Monday, February 21, 2011

Links I'm Loving Today

   There is a lot of awesome stuff going down in the blog world today, so I figured I should share some of what I am loving :)

~Melissa and Amanda both rocked the burpees videos yesterday (and they both kick my bootay with their burpees) Awesome girls :D   Tri-James also kicked trash. . . 43!!!

~ Austin (or Matt? Scott?)@ Enjoy the Ride is giving away some cool tri bike gear for newbies (first come, first serve!)

~ Through Austin's blog I found amazing triathlete Tawnee's blog.  I love her philosophy on combining strength training and endurance training

~ On the topic of strength/resistance training, RunnerDude has a GREAT core workout video on his blog today!

~  The famous Fitnessista posted a link about nominating health/fitness blogs for Women's Health Blogs We Love.  So if you have the time and want to give me a little blog love (and you think I'm deserving), I'd be very grateful if you'd nominated me.  Let me know if you want a nom as well :)

   That's all I can recall right now (wanted to get this up quick so my readers could have a chance at Austin's giveaway) if I remember something else in a bit I'll add it :)

   Okay one more thing: I found this amazing red pepper & eggplant bruschetta spread at the grocery store yesterday.  It is made by Marco Polo (I always get their jarred roasted red peppers).  I made a wrap with using it and some roasted red pepper slices, mozzerella and basil, it was so good I might have a repeat tonight!   

*Mr. Whiney Manly has posted a very informative interview with Ultra runner Tim Twietmeyer.  Despite the fact that he begged me to link it ;), it really is pretty awesome.


Chris K said...

Sheesh, I make you Miss June and don't get a shout out. My latest post is an interview with an Ultra Marathon Legend. I guess if you saw me walking across water you'd say, "What, you can't swim"?


Katie said...

Okay first off I didn't seee your newest post yet! :P

2nd I've linked to your blog so many times that people might start thinking I have a crush on you if I link anymore :D

Tri-James said...

Great links - I have found several new blogs to follow with this burpee challenge (including yours).

Thanks for helping Andrew put it on!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

All you burpee babes rock!! I didn't even attempt it :( too embarassed to try--hold the contest again...maybe in the summer?!!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

thanks for sharing! will check them out =)

Rose said...

I totally failed on the burpee thing. Stupid cold. BOO.

Jill said...

KATIE!!!! I popped over to see your gold medal, I was rooting for you with the burpee challenge girl! Well, I'll speak to Andrew about a repeat challenge come May, ok?? You still rock in my book, just an fyi!!!

Kittee I am a Runner! said...

Thanks for all the great links. I will be practicing my burpees for the next challenge :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I love having lists of recommended blogs!

I'm also happy to see yet another newbie to triathlons. Congrats and best of luck!

Nelly said...

I was just laughing at Chris K's comment, and your subsquent update to your post today, haha

Andrew Opala said...

Katie! Thanks for not mentioning me on your blog! I can't stand all the propositions I've been getting from the last shout outs!


You have to excuse Chris, he's divorced and he likes his ex-wife's husband. Plus this BQ thing has gone to his head.

Regarding the burpee contest Chris and Kovas had this big hurt on to beat each other and didn't even show with a non-video post. But a lot of people, including me want to have the Burpee contest again.

I have enough prize money for a male and a female video submission, plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. If you are Ok with the video submissions (i.e. no violations in form) then I'll announce winners tomorrow. Check your email later today.

Caroline said...

thanks for the links!
burpee...I tried I died after 4.5
the ambulance had to come over to bring me back to life...!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Aww, you're sweet. Um, I quit after 1:10 remember...ha, at least you lasted the whole 2 minutes. Kind of like someone who takes off at a 5 min mile pace in a race and then can't finish...the person that finished and paced themselves was much better off. :) I'll have to try it again if you do it in the summer but maybe i'll practice instead of just jumping in. ;) ha!

Carolina John said...

I love RunnerDude's blog, he featured me as his Runner of the Week once.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Doin' some catching up and off to check these out ... thanks!