Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goals Revisited/ 2011 Goals

  Last January, I didn't have a blog and I didn't make goals for 2010.  Looking back I really didn't accomplish much either.  I'm not saying it wasn't a great year, I enjoyed the time with my family and did lots of fun things, but I don't feel like I had much growth in many areas of my life.

    That is until around September when I started this baby, actually made some goals , and decided I wasn't going to keep them as wishful thoughts in my head of "things I will do someday," any longer.   While I'm not exactly old, I am definitely not getting any younger and I need to start doing these things NOW.

   Today I went and looked back at my 2nd ever post, which listed some of my goals, to see how I was progressing.

Here are what my 3 goals were in that post (and how I've progressed):

    1) Complete my first triathlon (and rock it!):  This is a "dream" I have had for years.  Specifically, competing in the TOBAY triathlon, which is the one I am registering for as soon as it opens up (I believe in early March?)  My running is awesome right now (although that has always been the least of my concerns.)  I am so close to getting my bike, just making sure I get the right one and in the meantime I got a spin bike for Christmas :D. 
    The  swimming part I'm working on, but I know come May I  have plenty of time to get my workouts in, being that my Tri is in August and I am able to swim everyday at work.  The one reason I want to start swimming sooner is because I am hoping to sneak in an earlier Tri for practice.
 Definite progress in this area, still on the list for 2011, I am 100% getting this done this year! And maybe/hopefully my 2nd and 3rd Tri too :D

  2) Look into Personal Training Certification:  Another long time dream of mine.  As you can see in my past few posts, progress has been made!  I chose my first certification to pursue (ACE), ordered the study manual and have been reading through it everyday this week.

Goal for 2011~ Pass my certification test, secure a training job for September and look into other training certifications for career development.

  3) Stop weighing myself everyday:  I forgot that I had made this a goal in one of my first posts.  I know I had those posts about breaking my habit, but I thought they were the first time I mentioned it.  I also talked about my progress a post or 2 ago, saying that lately I'm back to weighing everyday (holiday craziness), but I'm not as dependent on it as I was a month or two ago.  I've made huge changes in this area and I am cutting down to once a week starting Monday. 

I'm giving it an A for Effort and bringing it into 2011 with me!

   Wow, anytime I start to think I am wasting time by blogging, I need to sit myself down and realize how It has helped me follow my dreams.  Who knew a blog could help you accomplish so much, definitely not me.

More goals for 2011 (most of these I have developed over the past few months blogging and am carrying over in '11):

~ Sub 20 5k (been sayin' this for years)

~ Don't have an exact goal time for my half yet, but I'm thinking 1:45?

~ 50 push-ups

~ 1, just 1 measly, pull-up.  More would be (I can't even think of a word to describe how awesome that would be),  but I am having a full blown PARTY for the first one.  You are ALL invited :)
(Again been saying this one for years, do you sense a pattern?  2011 is the year I'm going to do all the things I've said I was going to do for years)

~ Feel CONFIDENT in a bikini: 
       I said at some point that there would be less focus on physical appearance, but I can't help that I still want to look smoking in a bikini.  
This goal is twofold:
  1) Work my ass of to get super fit and sexy (as much of an athletic endeavour as any of my other above goals)
  2)  Work my ass of to see that I can rock a bikini whenever and that I deserve to accept myself now.  Even If I got to the point where everyone thought I had the "perfect" body, it would be meaningless to me without self confidence.  And vice-versa, If my body is not exactly "perfect," but I have loads of confidence, I will be able to rock a bikini and be 100%+ happy with myself anyway.

~ Keep developing my blog:  I still waiver on what to post and which direction to go (on a daily basis,)  but as stated above starting this was pretty much the best decision I made in 2010 and I'd love for it to continue to grow.   Even if it doesn't, its still helping me sort through my thoughts and find my way :D

~ Continue to grow and strive to do new things:  If I get a thought in my head of something I want to do, I am going to GO FOR IT, instead of pushing it aside and saying "someday. . ."

What are you aiming to accomplish this year, that you have wanted to achieve for a long time?


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

After 5 kids, I'll NEVER feel confident in a bikini!!!!!!

foodandfitnessfanatic7 said...

I wish I could do a measly pull up too! I've tried several times but it just ain't happenin' excuse is that my arms just don't bend like that (yeah right!).

Chad said...

Where do you work that you can swim every day? I'm jealous!

MuncherCruncher said...

