Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peace Be The Journey

I'm off to the city with my new tiny Adidas Backpack (I got it from Marshall's on Tues :)

If this we're like most races I'd have been done 4 hours ago and not freaking out anymore.

We're going in a little, but not to early were I end up walking around for hours.
 I would love for Nollie to be there, but we prob won't be home till 11 or after
that's a little late for him so he's hanging out with Nanny, Pop Pop and the Cuz-ers

Katie in Motion

I'm gonna go with the though that as long as I know that I gave it 110% and I have nothing left when I cross that finish line, it's a success  :)

In response to some I thought I would lose followers because taking 1000 pics of myself seems really self-absorbed (I guess it is; I prefer to think of myself as crazy), but I gained a follower :D  
Thanks for all your comments
I can't think straight, I'll thank you better tomorrow :)


Matty O said...

I like to call that feeling you are going for, "Blowing up".

I have yet to do that during a race, I reserve too much for the end.

Good luck. Leave it all out there.

As for being self absorbed, aren't all of us bloggers? People want to read what "we" have to say.

Rose said...

I think you'd lose followers if you STOPPED posting pictures of yourself. It's the price you pay for being pretty.

Melissa Cunningham said...

you will do great today,just leave it all,give it all on the track,and you will feel much better!
sending positive vibes your way!

Victoria Elizabeth said...

Psh... I love posting pictures of myself :) It is fun, I don't think anyone is allowed to judge!!!

Julie said...

Go DO IT, Katie!! You're going to zoom by everyone!!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Best of luck!!

Can't wait to hear about how "awesome" the trip was.

JohnP said...

yes, Yes, YES 1000 pics sounds like a great idea! It looks like you have 9992 more to go. I am patiently waiting for them.


Give that race your best, I know you wouldn't give anything less. More importantly Have Fun!

Tri-James said...

Blow it up!

Caroline said...

All the best to you!
you will do great!

Small Town Runner said...

Hope your race goes well!!!

Love the backpack =D

Nelly said...

As Tri-James said above, blow it up! When you think you can't go anymore, you will find another gear!

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Pfftt!! Whatever, I love looking at your pics! plus you work hard and you deserve to take pictures and post them!!
Can’t wait to read about the race, you’ll do great I know it!! :}

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Good luck at your race! Ignore da hata's!

RoseRunner said...

Oh, don't be silly -- everyone loves a hot girl in a bikini! You're not gonna lose any readers that way! And the more the better!

Anyway, you look fab. Don't know what in the world you could possibly improve upon

coach dion said...

Why am I so excited about your race, I was just on the web sight trying to find the results, then I was thinking that i should run a track race again. Love the idea that every meeting has a 'music theme' and last night was the 80's. hope you have a play list for us.

Tell me all about it, make me get back on the track...

Dash said...