Monday, January 31, 2011

Jumping on The Monthly Review Bandwagon

       I ended up feeling better by the afternoon yesterday and decided to do a quick 20 minutes of stairs.  Sometimes sitting around doing nothing makes you feel worse.  Mostly I'm just really phlegmy (lovely) and stuffed up; being outside for a bit and running stairs helped loosen things up.
      I planned to run on my treadmill this morning, but when I went to turn it on it said, "lube belt."  I'm gonna leave that up to Matt, I'm afraid I might break it.  I may run outside later when it warms up a few degrees.  I'll be doing my first 2 min. Burpee attempt today as well.

Some Things I did in January

* Started studying for the ACE training exam
* Fell in love with  and developed a girl crush on Zuzana
* I didn't run any official races, but I ran a virtual 5k on my treadmill in 21:55
* Finally ordered my bike!  I followed the advice of many of you (thanks!) and went to a LBS.  The bike should be here by this weekend :D
* Surpassed 200 followers.  I am always in SHOCK anytime I get a new follower or am linked on someone's sidebar.  I'm not worthy.  
* Got chosen to be in a bikini calendar and model some burpees for Andrew's contest (join the fun!)  I'm awaiting my call from Hollywood any day now.
* Decided I am going to do a Half-Ironman in either September or October (or both?!)  I'm weighing the pros/cons/options, but I probably won't post them on here (I will post when I decide!).  My sister said she would train and enter a 70.3 with me, so my decision will be based on what works the best for the both of us.
* Rocked my push-ups.  I'm up to 22 :D  Video below (I only made it to 18 on the video, but I have worked really hard on my form and I see a big improvement.  I do notice that my form starts to go a little at the end though.)

Some Plans For February

* 3k indoor race.  I posted that I would LOVE to go sub 11, but I'd be psyched with sub 12.  I need to be realistic with my goals.
* I'm participating in Jogging with Fiction's Bake Sale Auction this Saturday.  I will be making Conversation Heart Cake Pops,  money raised goes towards Kisses From Katie.
* Find some races for March and April
* Increase my mileage in prep for May 1st Half Mary
* Reach 118 lbs.   I could have been there by now, but I haven't been doing the things I need to in order to get there.  The major hurdle being I drink too much.  This obviously isn't good for any of my goals and cutting it out will be a major focus for February. 
     Right  now I'm sitting at 122-124 (123 this morning), so 5lbs  in a month is completely do-able.  I'm working so hard and I feel like I look decent, but I need to go that extra mile to get to outstanding.  I guess being mid- winter it doesn't seem so urgent, but memorial day will be here before you know it and I want to be confident, not regretful for not giving my all.
* Continue to increase my push-ups and chin-ups (assisted for now).  Push-up goal for Feb: 30
* Improve my writing.  I cringe sometimes when I go back and read some of my posts.  The best way to become a better writer is to write, but I'm also going to do some reading and reflecting on writing :)

Most importantly, continue having the time of my life with this little Monkey:


JohnP said...

Love the monthly reviews, sometimes its hard keeping track of all the different blogs so this was a nice recap!


J and A said...

Love this! I also developed a Zuzana cruzh this month! :)

Danielle said...

Nice recap! I need to write down my goals so I can visually see what I have reached. I think it would be easier to stay focused on them instead of forgetting about them.

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

OMG Katie...everytime I read your blog I get so inspired, where you are now is where I aspire to be!
First off, those are some awesome push-ups, i'm still working with "girl" push-ups hehe. Your kid is so freakin' cute!!!! Love those pics. Oh and I work right across the street from ACE headquarters, so I'll be sending happy thoughts over for your exam :}

Melissa Cunningham said...

love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very realistic goals you have set-no doubts you will exceed them all!

gmontalvo13 said...

yay for the new bike!!

great goals! good luck!

Matty O said...

Make sure you don't lift too much or do too many pushups, you will start putting on muscle weight making your 118 dream ... well a dream haha.

Nice wrap up. Good luck on the 70.3!

Tri-James said...

Monthly reviews - good idea. I might have to steal.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Fabulous month katie!! I am envious of your upper body strength! Burpee power!

Stacie said...

Congrats on completely January's goals and good luck with February!

Twila said...

Nice blog! Thanks for stopping by.

Chris K said...

You so crack me up. Sorry that the Bikini Calendar was a hoax, but you will always be Miss June to me :-)

coach dion said...

OK you push-ups impress me.

Adam said...

hooray!! FYTO5K made the list!! (I think I said that you were the fastest female, right?)

Cutting out drinking? That sounds like a BAD idea to me.

I'm like you though too. If I go back into the archives to some of my posts....eesh. Tough. Repitition is best there. The more you write, the better it will get!