Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fashionably Late

   I think every other blog I read has already gotten tagged with the Stylish Blogger Award and posted their 7 random facts.  I was beginning to feel a little left out about not being tagged (unless you count JohnP, who tagged all 5 of his readers), and then Alex from Tales of an Iron Housewife tagged me and called me inspirational :)  
     Thanks Alex, you're super inspirational yourself!!  She tagged me about a week ago, but I'm not that interesting and it took me a loonnggg time to think of 7 things to share about myself.  and apparently I have men on the brain.

    1) I dated an Olympic Rower from Serbia.  The men's crew team at my college consisted almost entirely of Serbians and Croatians and and a few Polish dudes and they were all sick athletes.  Pretty much the only Americans were on the novice team.  My ex rowed in the 2004 Summer games in Athens.

He's the stud in the back ;)

    2) Sticking with the rowing theme, I competed in the Empire State Games (competition between the 6 regions of NY in a variety of sports)  for Long Island in Rowing.  Even though I was a much better runner than rower, rowing had less competition and some local rowers I knew asked me to be in their 4 man boat.  I competed in 2004 and this year the state is canceling the games due to lack of funding, sad : /.

    3) Back to the men w/ accents thing, I'm a sucker for them (Matt knows this).  Before I met Matt I my dates were from, Israel, Australia, England, Serbia, Croatia,Venezuela and Norway (I'm pretty sure I got them all.)  That is what happens when you attend two DII schools that recruit abroad.  My top celebrity crushes are:  

Mexican Actor Gael Garcia Bernal


French Actor Olivier Martinez (who's dating Halle Berry)

I figured I'd give the girls something to look at this time ;)

   4)  Lifeguarding is kind of a Family Business.

My Dad, Sister, Brother and I all work at the same beach :D

   5) I've been known to run around town dressed like a golfer. . .

Knee sock <3  ing

This was not Halloween.  It was sometime in July. 

    6) I ran in the NCAA DII  XC Championship Race (and came in like 170th out of 180).  This was my first year of college and we qualified as a team,  the race was run in the snow (they did clear a small path, but the men raced first so it was more like mud, I passed a few lost shoes along the way).    

     I'm somewhere in the back of the pack, you can't see me, I'm too slow :)
 (Thanks Chad for helping me out with the pic)
    7)  Gahhh the above took a lot out of me.  I'm 99% sure I'm registering for a Half-Ironman in September.

    I'm taking the easy way out and tagging all my followers, you're all awesome (and I think most of you have done this already anyway)


Rose said...

I went through a tennis skirt and knee sock phase in college. I still love the look, but tennis skirts are a bit short of me these days.

Rose said...

My husband tells me I have to take pictures of everything because I have such a terrible memory. And, it's partially true. If I can't get a picture of something, it's almost not worth doing to me. Which is kind of sad now that I think about it.

So, yeah, I like to take sucky things and make them worth while.

Julie said...

I love chick golfing outfits and I'm totally going to dress up for Ladies Golf Monday Nights this year!

Great 7 things!

p.s. I DO think you should sign up for a 1/2IM this year! You would do fantastic!

Cynthia said...

Your celebrity crushes are pure hottness :)

I heart knee high socks!

P.S. Love the zebra print bikini top!

Chad said...


Katie said...

Ooooh thanks Chad, I'm gonna post it :D

Melissa Cunningham said...

love this post. wish i had a pic of when i was in college XC and our trip to kenosha,wisconsin for nationals.my slowest race of he year. in the snow. 19degrees out. boy shorts. spikes on frozen ground....(we raced in a cow pasture!!)
anyways,YES do the 1/2IM!!!!
you can do it!!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Brrrr! Your XC pic looks miserable, but probably why you are tough today!!

I envy your famiy business. Aww, the sun and waves!

Diet Chic ~ Jury said...

You're freakin awesome!! and of course you love knee-high socks. hehe. Oh I love love Gael Garcia Bernal!!! :)

JohnP said...

I have an accent. U know U want me! lol

It's a Canadian accent eh! U didn't list Canadian in your looooong list of victims...errr... X's so you're like totally missing out. I'll have to check with my wife first before you're allowed to date me though. Something about she owns 50% of my testicles or sumthin'.

rowing. I love the rowing machine! Greatest invention ever! Never been in a boat though.

I was a lifeguard for a short time. Indoor pool though, its not the same lol. I got great respect for you open water types. Awesome stuff!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

why do think I marriend my husband, his new zealand accent. haha!
Love the rowing, so cool!

Chris K said...

Wow, learning more and more about you. You sure are turning out to be interesting. Thanks for your nice comment on my Blog! BTW, I have a California accent :-)

coach dion said...

Half I/M, don't even think about it, just enter... none of the distances are scary on their own. I run 13+miles almost every weekend, and the odd days I take my bike out it's for anything up to 100km so if you can swim just do it it isn't that far.

OK I've done IM but doing IM again scares me 180km on the bike, that is a long way... oh and I think I might drown if I try to swim that far at the moment...

Johann said...

You are definitely interesting. i like that you all work at the same beach. I have a South African accent:)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

These are always fun to read, thanks for sharing

Alex said...

Very cool! Which Half are you thinking about?