Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last Chance

. . . to getchurrr BURPEE on for Running Man Wannabe's (and partially mine too) contest!!!!

GET IT DONE :D Seriously, there are prizes (Amazon gift cards!! Chances are really good right now :D)  Even if you can only do 1 burpee in 2 minutes, you're in!

   I'm at 23 and getting in my last effort tomorrow (w/ video).  I'm sure some of you can crush that (no video needed just report your results).  My first two efforts can be seen here.

   Besides the prizes, I 'm pretty sure adding burpees has made me a hell of a lot faster, WORK those legs muskles!

In other news, this kid:

is a good luck charm

    I'm pretty positive The Islanders have only one won like 2 games all season.  And he was at both.


got a puck from Di P at his first ever game

I think his favorite part tonight may have been the Gourmet Cupcakes:

regardless. . . a good  GREAT time was had by all :)

Now really I need to cut out the booze for the next few days. Help.


Rose said...

Oh, crap, I should probably do that tomorrow.

Katie said...

ummm yeahh Rose, with all those Bachelor Workout Burpees you've been doing I'm pretty sure you'll kick burpee butt :)

Nelly said...

I would give the burpee contest a shot, but my upper body is still stlightly strained, so I better hold off, haha

that is awesome that he got a puck at the hockey game!

Julie said...

I love the pic of him with the puck! What a cute mug on that one!

Teamarcia said...

I've tried to resist so far but color me mildly intrigued with AO's challenge. Mildly.

Chris K said...

I hereby challene The Studly Runner to a Burpee Contest. You can forward this Comment to her and see if she is Studly enough to accept. The rules are the I will not wear a shirt to show my washboard abs and she must wear a bikini.

Living Foxy said...

Love your blog:) I'm a new follower.