Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bikini Burpees!

Sorry No.

I hate to disappoint, but some things are better off not done in a bikini (even if it gets you extra points ;)

Burpees are at the top of the list (they will help you look fabulous in a bikini though!)

Below are my first two attempts for the 2 Minute Burpee Contest.

I did them about 5 minutes apart;  First set: 22   Second set: 21

Goal by February 16th: More than Kovas, Chris K, and Patrick  30?

Take 1

      In the 2nd set I had to step up from some of these burpees at the end.  I give anyone participating full permission to step up if you can no longer jump (I'm the judge :D).  It's better than not doing them at all ; )

Take 2 (This vid is a little glitchy)

I need to figure out how to get better thumbnails!

    Oh and Matty O.,  I'm not too worried about bulking up my arms.  Did you see those babies, they could use ALL the muscle they can get!!  and I'm gunning for your 35 count :D

Now go get YOUR Burpee on :D
(and report your results here)


Jill said...

You GO girl!! Hands down you got the 2 Stooges beat! Woohoo - Go, Katie!!!

Jill said...

Um, that's be THREE Stooges! :)

Cynthia said...

I'm totally cheering for you! You will kick their butts they have no idea!

JohnP said...

Oh FFS you meanie!!

I skipped over allllll my other blog updates to rush to yours thinking this WILL BE THE BEST POST EVAR!!!!!


lol :)
Please kick Matty-O's ass for me. It's OK, he's used to losing to gurls. :)

Rose said...

You are AWESOME. I still need to see how awful I will be at this.

Do you prefer Dr. Chase's long shaggy hair, or his buzz cut?

Kovas said...

I didn't realize we could do them all half-assed like that. Now I feel better. Though I did like how you travelled across the floor as you progressed. So my 62 for a first-time is good?

Tri-James said...

well done - 2 minutes is an loooong time.

Katie said...

Thank You Jill, Cyn, Rose!!

Rose~ I'll take either, but definitely longer :)

John~ Give me a few months of getting in better shape and a tan. Come July: Bikini Burpees on the Beach :D

Kovas~ I can't tell if you serious or not, but I'm still grinning like an idiot over your comment. and motivated, you're going down!! I want to see the video.

Luke said...

false advertising!!!!

Matty O said...

Yeah, 2 minutes took its toll on you too haha!

I took a couple breaks and was kicking myself after seeing James knocking out one more than me.

Round two is coming up probably tomorrow. I can only get more at this point :)

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

You got them girl!! Go get em!!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

I really didn't even know what the hell a blurpee was until seeing that video. Now I am extremely happy I will not be doing this challenge - I'm going to bike, have fun with the blurpees (0-:

MuncherCruncher said...

Oh my GOSH awesome girl!!!!! I can't believe you. Burpees hurt so good. They really do. I had no idea you'd lost 40 lbs. What an incredible accomplishment. I love to share stories like that on my blog if you wouldn't mind doing a guest post some time! You're so inspiring! Thanks a bazillion! :)

Chris K said...

Feb 16th is the deadline, eh? Okay, I'll start practicing on the 15th. Ho hum. I am soooo worried about this.

Katherine said...

What a beautiful story! Thank you for being willing to share it with us all. That shows a lot of courage and a kind heart.

And way to rock those burpees. I think I may have to get off the couch and do some of my own.