Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Wisdom From My Bro (On Abocadoss)

That is how my son said Avocados when he was younger :D

   Since he is going back to Florida tomorrow I figured I would dedicate this post to his wisdom gems (if you missed the last post learn (more like SEE) a little bit about bro-ski here)

On Avocados  (which I love, bordering on obsession) and how to tell if there ripe:

Feels like your forehead, not ripe
Feels like your cheek, over ripe
Feels like your nose, just right!

    You should have seen us all touching our face to try it out (I should have taken pictures, but I accidentally left my camera at Nolan's school yesterday, they had a Little Christmas show to showcase their Italian.  My 5k pics were from my phone/computer.)  I can only imagine the looks you would get doing this in the grocery store, it might be FUN to see how many weird looks you would get :D   I think by now I can tell a ripe avocado when I see/feel one, but that little "poem" is pretty accurate!

   Has anyone else heard this before??

   Better yet have you tried it in the grocery store (and got some looks ;)? :D

Fam Pic (minus a sis)

My Bro can NEVER make a normal face.


Shannon said...

I just felt my nose to see how (un)squishy it feels. I may have to go out and buy avocados now just to try it out!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Wow never knew that's how you check a avocado! I love them!!!

Crafty Jogger said...

Lol!! What a fun trick! I'll try that next time!

J and A said...

Perfect trick! I have 3 in the house so I will try that out!
I am a new follower. :)