Thursday, February 10, 2011


Alternatively titled: Three Things (I'm doing to make me less grumpy) Thursday

 As my fellow Tobay Lifeguard Chica (aka Tobabe) would say, Cranky Pants are ON.

   I don't really know why, everything is going good for the most part.  It's not even just today, I've been bumming for over a week now. 

  My attempts yesterday to de-grump included a BodyRock.TV 300 Rep workout, another go at the 2 minute Burpee Contest (JOIN!)  in which I improved by 1 for a total of 23 (mad I can't get 30 yet), and a much needed haircut, blowdry and brow wax :D.

No Dice.

Feeling Blue

So here's 3 things I did today to get back to my happy self:

1) Serious incline workout.  25 minutes of 12% incline intervals. Alternating between 3.0 and 7.0.  I didn't have a set time amount for the 7.0 intervals, pretty much the goal was just to gut them out as long as possible, on the "good" ones I made it just over a minute. I got in at least 10 intervals (I kinda lost track I was just going for it :D).  According to a few pace calculators, 7.0 at 12% is equivalent to 5:49 mi pace based on VO2  consumption, so I think this was a pretty good workout to prepare me for my race in 2 weeks.

   Also I rocked out to this teeny bopper song multiple times while running which made me feel 16 again (why not, I did set most of my PRs at that age :)
There was full on treadmill dancing involved.

2) Colorful Lunch with lots of veg and water (I've been slacking w the H20 intake)

Wanted more, so I baked the rest of the orange pepper w/ sliced Roma tomato inside and sprinkled w/ mozzarella and parmesan:
Healthy Pizza Bagel :)

3) Counted the days till Memorial Day Weekend That didn't help, there's still 100+ :(

Instead: Researched some races I could enter to keep me busy and endorphin full till summer.  I do have my first half-mary on May 2nd, but I need some shorter races for March/April.  I found a really cool race in March called "Conquer the Hills 5k."

Site Description:
"Take your run or walk training to new “heights” in the 1st Annual “Conquer the Hills” Fun Run/Walk in Farmingville! With street names like Adirondack and Summit Place, this 5k (3.1 mile) course certainly has its ups and downs, but in the end, you can proudly say you conquered some of the steepest inclines on Long Island"
   It is an un-timed race (Awesome, bc those hills are sure to add 2+ mins. to my time anyway, no PRs here) and  my HS coach used to take us distance runners to these hills to train.  
I'm In! 

What do you do to go from frowning to clowning?
(I'm sorry that was awful, I'll take suggestions on a better rhyme too, crying to flying?)


Matty O said...

I go for a run to re-charge my batteries.

Sounds like things are going great, keep stretching before and after workouts so you don't get excited over sub 9 min miles like me :) hahaha.

Julie said...

Hmmm... So where's the **FUN** ???
~ that's what I want to know.

Did you do anything FUN today?? I see you tried to "work out" it out. You tried to "eat healthy" it out.

Those didn't work... so I say GO HAVE SOME FUN!!! How about a comedy club tonight or a walk in a new neighborhood or trail...or a trip to B&N for a new good fiction book or go play basketball/volleyball/ ROLLER SKATING!!

Well...these things always make me happy, so I thought maybe they might work for you, too.

Stephanie said...

You could.....rap, snap or take a nap? :)

Katie said...

LOL this is true Julie :)

I am looking forward to my fave Thurs Night Comedies tonight (Office, Park and Rec, and Outsourced :D). So that is comedy club-ish .

and one of my best friends is coming down this wknd and staying so that will help as well :D

I do want to get outside, but it got cold again :(

I will be sure to make this wknd lots of fun, thanks :)

Matty O~ I am adverse to stretching, bad I know, but I feel like it makes me ache more (in a bad way)

Rose said...

I have a few people on my list of "will always make me feel better," so I seek one out. My brother is #1, because he is so ridiculous, it's hard not to be in a good mood.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I like your rhyme. :) I try to eat healthy or sometimes just let myself eat a bunch of chocolate and drink wine. I read a mindless magazine. Hug my kids. Run. Stretch. Post something positive on facebook and include a question to get others to answer something positive...this usually puts a smile on my face. :) smiling always makes me feel better.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You approached Crabby Pants with some really healthy alternatives! Good job! I might reach for a handful of candy for the temporary "high"!

You are one fit chick!!! Burpees and crazy steep inclines?!!! You go girl!

Thomas Bussiere said...

Embrace the grump and let it feed the fire. Take it out on your workout, and not others. It to will soon pass, and sunny skies shall return with the promise of another day.

Tri-James said...

Tell bad jokes.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Of all the running blogs in the blogoshpere, I just found out my wife (who's not a runner) has picked yours as her favorite and has been enjoying your blog extensively as of today. I think she likes the videos and learning about Zuzana. I'd give you some type of award for that, but that would take non-running effort on my part.

Chris K said...

5:49? Mama Mia. You rock. This post was cute actually. I am an emotional zero - no highs, no lows. Just call me Mr. Flatline. Oooooh, that can me my new Blog title :-)

MuncherCruncher said...

I hope you are feeling better hun! I hate those days :( I usually have to treat myself to a good sweat session and some fat free frozen yogurt to feel better, watch some ridiculously funny tv/movie to make me laugh, and hang out with my friends and family who make me feel better.
Your eats look delish!! Have a good weekend darling! xoxoxo

Elisa@Deeply Truly Elisa said...

Orange pepper with sliced tomato, mozzarella and parmesan... got to try that! How long did you bake it for?

I usually try doing healthy things too when I'm feeling blue but that doesn't always work. What about a nice walk out? Or a girls night out? Or going to the movies?

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Wow what a hill climb! You go girl!!

Adam said...

I like to run hung over to cheer me up. Oh I don't. :)

that hill workout was INTENSE!!!! 12% is all that I could ever hope to get here in PHoenix.