Friday, January 21, 2011

"Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams"

   This would have been a fitting title for my last post (thank you for all your support :)!

   The above quote comes from a Jack Johnson song and it is what I chose to put on my bumper stickers (or inspiration stickers as I'm calling mine :D) from!!!  

      Like many of you in the running/ triathlon blog community I was contacted by Meagan from BuildASign about designing a product/products and reviewing the site.  I clicked on over to the site and got caught up for over an hour playing around with sticker designs.  
       The site is super easy to use and there are so many options, I definitely could have spent a lot more time designing stuff, but as soon as I put this baby together:

     I knew I had to have it!  

    This quote had been swimming around in my head all week, as I was thinking about my goals for 2011 and how they were all things I had dreamed about doing for a long time now.  Things I'd dreamed of but had not fully committed to doing yet either due to fear or how far away they seemed, this is my year to do!  I hadn't actually listened to the song in a while, but it popped into my head, "Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams."  So short and sweet, yet so sooo meaningful.

     I added that little picture of Nolan because he looks very deep in thought, he has the world in front of him and so much potential.  I will fully encouraged and support him in following his dreams as he grows up and I deserve to fully support and encourage myself in following mine!

As soon as it arrived I stuck it on my 2011 Training Log (I forgot that I'd gotten this [Thanks You Target $1 section!] and re-discovered it 2 days ago :D)

It was MADE to be there

I could stare at this prettiness all day, but I won't because I'm going to be out there achieving every goal I set and making new ones!!

Thank you Meagan and (go check it out :D) for giving me this opportunity.

   If anyone would like one I'd be happy to mail some out, I have a bunch so leave a comment with your email or drop me an email at Nolan1009 @

Go out there and chase down your dreams.


RockStarTri said...

A dream without a plan is just a wish. A dream with a plan can be magic.

Melissa Cunningham said...

plain and simple.
heres to reaching and exceeding goals in 2011!!!!!

the dawn said...

you are so right, it was MADE to be on that plan. truly...beautiful and perfect. i love it!

Detroit Runner said...

Oh, me, me, me. I sent you an e-mail. :)

Danielle said...

Love it! : )

Chris K said...

I like it. BTW, you are on my recent post. Hope it's okay :-)

Keri said...

Oooh that is a great idea. I have a bunch of my bumper stickers left and just want to put them up every where and look at it! Your sticker is beautiful!

~Jessica~ said...

Love the positive and upbeat nature of this post.

And your philosphy is obviously a good one, because you look unbelievably beautiful in your pics. I am particularly jealous of your stunning hair, which is the same colour as mine but infinitely thicker and in better condition.

Dash said...

I love it, that's a great quote!

Kris | said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful quote!! I am a HUGE believer in living your dreams everyday! Having freedom something I enjoy and now working for myself is beautiful. My dreams are coming into my reality ;)

Love your work, doll!


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yeah!! I love it and want one!! Wanna trade?!!

Oh, and thank you for the shout out comment on Chris K's post. I think that was directed at me. If not, oops!

Katie said...

Thank You Everyone!!

Jess ~ Of course I meant you, Miss Running Down the Beach in a Bikini Looking Flawless! If Chris K had seen that picture I'm sure you are the one who would have been picked for Miss June :D Ahahah I love ChrisK and Kovas, so much amusement!!!!

Black Knight said...

Nolan deep in thought and the sea: perfect imagine for your quote.