Friday, January 7, 2011

Going Stair Crazy

Is it normal to love a staircase? 
The above picture I took today at the college, that is half a flight and there are 4 flights, so 8 of those.

   I realize I talk about stairs on here A LOT, I can't help it, they are my other lover ♥

   I've run them more than usual this week (3× since Monday, usually do them 1× a week) and I ran them back to back  today/yesterday.  There are a few reasons for this:

1) The Mood Boost~ I've always known that running stairs makes me happy, but the change I had on Monday from before stairs to after, Crazy.  Made my whole week better :D

2) Stress Release ~ I guess this is kind of the same as the above, but it deserves two spots.  Some people meditate or do yoga every morning to clear there head, I think 10 minutes of stairs every morning would give me better results .

3) Intensity~ I've been pushing myself hard this week in order to quickly get back to pre-holiday form.  Lots of high intensity and resistance stuff.  Stairs definitely fit the bill.
 Result~ Weight on Sunday Morning: 128,  Weight When I Woke Up Today: 122.5  Mostly letting go of water retention I'm sure, but I am ecstatic nonetheless.

4) Winter Session:  Less undergrads around for the next few weeks so I am taking advantage of it.  When the Fall/ Spring semesters are in session I only go up there on Friday-Sunday when there are less people around.  I will probably go  2-3 × a week while it is quiet.

  Today I did a quick 20 on the stairs, yesterday 25 .  Later I will probably run a few miles on the tready (or not to be rested for the 5k tomorrow :D), a little spin, W1 D3 push-ups, plank, maybe some BodyRock.TV.

   I took some video with my phone while running up the stairs today, but. . .  it looks like something from a horror movie, it's very dark and shaky (like the blair witch project) and you just hear steps and heavy breathing. . . creepy.

       I think taking two steps at a time is helping lengthen my stride a bit (a good thing for me bc mine has always been on the short side, like people would always point it out in H.S./ College and I hated it.)  I'm feeling a lot more effortless on those sets, I FLY up them

❅ It was snowing on my walk back, beautiful and peaceful ❅


Kay said...

Great loss, I am curious, do you just workout out or also follow a diet/eating plan? What are your meals usually like?

Jonathan Rohr said...

Have you heard of "Go Vertical Chicago"? It's a race up the Sears tower!!

Andrew Opala said...

interesting post ... post the video ... it may be more interesting than you think!

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Something from a horror movie! HAHA!!!! Come on put it up!

Melissa Cunningham said...

hahaha!love this post!
great job on the
great job all around! tgif!

Cynthia said...

Good job on the 122! I'm sure it makes your clothes fit more comfortable. I'm on the petite side (aka im short lol) so if I gain/lose 5 pounds even from water retention I can definately feel the difference.
This may be a silly question but do you run up and down a flight of stairs or do you use a stairclimber?

ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

Great holiday loss!
I hate stairs, but I have to take laundry up and down 5 times a day :P

Great for the glutes, though!

Detroit Runner said...

Yeah. I'm doing the 5k as well!

Katie said...

Kay~ I'll write a post on how I usually eat, thanks for the suggestion :) The basics: I don't follow a specific plan, just watch the calorie intake and make sure I get enough fiber.

Jon~ I hadn't heard of that one, I know about the Empire State building one in NYC, but I've heard it is really hard to get into. I'm going to put an application in for it next year.

Andrew/MRB~ I'm considering it!

Thanks, Mel, Cynthia and ERG!!

Cyn~ I run up and down four flights at a local college (it is a rarely used back staircase). The picture above is the actual staircase and that is half a flight, so 8 of those :)

TRI714 said...

You crack me up. They ought to bottle you up and sell you like a 5 hour energy drink. I bet you talk like you write :)God help your fiance

Just_because_today said...

I never thought of running stairs in your own house, but then again I don't have any stairs unless you count a one step to my room, but that wouldn't do for a 20 min work out.
This post shows that all a person needs is determination

Chantal said...

Congrats on getting such great results so fast! Shows how easy it is once we get back into the rhythm of things in the new year! Do you do anything special or specific when it comes to food/meal-planning? I'd love to know more about that part too!

screwdestiny said...

LOL about the video!

I wish I liked stair laps. They really are a great workout, but as with running, I just feel pain while doing them and I don't get much of an endorphin high from it. However, I have been forcing myself to do them more often lately (usually once a week) and it's getting slightly better. You inspire me to do more!

the dawn said...

stairs are so killer! that's awesome that you love them so much! i think i would enjoy running stairs more than a stepper machine. you've inspired me to try to find some good stairs around here.

MuncherCruncher said...

Way to go girl!! I am SUPER impressed. I love the stair machine at the gym, but real stairs terrify me...I'm a total klutz and afraid i'll fall down them! Awesome job with the weight loss too. Seems like it's been a killer week for you!

Black Knight said...

Very interesting post. You won't believe but in these latest days I have often thought about making everyday 5/10 minutes of stairs because I noticed that this exercise prevent my knee injures. Your post is the confirmation.