Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back To Routine

    I don't know why it has taken me so long to realize this, but I have come to the conclusion that the best way to come back from a day(s) of bad eating and no to little exercise is to hit it hard with your workouts as soon as you can.  Instant back on track-ness.
      Having my friend here was a blast, I didn't want her to leave and wish that she was still here :(  We did get in a great workout Tuesday morning and had so much fun at the same time.  However, there was pizza and Margaritas and Cake Pops of course :)  I didn't actually eat a finished Cake Pop, but I had some cake batter and some frosting and some cake and frosting mixed together and a few junior mints and some melted chocolate ;)  Making Cake Pops is definitely more hazardous then having 20 finished Cake Pops sitting on your counter.
     The only exercise I got in yesterday was W2 D2 Push-ups, Planks and assisted Pull-ups (basically any exercise that starts with a P).

      I was already starting to feel lousy last night, actually I felt pretty lousy on Wednesday morning from the Pizza and drinks the night before, but the snow day made me happier.  But today everyone was back to school/work and my Dales (bff) went home.  I definitely felt a funk coming on.

      I knew I was going to have to get in a killer workout this morning if I wanted to be productive for the rest of the day and keep my momentum from last week's great results and workouts.   So I was thrilled last night when Zuzanna posted a new workout entitled "Harder Than Ever Workout," it is 12 minutes of chin-ups, jumping lunges, mountain climbers and more :D  I did it twice this morning.  And then died.  In a good way.

12 exercises
For each exercise, as many reps as you can do in 50 seconds
Then 10 seconds rest and on to the next one
and repeat if you'd like ;)

I used this online timer and set it for 50/10.

Here are the exercises and demos:

   Please ignore the slightly porn-ish beginning pic, I considered not posting the vid  because that pic might be a little "off putting" to some.  But it is a sick workout, I really wanted to share it and she is actually very like-able (personality wise) in all the videos, so give it a chance :)

My reps for 2 sets
Chin-ups (band assisted) 10     8
Prisoner Jump Squats      23   30
Mountain Climbers         45    71
Clapping Push-ups (on knees)  17  14
Jumping Lunges            30     27
Bicycle                          30     29
Dips (used a chair)        15     19
Forward and Backward Lunge Jump Up (L)  10  10
Forward and Backward Lunge Jump Up (R)  10   9
Side Crunch Left            19    18
Side Crunch Right          18    17
Burpees                            8      8

Total time: 24 minute
How I Felt: Shaky and Ilovedit :D

  Afterwards I ran 3 mile on the treadmill,  and it took at least a 1/2 mile to get my muscles moving properly after the above workout.  I started at 6.0 and gradually worked my way to 7.0, then the last half mile was done at 8.0- 9.0.  26:50.  Feeling better already.

A Little More on Getting Back on The Wagon:
    I just finished reading the "Principles of Adherence and Motivation" Chapter in the ACE manual and it was awesome (totally loving the book).  There was a section on Relapse Prevention and planning ahead in order to get back on track with exercise after experiencing a relapse.  It talked about how many planned and unplanned events (vacation, sickness, holidays) can throw us off our exercise routine and it is good to develop strategies for getting back on track.  
    I have definitely experienced this before, you are doing great with your exercise/ diet and then something changes your schedule/habits for a bit and it is so hard to get back to it.    Last March I got in great shape for my friends b-day party in the city, I was doing minutes of planks every night (my shirt was slightly cropped and showed my tummy, so I had some motivation) and  got to my goal of 117 lb, I really felt amazing and super confident.   Then I went on vacation to Florida two days later, ate, drank and was merry :D  I did exercise a little down there, but not as often or intense and my eating negated the effects.  Came home . . . 125.  I couldn't get myself back to my before vacay routine and I feel like I was in less than stellar shape all summer.   

    Now I finally feel like I've learned to deal with this, when I get off track I don't/ won't get discouraged.  Instead I go straight for the High Intensity to get me feeling better (mind and body wise) as soon as possible.  When I am feeling good about everything it is SO much easier to stick with it.

How do you handle getting back to your routine after an off day(s)/week(s)?


Shannon said...

great job getting back to the grind! The best way to recover from a few days off is just to keep going with eating well and working out the way you should! You can't change the past, but you can definitely keep moving forward.

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh wow,thank you for posting this chica!
seems here lately life has been throwing my exercise way off!!!!
how i usually handle getting back in the swing of things?
jump right back into it,like i didnt miss a beat.
OR if i have to manipulate my workout times,i adjust my workout schedule to accompany whatever bump in the road i come to( sick kids,bad weather)
just keep on keepin on girl,LOVE the video you posted btw,albeit the initial pose of the first exercise,lol!

JohnP said...

Very lickable, err, like-able indeed.

I approve of your blog content.

That is all carry on. :)


Katie said...

John, I dare you to actually DO the workout!

Julie said...

I am totally and completely off track this week! I DID run yesterday. Slow and short :-(

My arms are getting a better workout lifting the wine glass than anything else. Too many fun things going on this week. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow...but I'm ready to be back to it, too!

Rose said...

The first time I did 10mph I was terrified. But once I was actually doing it I realized it was harder on my lungs than my legs, so I edged it up each time. 12mph makes crazy scary noises on the treadmill, but I'm still more likely to stop breathing than have my legs not be able to run that fast, which is kind of neat.

I should probably do incline work to improve my breathing, which will help with the sprinting. But jogging up hills is so haaaaard. =)

Chelle said...

I'm gonna have to try this workout girl!

A tough/intense workout is the best way for me to get back into routine. It also helps me get back into 'good eating' rather than the other way around!:-)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

wow! You are intense! I have fallen off the wagon since the half and feel tired and pudgy. Thanks for the motivating work out and reminder!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

zuzana is the best. HARDCORE! I love those workouts. Welcome back to routine.

Julie said...

Just received my Clif bars!! HOORAY!!
Thanks, Katie :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, just wow, Impressed

Julie said...

Hi Katie,
Did someone say margaritas? I just happen to love them:) I went through a few weeks of eating like total crap and am on a mission to clean up my diet. I will have to let you know how that works out for me...he he:)

Your workouts are so very hard core and impressive! No wonder you look as good as you do:) Nice job are awesome!

Mark said...

I got tired just listening to her breathe. Gheez!

Seriously, this is high intensity stuff, but I think I would look better in that gear than her.

the dawn said...

getting back into a routine is so hard! this week i've been feeling awful and coughing up everything but the kitchen sink. i'm going to come back strong with intervals tonight after work. bring it!

good work on kicking it back into high gear. that workout sounds KILLER!

Jen said...

Just found your blog through mutual blogger friends! It will definitely come in handy for when I need to lose this baby weight ha! You're an inspiration!

Heidi said...

The video didn't work for me yesterday, but today it's there. Holy muscles woman! I can see why you have a little girl crush on her - hahaha. But seriously, someone to envy that's for sure. Looks like a super tough workout.

Living like Laree said...

her body is smokin, i wish i knew how to put together my pullup bar, its been sitting in the box for 4 months :s