Friday, January 28, 2011

Burpee Contest and Demo

    Andrew at Running Man Wannabe had the brilliant idea of hosting a Burpee Contest and has enlisted my help in demonstrating and judging.  I know Zuzana was his first choice, but she declined his offer so I was the next best thing :D

   I loved the idea of a Burpee contest because so many of us are talking about working on our core and doing pylometric exercises to improve our running.  Burpees are a great way to do this, they work the whole body and get your heart rate going as well.

     We chose to make them Push-up Burpees because first of all that is the only way I do them and second, it is a much better full body/ core workout this way.  In my demo video I've shown how you can do the push-ups on your knees if you can't do many full push-ups yet.

   In no way do I think my form is perfect, however I do think it is pretty good and I will continue to work towards improving it (mainly I think my end jump needs a little work.)  I only started getting serious about adding Burpees about 2 weeks ago.  I had done them before that but not to the extent that I am right now.

    Burpee Movement~ Squat- Place your hands on the floor- Jump your legs back- Perform a push-up- Jump your legs back in- Hop up.

     Some people like to drop right into their push-up as they kick their feet out and then push-up as they jump their feet back in.  These are a little tougher/more advanced, but feel free to do it this way if you'd like :)

     In my demo video I show: 1- Single Slow Burpee, 2- Single Knee Push-Up Burpee, 3- Three Regular Burpees, 4- Three Burpees With a Wider Stance Throughout (this makes the push-up a bit easier, and the whole movement smoother)

 The blankets covering my windows are only there so that I could get a decent video, the sunlight was warping things :D

    So head on over to Running Man Wannabe and check out his post on the rules and how to enter.  The basics: As many Burpees as you can complete in 2 minutes then post your results (and/or video links) on the results page.  If you want to video them and not show the world you can email your video to either of us :)  You can attempt this as many times as you'd like until February 16th.

  I will be posting my 2 minutes of Burpees as soon as I make an attempt :D

  I think I've covered everything, but if you have any questions feel free to ask below :)

  More proof that Burpees rock~ Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs loves them.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I read that you crazy crossfitters do a mile of blurpees on your birthday, thats crazy

Matty O said...

Debating the contest. Great demo video :) I like that you had to explain the "curtains" because YOU KNOW there is one smart ass out there just waiting to pounce all over that fact haha.

Have a good weekend.

Katie said...

That is pretty crazy, but I don't Crossfit :) I've thought about it, but I prefer to make up my own workouts based on what I like and what works for me. My new Burpee obsession has come about due to Zuzana and her workouts.

I always knew they were a good workout, but now I'm convinced.

Plus who could argue with Mike Rowe?

Julie said...

Hi Katie,
Wow! Way to go and make it look so easy! I used to be so good at doing those babies...not so much anymore:)

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend Lady!

Small Town Runner said...

Another thing I have not been doing, but should. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love/hate burpees but so good for you!

Great video and instruction!

Melissa Cunningham said...

great demo!!!
im in!!!!

Danielle said...

You make it look so easy!!

Rose said...

This sounds like crooked fun. I'll probably see how many I can do before signing up, so I don't embarrass myself.

Andrew Opala said...

There's a prize for last :)

We have video submissions until Feb 5 on your site and Feb 16th on mine? Could it have been a typo or are you away after the 5th? If so we can stretch out the contest a bit until you get back.

MuncherCruncher said...

Well done girl! I love burpees, even though they make me want to cry. I like to do them with 10 or 15 lb dumbbells in my hands, (and then doing the pushups on top of the DB) to increase the intensity. A great part of a circuit workout!!

Katie said...

ooops its a typo Opie :D

Wow MuncherCruncher I didn't even think about increasing there intensity! They are intense enough or me already, I might die with extra weight, but I'm intrigued!

Thank you all :)

Chris K said...

I may be friends with Kovas, but that doesn't mean I can't compete against him and tease him. How many burpees would I have to spot him to make it fair? Those look kinda hard core, but, then again, so am I.

Black Knight said...

Great demo, I am in.

Dash said...

Wow, I'll have to work on my coordination skills!

~Jessica~ said...

Great form on the burpees! They're my favourite 'love to hate' exercise because I feel so strong when I do them but after a while you realise exactly how much of a killer they are. I am in awe of your burpee skills!

And am I the only one that finds 'burpee' to be a strange name *titters*?

Hope you're having a great week-end.


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie!
I love reading your blog. Burpees are awesome, soo hard but great. I was first introduced to them in the military years ago. Just wanted to say it might help you to look forward when you do the push ups. Just a suggestion it helped me a long time ago with my overall form. Keep up the great work!
- Nicole

Katie said...

Thanks Nicole! I have definitely noticed that when I record my push-ups and it is something I try to focus on. For some reason they feel harder when I look forward ? But I know it is good form that way so I'm gonna keep at it. Thanks for reminding me :)