Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friend-y Things

   Whata day :D  Currently sprawled on the couch, spent and sipping some SkinnyGirl (whoa alliteration) Margarita.

   Some of today's events:

  ~ I got my bestie to run stairs with me today, I think she may have wanted to kill me (Sorry Dales :)
When we got home, we did a little treddy running/ spinning and then some body weight exercise.  I taught her how to do Zuzana's Breakdance Push-ups and Surfer Exercise and we spent a lot of time collapsed on the floor.  I wish I got it on video.

Surfer Exercise

  ~ I finally got everyones' giveaway stuff shipped :D   I'm still learning to do adult stuff like mail packages and I needed a  little assistance from Bestie.  I think that she should live with me so that she can teach me how to do "adult things."

  ~ We started some cake pops!  Made the cake, let it cool, crumbled it, mixed it with the frosting and rolled it into balls.  They are ready to decorate tomorrow!!

This is even more awesome because tomorrow is a SNOW DAY!  Nolan's school has already closed even though the snow has just begun and Matt is awaiting the call from his school.  It's gonna be a big cake pop decorating, sledding, Wii-ing day tomorrow :) Verdict's in, it's an all around snow day :D

  ~ Stocked up on Margarita and Mojito in preparation of the BIG SNOW.  We may not have Milk, but we have the necessities.  Bring on the snow!

   I'm hoping my best friend gets snowed in and can't leave tomorrow,  I will call her workplace myself and tell them it is a life and death situation out there.

ETA:  I forgot!  I went to a new bike shop too and I liked it!  Thanks RockStarTri Guy  for the recommendation :D Making the final decisions and then I will put in my bike order!!


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Ha ha! Mojitos for chilly weather! Love it! And, what are you decorating them like now that Christmas is over?!

californiadreamin said...

OOO a nice Skinnygirl Margarita would be fabulous about now :) Workout sounds killer, I love it!!!

coach dion said...

I do stairs every day, I work on the 10th floor and take the 227 stairs up every morning, normally take me just over 2min. I sometimes think I should do a couple of excercises before work, but I don't.. will have a look at that Beakdance pushup, looks like fun.

Get the bike and post pictures...

Andrew Opala said...

every time I see that chick I start SELFING!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I want cake pops

JohnP said...

Snow Day? WTF is that? It's called telecommute day cuz the I.T. department will hook you up to be able to work from home!
Damn those evil I.T. peoples!!@$!!! ;)

Emz said...

I'm with JohnP. what is snow? ;)

I need a bike too. can't wait to see what you pick.

ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

Have a great snow day! A new bike will be tons of fun =D