Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday (Split In Two)

    Ahhh I have so many things to say today and I wanted to keep my thoughts organized, so I invented Ten Things Tuesday just for today :D

  1) I started yesterday in a really awful mood, it had carried over from Sunday night.  Honestly I wanted to give up blogging for no particular reason.  I felt overwhelmed at what I had set for myself to do even after I posted that whole inspiring "paint" quote.  Finally, I told myself to "take a chill pill" and just start doing something instead of thinking about it. . .

I knooow you all wanted more pics of me reading the ACE Manual.
We like to call this the "Jim Halpert Face" in my house, my son is a PRO at it :D


    2)  Sooo as I posted yesterday, I cracked open the ACE manual and started at it.  Some of you asked how long it would take to read and when my test was.  Here is my game plan with that:
          ~ I am taking as long as I need to master the material (they suggest 3-6 months on the site depending on your fitness background, I think mine is pretty good but we will see.)
          ~ I'd like to take the test before I start working at the beach because then I get really, really busy.  My goal is to take it sometime in May (sooner if I think I am ready, but May gives me 5 months)
          ~ My plan  for now through the summer is to get certified, get as fit as I can ("walk the walk"), train for my races and rock them!!   Start some job searching, as well.
           Then come September when lifeguarding ends I will hopefully have a job lined up (If not I'll continue searching!)   If I started training clients this March/ April, I don't think I would be able to keep up with it come May, because I average 48 hrs a week at the beach and I need some family time.  Luckily for me I can get all my Running and Tri training in while at work : )

   3)  Running stairs yesterday totally Rocked My World!!  Seriously whatever funk I was in was De-funked :D  I didn't get to run my stairs last week because the school was closed for the holiday and it completely messed with my MOJO.  I told Matt later on last night, when he asked, "what did you take during the day", because I had off the wall energy, "That little back staircase is my sanctuary!"

    4)  My music totally ROCKED yesterday too!  Stairs + Sick Beats = Euphoria
Three songs I just added to my playlist (complete with my favorite lyric)
        ~  "Sing"  by My Chemical Romance (Keep Running!)
        ~  "New Low" by Middle Class Rut  (So I lock myself inside my head and I just run in place)
        ~  "My Delirium" by LadyHawke  (Am I the only one who's insaaaaane)

       5)  Got back to my push-ups yesterday after a 2 week break, I started on Week1 Day 1 again- 10/12/77/9. Plus I planked for 1 min., did some jumping lunges, and kettlebell swings.
      Also  hoped on the spin bike for 10 minutes, and found out my booty was pr-e-tty sore from trying it out 2 days ago, any suggestions?

     6) On top of my already AWESOME day, I recieved an e-mail from the blogger who posted my interview at truthinslimming.com.  His editor named me as one of her top 5 inspirations in 2010 (alongside Kelly Osborne :D), and I am featured on their side bar! :D  I'm on my way to Fame ;)

Six is enough for this post, 4 more later!


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are a stair machine girl!! I am looking at updating my "Running Mix and love your song suggestions...keep 'em coming!

Push-ups. YOu jsut reminded me not to ignore my upper body. Damn you!

Good luck studying--You got this!!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Stairs are the BOMB! Soo good for you! Push ups? I'm a slacker!!!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I walked up the stairs in our building yesterday, shooting for twice a week. 33 stories unless I go up to the 39th. Started pushups yesterday as well, we must be on the same wavelength.

Jason said...

Congrats on getting posted. Fame is waiting for you and it won't take long with your desire and motivation.

Austin said...

The Jim Halpert face! Love it - so right on. Good luck with the ACE test.