Friday, February 18, 2011

Prep Work in Numbers

    3-  workouts this week that ended in upchucking (apparently my stomach doesn't handle 6 or under pace very well)

  6:00-  yesterday's mile time

  5:54- today's mile time

   20- times I wanted to quit on the timed miles (and that includes a few times before I was even out the door)

  55°- the temp, I thought 55 was supposed to feel warmer

   2-  yup Nelly I'm absolutely wearing my lightest spikiest spikes. 

Either these:

Super speedy sister's college spikes

My HS Beauties :)


Maybe I'll wear one of each

Either way they will have these:

   6- days till the big race(s*)  They actually have a countdown on the meet site.  I have to take a chill pill though, this week both my boys have off from school/work; the race is near the end of our little vacay and I want to enjoy my time with them and not just be eager/anxious for Thurs.  I wish it was tomorrow.

  70%- confidence level  If I can hold my pace from today I will be thrilled, except both today AND yesterday I wanted to DIE at the end of one mile.  Can I hold that pace for 1400 more meters?? We will see. 
 Hopefully track+spikes+race atmosphere= success :D

80's- music theme for Thursday night

* There is also a 1500 meter race after the 3k, entry is $15 unlimited events.  I'm leaning towards doing it cause. . . why not?  But then again I might be (and should be) completely shot after the 3k.  I do recover well usually. . . I guess you'll just have to wait till Friday morning  to find out what I do ;)

Good Luck to all those with races this weekend, I'm envious!!


Dash said...

5:54!!!! ROCK STAR! Can't wait to see your time at the 3k! ;)

Melissa Cunningham said...

holy speed demon batman!
you totally got this race.....

Rose said...

I love those shoes! Both of them!

Good luck! You're going to do AWESOME.

Julie said...

Have a blast!!!! You're going to be awesome!!

Stephanie said...

5:54? GIRL. I would barf too. You are super speedy. Impressive!!

Chelle said...


Tri-James said...

Sounds like a challenge - You will step up on race day!

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

DANG. You're on fire, that's super fast! good jog :)

Heidi said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear how you do. I'm excited for you.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good luck! I'm a little behind on blogs and forgive me but i'm behind on yours too...are you on a track team or are you competing as an individual or what? I must get caught up when I get some time today. :)

Small Town Runner said...

Great job!!! That's fantastic speed :)

Cynthia said...

You are going to do AMAZING!! You are super speedy! I love the shoes. Can't wait to hear how it went!

Nelly said...

haha thanks for the shout out!

those are some fast mile times!

the main number that stood out to me is 3 - the puke workouts, haha That's why I hate doing workouts or races like that, because it puts you really close to that threshold. Maybe try to eat earlier than you have this week?

I totally agree on dreading doing workouts like that, I think the mental part is almost rougher than the physical part - because you know you're going to be putting your body through hell shortly, haha

I definitely vote for the HS beauty spikes, they look cooler =)

I think you're going to do great in the race, when you think you can't go anymore, you will find another gear with the people in the race, and the crowd! good luck!

Andrew Opala said...

great numbers!

Chris K said...

Hi Katie, nope, have not been to Croatia. Yes, I actually took an ex g.f. to China once. I'm open to taking a bikini model, but she must be single. Sorry :-(

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

totally loved my spikes in high school--have fun wearing yours!! But, what about your whole putfit--you must post! :)

You continue to floor me--holy speed!

RoseRunner said...

incredible times! Now, whats with fast running and nausea -- this happened to me this week too. Do you think it's because of eating beforehand and that running on an empty stomach would help?

I've been reluctant to try a "fast" mile again (which for me was 9.0 mph) because of how it made me run to the toilet last time...

Elisa@Deeply Truly Elisa said...

How can you always look so cute!

I really liked the feel of this post! And don't worry I am sure you are going to do great in the race. You are very well trained and remember to also have fun :D

beachbody coaches said...

Hi arrived here from RomanFitness blog. Those shoes are all great but I like the white one best. you're getting faster. Can't wait to see the outcome of the race.

Black Knight said...

You are very very fast!
I like the race (and the pre-race) atmosphere too.
Beautiful shoes. I remember my first race-shoes, Nike Elite Classic a running myth; they were on the header of the James F. Fixx' book.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Some fast times Katie! Good luck at the race!

So are the spikes really that helpful on the track? I've been thinking about getting a pair but I just run in my 6oz flats now...hmmm