Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Like High School

    I've been feeling a little aimless without an upcoming race, I have some planned for the spring and the summer, but I wanted to find a winter  race to tide me over and make my treadmill runs more meaningful.  I detest running in the cold and ended up scrapping my plans to do the local Winter Run Series (Read RockStarTri's post about the past Sunday race, Brrr!)  because I didn't want to force myself to run races I wasn't excited about.

     Yesterday I started reminiscing about all the weekends I spent running at the Armory while in High School.  The Armory is an indoor track located in NYC (Washington Heights), it has banked turns and is often referred to as "The Fastest Indoor Track in the Country." My days at the Armory are some of my fondest High School memories (I didn't go out at all in HS, XC/ Track was my life), they held HUGE HS races almost every weekend throughout the winter.

 I consider myself very lucky that my HS was close enough (about an hour away) to use this facility so often.  I decide yesterday to check and see if they had any open race being held there and. . . THEY DO!!!   
     The New York Road Runner's Club has a series called "Thursday Night at the Races,"  it is 4 Thursday nights where they hold 3-4 events that anyone can enter.  The first 2 past already, but I am eyeing the one on February 24th!  There is also one on February 10th, we'll see maybe I'll try for that one too.  The 24th is great because we have winter break that week, plus the music theme is 80's :D 

    The event on the 24th features a 3000m race, 1500m race, and a 10,000m relay (10 person relay, 200m legs only, each athlete runs 5 200m legs).  The relay sounds like a blast, but I don't have 9 other people to do it with :(.  Right now I know I want to do the 3k and I might decide to do the 1.5k too.  It is $15 whether I do one or both and if I run the 3k the way I want I shouldn't have much left for the 1.5, but I can attempt it anyway :)

    I am really, super excited to run a track 3,000 m, that was my race in High School!  My best HS time was 11:13 (6:01 mile pace).  I'd love to break 6 min pace in this race!!!  I'm hoping running this shorter faster race will help me towards my sub 20 5k goal.  I think my training was more consistent (daily practice with a coach) in High School, but I feel stronger now and hopefully this will help me match or beat my old PR.  Sub 11 would be a-freak-ing-mazing (another dream of mine since HS).

   Anyone who is located close to NYC should definitely consider doing these races with me, I am psyched up :D

The Armory is also home to the National Track and Field Hall of Fame Museum

Proceeds from the Thursday Night Races go towards the Armory Foundation.  From the website:

   "The Armory Foundation, a NYC not-for-profit and home to the premier indoor track and field center in America, is committed to serving youth by promoting excellence and fitness through a broad range of athletic, educational and community programs. 

    The Armory Foundation's primary emphasis is reaching and motivating the youth of all five boroughs by offering them competitive track and field activities and broadening their horizons with computer classes, college preparation programs and a variety of cultural and school-coordinated educational activities.

     The Armory Foundation promotes excellence, fitness and community by hosting over 100 track events each year, maintaining the National Track and Field Hall of Fame, operating the largest after school activity center in New York and offering a variety of community support programs in its world class facility."
LOVE that! 
    This morning I did some incline/ speed intervals (20 mins) and and two fast, but controlled miles (7 min pace), I really want to see what kind of speed I can bring to this race :D


Matty O said...

That place looks like a runners paradise. Jealous. Especially since it was 4 degrees this morning.

Not conducive to running :(

Dash said...

That place look too cool!! Good for you and holy crap what an awesome PR to work back to and beat!!! Good luck, you know you can do it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats looks fun

Good Luck

Rose said...

Oh, man, that looks awesome!!

the dawn said...

that is so exciting. just enough competition to give you the motivation to kick it up a notch. so fun! can't wait to hear about it!

~Jessica~ said...

Wow, you're a speed demon :)

You're going to do so well in these races, I know it. Plus, you're obviously psyched to be on home turf. You'll have a psychological advantage right from the off.

I wish I'd been athletic like you when I was at high school: I was always last at everything and the only running I did was towards the candy machine...

Melissa Cunningham said...

wow! sub 11??????
lil ms speedy!!!!
no doubts you can do this and do it well!
im excited for you!!!!!

RockStarTri said...

My daughter is a freshman and had two meets at the Armory. One got snowed out but she ran the other. Running at the Armory is a rite of passage.

Also, StAnthony's in Huntington has open track nights for a nominal fee (I think $5). It is a new 200m indoor track but isn't banked.

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Wow that's cool!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Geez! Your were (are) a speed demon!! 3000m at a 6 min pace. WOW! Excited to follow your race report!

coach dion said...

Love that idea of running a track race again, but not for a couple of months. Forget about the 6:00 mile, go for the sub 11:00!!! I'd do a couple of 400m at that pace so I know how fast to run.

Just thinking about that it's quick, 3:40/km that pace scares me...

Chelle said...

Wow now thats an impressive track! And sub 11mins - go girl. Looking forward to the race updates :D

Chris K said...

That Armory looks really cool. Not only do you get to be in my calendar, you are definitely going to be on my relay team. I didn't know that you were such an accomplished runner.

JohnP said...

Wow thats huge! I dont think we got anything like that in Southern Ontario. I'm jealous!!