Monday, February 28, 2011

Jack Kelly and the Coolest Track Ever

    All I can manage on this rainy Monday morning with both my boys back to school and work after a week off is randomness :) On a good note for this Monday, I get to read in my son's Kindergarten class later :D

First some weekend training:
Saturday: 4 mile run @ 8:10 pace 
Sunday: 30 minutes stair running, lots of pull-up work (flexed hang and negatives), planks, push-ups, dips (I'm on an arm toning mission which will be posted about soon!)

The only thing I have to say about the Oscar's is Yayyy Jack Kelly :)))

18 yr old Christian Bale was by far my biggest childhood crush

 I could still watch this movie everyday, so so amazing :) and I think I need to put the soundtrack on my running playlist :D

He was looking a bit older than his 36 yrs last night though
The sexy accent makes up for it ;)

I saw this on Matty, Run, Run's blog and had to share because I'm obsessed with it:

         located in Elda, Spain

My Playlist for yesterday's stairs, these 4 songs on repeat:
Cameras~ Matt and Kim - I think this one got like 3-4 plays
Club Can't Handle Me~ Flo Rida/ D Guetta
Born This Way~ Lady Gags
Love Like Woe~ The Ready Set- Was gonna stop running at 22 min, but this song x 2 got me to 30 :D

    I have over 250 followers. Why are you all here?  ;)  Anyway thanks for putting up with my awful writing, I'm truly flattered :)

Blog things to come this week (hopefully):
Feb. recap/ March goals
Project Arms!
BBM #7
Cool Things that Need a Shout Out
Random things that take up space in my head and need to get out :)

Last: Today was/ is (maybe) gonna be long run (8-10) but it is pouring and thunder/lightning-ing.  So I haven't decided yet if I will go long on the tread or push it till tomorrow. I may BodyRock and short tread today.

   Have you seen the Newsies?  Were you as obsessed with it as I was?
   I think it is impossible to have seen it and NOT be obsessed with it.  I used to march around the playground (in 6th grade) singing all the songs and pretending I was a Newsie.  I got one other girl and one boy to do it with me, but I think the boy only did it because he had a crush on the other girl.

   Who were your childhood celeb crushes?
  Besides Christian "Jack Kelly" Bale: Taylor Hanson and Erik Von Detten (From Disney's TV Skater Movie, Brink!)  


itsagoodmorning said...

Oh....I LOVED Newsies! I used to watch the movie just for Jack Kelly! Love Christian Bale...although Ian Sommerhalder is now a close second.

Julie said...

My childhood crush was Kurt Russell from The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Yes...I'm old enough to be your mother :D

kdbaker05 said...

I still have that movie...LOVE IT!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

this is an awesome track!! And i'm embarrassed to admit it now but I had a crush on Tom I just think he's an ass. ;)

Julie said...

What Amanda said! =D

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

What are you reading in your son's class today?

That track is officially on my list of things I have to see before I die! How can you run that and NOT run up that hill (at least once)?!

Matty O said...

Yeah, still listen to newsies on my Ipod. Typically when plowing. Loved the movie.

Well I have an idea why all the men are here LOL. Ask John Proc ;)

Caroline said...

crush: Larry Wilcox...
I love Christian Bale: "Bloody Hell!"

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Childhood crush = Heather Thomas from 'The Fall Guy' an 80s show.

JohnP said...

MattyO knows it! lol

I'm definitely here for the soft p0rn haha!

Oh and you're an awesome writer, full of energy and excitement - I love it!

And the amateur p0rn vids. K, maybe that was just my imagination.... hah!

250 pervs is alot! Maybe I should post videos of me doing Nekkid Yoga to gain followers!? I'm not feeling luved. Maybe a giveaway or sumfin'

Katie said...

Ahaha WHOA JohnP I think it's your imagination on ALL accounts!

and I actually don't follow you because you don't have GFC and that's pretty much the only way I follow :)

Rose said...

"Lady Gags" may have been a typo, but it's HILARIOUS.

Stefanie D. said...

OMG. I loved Newsies too! I used to watch it over and over with my sister!

Stephanie said...

Christian Bale is so damn smokin. Too bad that grizzle looks crazy on him (I know...I usually love the grizz) I had a huge crush growing up on Devon Sawa. hehe

That track looks like!

Nelly said...

nice run on Saturday!

That raised 3D track is awesome, wish they could install one of those here! haha That way you could do some hill repeats as part of track workouts, haha

The Oscars was great to watch yesterday, seemed like it was pretty easy to call who was going to win each award though - I was right on like 80% of the biggest 15 awards or something, haha

the dawn said...

wow, just thinking about running intervals on that track made my heart rate go up! i bet it is awesome to workout there!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I would give a years salary to grow that SWEEEEET beard!!! Kim Kardashian ... oh, childhood? Wonder Woman!

Crafty Jogger said...

I LOVE newsies!

RoseRunner said...

ohhh my gosh are you kidding! I fell in LOVE with jack Kelly when I was 8 years old. I dreamed about him every night.

After years of asking for the tape, I finally got the DVD. 2 years ago for xmas. I haven't opened it yet... the spark seems to be gone...

coach dion said...

Lady Di...

And you have 250 followers because you are fun...

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Dang! That really is the coolest track EVER!!! Hmm. Maybe a plan to Spain is even more appealing now. Haha
And you deserve all your followers, your post are always fun to read :]

JohnP said...

K, I have to ask cuz its buggin' me...

GFC? What is GFC?
" I actually don't follow you because you don't have GFC and that's pretty much the only way I follow "

Does that mean 'good fawkin content'?
Did you just say I dont have good content?

Oh Noes! Boohoo. I have a sad. I'm hurt!

K, tell me if stands for umm Gigantic Frickin' Cock. Cuz I got that, I could post pics for proof but dont have wide angle lens and all... hah! blah blah blah.

K now, what is GFC? I will search to the ends of the earth to find this 'GFC' to gain your followership! hah

MuncherCruncher said...

Oh my GOSH I love this post. I was/am obsessed with Newsies and of COURSE Jack Kelly. As we were watching on Sunday night I couldn't stop singing "Santa Fe" to everyone. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in this.
Um...and yep...totally watched "Brink" too. Gotta love The Disney Channel Original Movies!! :)

Dash said...

That track is crazy! Isn't the whole reason we run the track is to get away from hills??? :)