Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"I Jlp You!"

    I'm a little behind on blog reading, my google reader does not like when I work.  Actually I've pretty much read everything, there was just a lot I wanted to comment on and haven't got the chance to yet.

    Another thing that I hadn't gotten to yet was The Versatile Blogger Award from Steph @Run- on .  Thanks Steph!  I think there was another person who tagged me too, but now I can't figure out who it was, so let me know and I'll add you here (or maybe I just dreamed that I was so awesome 2 people wanted to tag me :D)

7 things:
1) The post title is a quote from my FAVORITE TV series, the full quote goes a little something like this,

E: Is "Jlp" a word
P: "Jelp?" J-e-l-p?
E: No, j-l-p. Like, "I jlp. . . I jlp you!"

Who can guess the show?
It always makes my night a little better when I watch it :)

Also this comedy series I love :

Not always appropriate, but it always makes me laugh :D

2) The only reality show I watch any more is "So You Think You Can Dance." 
    No Bachelor, Survivor, Biggest Loser (I did watch the end of last season), American Idol, DWTS for me.
   And this dance will forever be my favorite:
So much emotion.
Anyone else know which song they were dancing to? : )

3)  I may be the only blogger who hasn't posted there ABC's.  To be honest the only letter I read off of anyone's and the only one I've been tempted to answer is U.  And not in a creepy way (I don't think), it was just interesting to see how everyone chose to answer that one.   Adam, who is not so boring, did it best.

For the record: WHEN I wear them, they are mostly from Gilly Hicks, in any style that is cute.
4) I can't drive.

5) Not so much about me: My younger sister (24), ran an 18.01 5k in college.  Pretty Dang Impressive.

6) Apparently I'm kinda dull and can't think of 7 worthwhile things about myself so I'll give my bro some props too:
He beat me to the modeling punch.
Modeling for Sun Bum Sunscreen.
Tag Lines: "Protect Your Lazy *ss" and "Trust the Bum" ;)

7)  You may have noticed while blogging/commenting I overuse this face:  :D  I feel this is acceptable because if you talk to me in person I laugh and smile a lot.  I had a Kindergartner once ask me, "Why do you smile so much?"  My response, "I just like to."  :)

I don't really like the tagging part cause I don't like to leave anyone out; here is a few anyway:

Laura @  On Your Left Please
Melissa @ Melissa's Journey to the Pro Figure Stage and Beyond!
Anyone else reading who wants to take part :)


Chad said...

I LVOE it's always sunny. LOVE it!

WHEN you wear them, huh? Atta way to keep the readers engaged.

Julie said...

I might follow your lead and give up on the reality shows. They've gotten quite old. Maybe I'll give up on tv completely. Modern Family and 30Rock still crack me up tho!

I loved all the "U" answers, too. Shh...It's not creepy - we're all friends, right?

I've really been overusing it, too!
:D bye!

Heidi said...

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding...

That is by far my favourite routine too! Love, ♥, LOVE SYTYCD!!!!

You can't drive? Hmm, that is an interesting fact.

J and A said...

Bleeding heart! Loved that dance! :)

Running and living said...

I love Sunny in Philadelphia!

Jamie said...

Not gunna lie, whenver I hear that song, I still think of the choreography from SYTYCD. Best. Dance. Evah.

Danielle said...

I always swear I'm going to stop watching all of the reality shows, but I somehow get sucked back in.

Your number 4 sure was small. : )

Teamarcia said...

I think I'm off of all reality shows. TBL is on right now but I swear I'm paying no attention.

Adam said...

Wait wait wait..... Define "can't" in #4. Like, can't can't???? :)

Ha - thanks for the shout out on the underwear. It is soo true!

I think, per capita, I use the smiley more than any other man on the interwebs.

coach dion said...

I think it is about time you set a goal to beat that number 4 of yours.
Tell us more about your sister...

Now that 'U' thing, it just isn't fair for us poor guys we can't really write about the lacy g-strings that we wear can we!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

thanks for the tag!
and im there with ya on #4...
and "cant" meaning "can,but not good at all!"

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I like how you made #5 super tiny font!! ha ha!!

Your bro makes me want to wear sunscreen! :)

Black Knight said...

Nice list!!!!
You have a very fast sister.

Jessica Newman said...

K you totally dont know me but I love your blog and OMG that is my FAVORITE dance too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! SSOOO POWERFUL!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

what song/dance is that??? I want to look it up on youtube and watch it! We don’t have cable anymore :(