Awesome goals! My biggest one is to run a 1/2 marathon in under 1:45. I'm still recovering from an injury, so it's going to be tough for me. We shall see!! Good luck with all of yours! :)

Matty O said...

Pull Ups :) Do P90X and you will do pull ups.

The goal is to start out with a chair and help yourself up and then SLOWLY lower your body controlling it the whole way down. These are called decline pullups or something like that.

Another thing I did was every time I walked past the door to the basement (where our pull up bars are) I would go down and try to do 5 pullups or 5 descending pullups. EVERY TIME.

After a couple weeks you will be able to do a few.

That is an easy goal for you to accomplish, I promise, even my wife got up to like 8 or 9 regular pullups in a row.

Weighing yourself every day. Weight is relative. Mine fluctuates and I have more to lose that you :) I weigh myself every day and log it, I think there is nothing wrong with that, if you are aware of your diet and your weight then I would say you are much better off than 90% of America.

Good luck with your goals and I hope you stick to them. Sounds like an awesome year ahead of you and some interesting blogging material :)

Abby said...

Holy Cow, you have 178 followers and you've only been blogging since September? You are a popular girl!!

I know what you mean about throwing a party when you get the pull ups. When I get to 10 I am going to be ecstatic!! Are you still doing them with band? Try doing some negatives too, jump up and hold and come down slow, that will help you too.

Katie said...

MRB~ It's all about getting in the best shape for your body, you might not want to rock a bikini, but maybe a one piece? Or you can be less vain than me and focus on accomplishments which is just (actually more) as awesome!!

FFF7~ Work on it with me!! You'll probably get one before I do.

Chad~ I just commented on one of your posts with this, but I work at a beach, we are encouraged to swim everyday!

MuncherCruncher~ Good Luck with yours as well!

MattyO~ I've been using resistance bands for assistance and some declines/ negatives, I think I need to do more of these. I go through times when I leave it up on the door and use it through out the day, guess I just have to stick with it. Wow, jealous of your wife :p

You are right, I don't think weighing everyday is a bad thing, It's just weighing 10+ times a day and getting mad even though I KNOW weight fluctuates. Head games.
But if I know I am eating right and working out hard, there is really no reason for me too weigh myself more than once a week.

I can't wait till the spring/summer starts, lots of excitement!!

Abby~ lol welll, when I first started(and hadn't found all the awesome running/tri blogs) I did a few blog hops and got some followers, but they're not really quality follower/commenters. I stopped those pretty quickly when I realized it was better to find a good community of like-minded bloggers :D

Still using the band, definitely have to do more negatives. My arms have always been super weak, so I'm at least happy there is some progress.

Marni said...

That is so great that you set goals for yourself! goal setting can be very powerful and motivating! I am sure you will be smart and eventually reach your goals! keep up the great work!

Allison said...

awesome goals! you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE triathlon!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh,you ARE so going to rock 2011!!!!!
you have set very realistic,very attainable goals (simular to mine!)
and im very excited to follow you along!
im here to help cheer you on chica!!!!
i think we will definantly be able to draw some motivation from eachother!!!
you rock!!!!

RockStarTri said...

I can give you the lowdown on the local tri options if you are interested. Tobay is actually on the hard side due to the hills but it will be my 14yo daughters first grown up tri. She raced in a relay last year with some friends. You need to do some rides (once you score the bike) on the north shore.

Detroit Runner said...

I weigh myself daily - bad habit but it keeps me motivated. Also, 1:45 for the half, great goal. I missed it by 55 seconds!!! Damn!

Beth said...

those are great goals, a sub 20 5k would be freaking amazing!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

these are such wonderful goals. I know you will ACE that ACE exam. hehe!
My goals are to laugh more and complain less. Keeping it simple.

Katie said...

Thank you all!!

RockStarTri~ I've heard about the hills in The Tobay tri and they do kind of scare me (my dad has done it before and got a flat one year :/), but it's been on my radar for probably 8 yrs now, I'm going for it! I have some co-workers who have done it and will probably do it this year, maybe I can get them to do some rides with me on the course. Thanks for the advice. That is really awesome that your daughter is doing it! I wish I started earlier.

Mel~ I really am beyond excited for the both of us!! and all you other wonderful bloggers with amazing goals for 2011 :D

Detroit~ You'll get it this year, Sub 1:40 even :)

Beth~ It's a scary goal time (to me), but I've run 12:00 for 2 miles (In H.S., but that means I've got it in me!) so I'm going for it!!

LC~ I LOVE your goals!! Me, I need a little "extra" push this year, so I'm going big.