Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Swim and Official Time

   Sooo I was pleasantly surprised with my official time: 12:19 (6:36 pace).  

   Surprised because I saw the clock ticking to 11 flat with 2 laps left (400 m) and as it was all a blur after that I figured around 12:30 (although I vaguely remember seeing the teens as I kicked it in, but I was in a fog and wasn't sure).  That means my last 400 was around 79! 

   This also means I BLEW UP (not in a good way!)  in the whole middle of the race :( .   I recall my first mile split around 6:11,  so my few laps after that must have been slow (comparative to the rest of my run).

    Also I am definitely faster in the shorter stuff than I was in HS, as I killed myself (in HS) to run a 79 400 (yeaa Chelle  NO 59 here :D) and my 800 PR was 2:39.  I think I could crush that one now.   In order to do better in the longer stuff,  continued endurance training and longer intervals are in the plan.

     Ohhh and I should of mentioned it sooner, THANK YOU for your awesome comments!!! I built this race up so much on here and in my head that it was really hard to report back with less than what I hoped.

   AND according to the site the meet went till 1 AM!!, We left halfway through the men's 3000, a little after 8 I think?

The line well after I had registered, they had to call women's 3k runners to the front bc they needed to get start.

       Last bit about the races, the top 10k relay went 22:25!! It was a 10 person relay where each team member ran 5 200 meter legs, but still that is SMOKIN!!  I would have loved to do that but  I didn't have a team :(  That and the last relay (they had 3 heats) went off on Early Friday Morning.

On to yesterdays workout, I was actually really sad that my legs were not sore at all when I woke up, but I still have this nagging sore throat ( that started immediately after my race) and stomach-not-rightness.  

My sister is home on LI this week (winter teaching break) and she asked me if I wanted to go swimming, YES!

She joined New York Sports Club in her area and can use any of the NYSCs, so we went to the closest one and I used her guess pass.

         3 mile easy run at 8-8:30 pace
        FIRST SWIM SINCE SUMMER~ 600 m, nothing special, felt good but i DID feel it in my arms.  And this morning I'm feeling it in my arms even more :D
Finished with some time in the sauna.


Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Don't ya just love it when the official results are better than what you thought? Congrats! That is fast!

i hardly ever go into the saunas at the gym but last night I did as I was still feeling a little sore from the bike crash. Anyway, I walk in and on the right side is a 300+ lb dude laying on the bench buck naked ... not even laying on the towel. Turn to the otherside and it must have been this dudes twin brother doing the same thing?? Like 700lbs of nakedness in that sauna? WTF? I turned and walked out ... total sauna time was around 2 secs.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Oh, a sauna sound really good!

Beth said...

Great job on your 3k, that is super fast. Can't wait to hear all about your tri training!

Melissa Cunningham said...

sweeet! awesome last 400! i know its always hard to be faster at the last stretch...way to blow it up!!!
and yeah im better at shorter stuff,but not great
my college 400 PR was 60.09.
i wanted to break 60 so bad i couldnt see straight,but coach rarely used me to sprint. the few timnes i did it was for a DMR,or if one of the sprinters was out...bleh.
anyways,great swim and run,
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Rohr said...


Amanda@runninghood said...

Great job! I ran the 400, 800 and mile mostly in HS and college. I was the slowest on the 4x 400 meter relay with a 64 or 65...the other girls were smokin'! One of the girls broke 60 and the others were all right around 61. I am so glad that I don't run those distances anymore! :) I remember my coach having me run repeat 800's at 2:45/2:50 pace for like 6-8 of them. Yuck! i'll take a marathon any day over those shorter distances. ;) You sound like you have some natural talent and some big potential to keep getting faster Katie! I'm excited to see you Go Go Go and make some big PRs! You're awesome! It is really just as much mental as it is physical...don't you think? or definitely a balance. The mental play in racing is Big time and something I never quite perfected.

Rose said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better about what you did out there. Now you can either work on it longer, or move on.

Yay for a sauna. That sounds awesome.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

If your legs weren't sore, then that means you were in really good shape. :-)

Kittee said...

Dang girl your are FAST!

Love to swim!

Nelly said...

Jeff - I was dying reading your comment, that sauna experience sounded horrible, haha

Glad to hear that your official time was better than expected! You flew on both the first and last laps! Since it was your first time racing in a long time, it is hard to know how to pace yourself, you should give it another go sometime, I bet your splits will be much more even. And you should try to run the 800 again, sounds like you would destroy your time! I bet you could get something like 2:20 - 2:30, especially if you are running 1:20 laps during a 3000 meter race, haha

Katie said...

Thanks All!

Ahaha Nelly I was dying reading Jeff's comment too :D Matt wanted to know why I was smiling and laughing so much on the couch!

I should find an 800, I want revenge! I was too slow for the All Star 4x8 :(

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

As a swimmer myself, "Yay Swimming!!" haha

I like this post. You definitely seem to have a good perspective on the race. And I have no doubt you'll crush your goal in no time. I do the very same thing though; I build up races in my head a lot. But as long as you had fun, that's the point.

Laura Frey said...

I love your blog!! You're just as crazy as me!! YAY!!! I love your videos too. I did kettlebells for a while. They are hard but rewarding. Keep up the great work!! I know it's not easy but summer is almost here!! I'm right there with ya!

Keelie Sheridan said...

Congrats on your time! And yay for swimming! Joe and I are going to a Russian Bath House in Brooklyn today, so I doubt it'll be workout worthy swimming, but we'll still be splashing around! :)

Black Knight said...

A very fast 3k, congrats. Never got a sauna maybe I have to try one day.

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Oh Katie, congrats!! That’s an impressive time – I look forward to being just like you when I grow up, wait I ‘m all grown up, shoot I better hurry! You’re probably younger than me too. lol
The sauna sounds so good right now, I’m so sore!
Great job again.

Dash said...

Congrats on your race time! That's sweet, way to kick towards the finish.

Congrats on getting a swim in! Can't wait for spring.