Sunday, February 13, 2011

400's are Puktastic

       To be honest I was ready to push my scheduled 400's workout to tomorrow.  With the wind chill today it was not nearly as warm as I thought it was going to be and tomorrow is supposed to be a full 10° warmer (although still windy.)  Then I started feeling guilty, not about putting them off, but about how much money I spent this weekend while my friend was here.  Shopping was involved and Spring/ Summer clothes were calling my name.  So I picked up a sub job for tomorrow to counteract my retail therapy.

     And I realized that if I was subbing tomorrow, 400's were most likely not going to get done.  I though about my post on putting in the effort needed to reach our goals.  I really needed to get this workout in if I want a chance at running my goal time in 11 days. 

    Let me add that throughout my HS/ College running career, 400 meter repeats have always been my most hated workout.  I was a good distance runner, but in the short stuff I was super slow.  It was a running joke that I was going to be placed our school's championship winning 4X2 and 4X4 relay teams :D

400's are extremely easy to put off when you don't  have a coach making you run them.

   But. . . I did 'em.  I didn't get to the track; I measured out 400 meters on a quiet road by me.

1- 86 (5:46 pace)
2- 87 (5:50)
3- 87
4- 86
5- 90 (6:00)
6- 85 (5:41)

# 1, 3, 5 were harder bc they were against the wind.  2-ish minute rest between each repeat.

  I had thought about doing 8, but at the end of 6, breakfast, lunch and last nights dinner were residing on the road.  I forgot how much they suck.

   It was definitely good to feel this pace; to go sub-11 in a 3k I have to run 5:53 pace or under, busting my 11:13 PR will take a sub 6:01 pace.  My legs felt strong during these repeats, my stomach was another story.  The plan is to get an 800 meter workout in during this week and one more shorter faster workout (maybe a reverse ladder: 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400) before the 24th.

    Reminder: Getchurrr Burpee On!!  There is only 3 days left in the  Burpee Contest! It's extended till Feb. 20th AND there are Amazon gift cards on the line :D

Kovas, Patrick and Mr. Manly where are your videos??   Even if you have to take breaks during the 2 mins, you should still attempt it, they are so beneficial.  I'm at 23 right now, but I'm gonna give it one more go and try to get 25-30.

. . .and if your feeling adventurous try Zuzana's new 400 rep workout which involves 10 different burpee variations (side burpees, one legged burpees, frog burpees :D)

It might just get you abs like this:


Jonathan Rohr said...

Fastest last, thats how it's done! Good work

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

Katie you are doing so well!! I´m impressed ;)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Jillian Michaels would be proud your meals were on the ground! :) WAY TO PUSH YOURSELF!

Chris K said...

Kovas, Patrick, and I are gonna go mano-a-mano (a-mano) when we meet up in April to do the Skyline-to-Sea race. Jill will record it. I might do it with one hand tied behind my back to make it fair.

Chelle said...

I was gonna do the 400 burpee workout this morning but chickened out lol. Instead i did her Swim in own sweat Workout (200DB swings, 155burpees) and ADDED 155 bench step ups! Lets just say i was ready to die haha!

Nice work with the 400s! Did you ever race that distance in school? My best time was 59.0secs!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Rockin Workout! Took me back to hs and college days! wooo weee.. I hear ya on the repeat 400's being Puke worthy! I won't be doing mine at that pace yet but soon enough. This week is just around the 90-95 second range. We'll see, my hammy is hurting me so I might take it easy this week. :( boo.

Tri-James said...

Intervals will make you strong! I would much rather do quarters than halfs.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Nice job Katie! 400's do suck, you know what is worse though? 800's

coach dion said...

400m are fantastic, did a set of 10 last Thursday should have run 15-20 of them, will get to that number in May when I start really training for my marathon.

We don't use the road for 400m, but we often use it for 1km-3km repeats. good on you

Black Knight said...

I am with Jeff, 800 is worse ...
Very good job and the fast last means that you are in perfect shape.

Stacie said...

You are hard-core! I think you need to train me! haha

Matty O said...

Do 800m repeats. 400s are for sprinters!

Melissa Cunningham said...

holy speed workout girl!!!
whenever im able to get myself back in the swing of workouts and such im going to try to beat your times!...
AND ty for extending the burpee challenge!
my shoulder has had time to rest so this week ill be a burpee machine!

keep up your awesome 400's and have fun with the 800's!
i was opposite of you in HS/college-i LOVED the shorter distance and was actually fast for a white gal,was good at distance but always wanted to be a sprinter!,HATED 800's and mile repeats!lol!

Nelly said...

400 repeats - ugh haha

Impressive work on them! Sorry to hear you puked!

repeats like that really push your body to the puke threshold, I always try to eat a long time before doing anything like that...

I used to do 8x400 in high school, and it was always a tough workout. Nice job!

Raegun said...

Wow - you are doing all the right things around here! Keep it up, girl!

Jill said...

23 ROCKS! But you can do better, I know it!!!

I can't wait to record the 3 stoogies doing burpees, I promise I will be laughing the entire time :).

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

eeek! doing this 400 workout tomorrow for torture tuesday! Hope I can do it as good as you! Send me some of that strength.

Emz said...

Can't wait to see the man videos. ;)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Can I get a 1200 in here?!?! Worth a shot

Congrats on the Pukie, I will have it up next friday