Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 More Things (Or 10 Things Pt. 2)

     7)   I did the Suicide Sweat Workout from BodyRock.TV this morning and it definitely Rocked My Body :D, Suicide Sweat fo sho.  I was skeptical of this Zuzana at first because her fake boobies are hanging out in every video, but she is really freaking fit!  My Tri friend Joca, recommended the site to me a month ago, and I checked it out but didn't take it seriously.  Then a few days ago blogger buddy Chelle was raving about it, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Her workouts are tough brutal.  I was sore an hour later.
  ETA: Despite first impressions, Zuz is pretty awesome, this interview had me teary eyed and she seems very genuine in all her videos.

Very Cleav-alicious, but you can't argue with that body.

      I also did a 5 miler outside later in the day.  I went into the park by my house and it was very nice and  still snowy, which slowed me down a little but also challenged my legs.  I meant to take my camera, but I'm forgetful, maybe later this week.

    8)  I may or may not be doing a 5k race on Sunday, we will see what the weather is like.  I AM curious as to what kind of time I could run right now.  I'm guessing probably around the same as last race?  My workouts have been decent, but I am lacking in the endurance department.  My 5 miler today was my longest in a few weeks.  I also committed to Adam's Freeze Your Thorns of Virtual 5k on Saturday, so either way I'm getting in a 5k :)

I haven't updated on the scale in a while. . . I have been weighing everyday with all the holiday craziness but I'm not obsessing.  The 3 (more like 2) weeks  that I didn't weigh everyday taught me a very valuable lesson, I can drink water and eat high volume foods without ballooning (common sense really :/)  I will look better for it.   I have been eating a TON more veggies since I did that.
     I did freak out a teeeny bit on Sunday when I was up 4lbs, but just two days of a good eating/ workout routine I am back down and feel BETTER THAN EVA :D  Now that I know I made it through the "holidays" without gaining 10 lbs, I am going to aim for once a week weigh-ins.

   10) Big Thanks to Jeff for hooking me up with some awesome Tri training plans, I am always amazed at how helpful and thoughtful everyone is in the blogging community.  Big Daddy Diesel also sent me a super informative e-mail on Road Bikes a little while back.  Thank you both for taking the time to help me out, you're Rockstars in my book!  Can't wait to get into to some serious tri- training and I'm loving reading about those of you who already are :D



Srdjan said...

Zuzana is an absolute beast (fitness wise lol). She's also not too bad to look at. I would definitely recommend her workouts.

californiadreamin said...

Thanks for the link to Zuzana and your right - hello boobies!

Chelle said...

Awesome work on the Suicide Sweat workout girl! I agree, Zuzana's a little on the pornstarish side lol and i cringe when i watch some of her youtube clips BUT i gotta give it to her, she's super fit and very conditioned!

I reckon 1-2 of her workouts a week will build up your base strength and endurance which will no doubt help with your running too!

JohnP said...

I approve of that pic.

That is all.


Matty O said...

LOL at JP hahaha, I agree as well.

Jeff and BDD are both great sources of knowledge. Now just follow through :)

Good luck this weekend if you run.

Christine said...

I came across your blog through my brother's blog-The Boring Runner- I really enjoy your posts. haha I've come across Zuzana too on YouTube, she is pretty crazy! Good luck on your virtual 5K on Saturday :)

screwdestiny said...

I love Zuzana and her workouts! I watch her a lot on YouTube and I've tried like, two of her workouts. I felt SO out of shape when doing them! I mean, holy crap, she does not play around.