicting. I mean, I've never had hard drugs, so I'm not sure how it compares, but most people I know who did Tris have not been able to stop. But don't let that stop ya'! You're always welcome to join us!! And JohnP's spot on (tri girls just have a bit of an edge on the competition). haha

Glad to hear you're signed up for a tri!

And 8 pushups in a month? PLEASE! I bet you'll have those done in two weeks!

Dash said...

c-c-c-c-ute bikini! Good luck in your tri, I'm sure you'll keep us updated on your training.