Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

    1)  Thank you all so much for your kind comments!!!  Sometimes I wish I could find the strength, commitment and courage that I had at 13.   
     Retelling my story reminded me to look within myself for what I need.  It is easy on a day to day basis to forget how far I've come and get down on myself for failures or not follow through with my goals out of fear. 
    I need to realize how much I have achieved thus far and how much potential I have to achieve even more.

   2)  Inspired by all you amazing bloggers putting in serious miles on the treadmill (and maybe by myself a little :D), I decide I was gonna do a little long run on the treadmill today.  I wasn't sure how long but wanted to get in at least 6 (don't laugh at my long run distance :P)

    The furthest I've been able to go on treadmill before today is 4 miles and even that was tough, 3 is about my limit.  One of my biggest problems is that I'm too caught up in pace and  when I try to slow it down it feels so easy that I'm almost tripping over the front of the treadmill.  So I bring the pace up and by mile 2.5 I'm dying and just make it to 3.
So I set some guidelines for myself today:
1) Keep it SLOW for at least the first 2-3 miles
2)  Take a few short (30-60 sec) breaks if needed

Lo and Behold. . . 8 MILES.  I'm feeling mighty proud of myself right now, yes I am :D 

  Breakdown:  Miles 1&2 ~ 6.4-6.6 / Mile  3 ~ 6.6-6.7 / 1 minute break (I forgot my water anyway, so had to go grab it) /  Mile 4-6 ~ 6.2-6.6 I was definitely feeling it, my mileage has been low this winter / 30 sec break~ I wanted to be done, but I told myself to take a short break and see if I could get a few more./ Mile 7~ a bit of a struggle, I got through. I don't even know the pace; I played around with it. / Mile 8 ~ I really thought I was done at 7, but I decided to put in a few 1/10 mile strides at 7:30 (8.0) pace to get to 7.5.  I alternated between 6.0 & 8.0 every .1 miles and before I knew 8 miles :D

I was so salty I smelled like the beach, it was THE best :)

3) "Ridin' Solo" by Jason Derulo is such an amazing running song.  How can you not want to run your booty off to, "I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine." NOT POSSIBLE.  Total times listened to on today's run: 6

Some other tunes from my run:
~ Drugs or Me (Styrofoam remix)  Jimmy Eat World
~ Very Busy People   The Limousines
~  Steady Shock   Girl Talk
~ Thanks For the Mmrs   Fall Out Boy
~ Internet Killed the Video Star  The Limousines
~ Hey Baby   Pit Bull

    And just for fun; LOVE these pics:

The kid's got some determination (he gets it from his mama ;), so what if everyone else is double his size :D


Matty O said...

Nice job! That is a great accomplishment on a tread mill no less haha. Those machines are evil I tell ya.

If you want to get better at running, read up on HR training. You sound A LOT like me. I think that is why I enjoy reading your running adventures.

If I don't go all out and hit certain splits, then the workout was a waste in my eyes. I was always determined to hit certain splits.

HR training will teach you to slow down so you don't injure yourself. It allows your body to improve naturally when it is conditioned enough to get faster.

Pretty much all distance runners practice this now. Your HR is probably your best tool on your fitness.

Tri-James over at

Did a great series on Heart Rate and calculating your zones and where you should be training at. It is worth the time it takes to search it out on his blog.

Right now is base building time so don't worry too much about speed. Take the time to improve your form and put the distance in. Speed will come VERY easy after you have put your miles in.

Good luck.

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Awesome, awesome job!!! Those treadmills really test us. Your doing so incredibly well!

BrianFlash said...

Great job on the road to nowhere. My record is nine miles - I just can't see ever going much further than that without going completely crazy!

Rose said...

Great job on the treadmill. I would have stabbed my eyes out after mile 2. hahahah.

Danielle said...

Awesome job on your run! 8 miles is fabulous. : )
I like Riding Solo, too! Good music!

Kovas said...

Nice job on the treadmill, I personally really lik eit, but for shorter runs, much like you.

Heather said...

Way to go on the treadmill!! the photos of your little guy are so cute, he does look determined :)

Tri-James said...

Treadmills have their purpose, well done.

Many people can use a HR monitor to slow down. It is humbling but it can provide the necessary base in which to build upon.

And Matty-O, I would not say they are 'great' reads but here are a few items on HR - click here and a more tips here.

Scroll down from the first few race reports.

Stephanie said...

Nice job!!! EIGHT! 6 has been my max so far on that beast.

Nicole said...

That's awesome! I need someone like you on the treadmill next to me :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

WTG on the exercise; I'm on a quest to get to the very end of the treadmill. No sign of it so far...

Keep up the great work!

Nelly said...

nice job! that is a long way to go on a treadmill. I'm like you, generally I can only make it 3-4 miles tops. But I don't listen to music when I work out, so maybe that is why, haha

and you always have good music on your playlists, I seem to listen to the exact same music as you, haha

~Jessica~ said...

Awesome treadmill workout ~ the most I've managed ever was 8.5 miles, or 9 miles broken up with the elliptical in between. I've been in awe of the 20 mile exploits of various bloggers too.

And thank you for your searing honesty and bravery in your last post ~ as a tubby, unfit kid my heart ached when I read it as I identified with everything you wrote, although kids at school were somewhat more open in their hateful comments about my weight.

You showed them all who's boss and now I bet you're the slimmest, fittest girl of all your class. Truly inspiring dedication and brilliant story.


Stefanie D. said...

Hello! I'm glad you found my blog. :D Especially because now I can blog stalk you! And you are a runner, EVEN BETTER!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I think 8 is about my max on the treadmill too! It shuts off after an hour so that's about when I get off too. :) Good job on your run. And your pics are adorable!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GREAT job Katie!! Not only did you you make it for 8 but you increased your speed at the end!! Awesome!

I'm not even got try to enter the Burpee challenge--You got me beat by 20!

TRI714 said...

Your little guy is awesome. I have a love hate with that treadmill, but I really believe it has helped me pick up and sustain a better pace. Im working on it anyways.

Carolina John said...

Great! 8 miles is a good distance on the treadmill. I did a 20 miler once on the tm, and it was way too much. boring.

ashley (redonk runner) said...

i'm glad you mentioned long runs on treadmills. dreadful to me! but i needed some inspiration cause it looks like the weather isn't gonna be good friday, so i may have to do a 10 miler on the tread.

Thomas Bussiere said...

That's a lot for a treadmill. I'm good for about 5 before I can't stand it anymore. I'd rather be outside on a rainy day.

Chris K said...

Nice job, but I'm still gonna beat you at Burpees. Just kidding. Super cute pics of the little guy. He looks intense :-) Thanks for hte Mmrs is a great running song.

Stacie said...

Ridin Solo is so addictive. And awesome job on your long run!

Molly said...

great job with the 8 miles! And thanks for the music ideas, I just posted a music request today : )