Friday, December 31, 2010

Running Around NYC in a TuTu

     It's been a busy few days.

     Tonight I'm staying in, we had our fun last night.  My MIL offered to watched the boy and we went to a midnight concert in NYC.  We took a 9:10 PM train in and a 5:10 train coming home, pulled into our driveway at 6:45 this morning and dragged our sorry booties straight into bed till 1-ish.  Then it was off to get the boy and tonight it's some family time.

What I wore:

 Sorry for the sideways pics.

Shirt: Gilly Hicks
Belt: Old Navy  
 Blue/purple-ish Tights: Target Girl's Section

       I'm ready to get back on schedule,  I thought I was, but the past few days have thrown me for a loop.  I haven't read or commented on many blogs this week and I need to catch up.   On a good note, although I don't have my bike yet, my Dad bought me a spin bike from Sport's Authority.  He just put it together tonight and I am definitely hopping on it tomorrow!!

      Giveaway ends tonight at 12 tonight and I will announce winners tomorrow at some point (probably later-ish)

     Everyone have a wonderful New Years,  regular and more substantial posting will resume this week and I am looking forward to catching up on what everyone has been doing :D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Lied. . .

. . .I said I wasn't going to post but. . .

I put together a little to do list for the week so that I am fully prepared for all my new year's goals:

1) Find a pool ✔  I did a little research this morning and I am going to try out Bally's.  I even printed out a seven day guest pass to use for the week :)

2) Contact some gyms about hiring requirements (certifications, experience, etc.).  I plan to talk to someone at Bally's while I'm there.

3) I STILL have not decided on a bike because I have not gotten to the other bike shops, there are two I plan to go to this week, both with expertise on Tri-ing.

4) Do a little research and start putting together some training plans for my various races and goals.  (I've kind of been winging it right now, which works okay for 5ks, but probably is unwise for all my other races.  Even breaking 20 in the 5k will most likely require a good plan)

5)    I forgot to mention this in my previous New Year's post, but I plan to start cooking some healthier stuff this year.  There will probably be a bit of a learning curve for me and I will be blogging about my adventures/ mishaps.    This goal was in part inspired by all the AMAZING recipes I have seen on healthy living blogs.  
         This week I am going to print out some of the recipes  I'd like to try and put them together in a binder that I will add to frequently.  A lot of times I see something that I really want to make and then I forget where it is from or that I had wanted to make it.   I am very excited about putting this together and I'm going start it today (like as soon as this is posted :D) !!

6)   De-junk the house.  My MIL sent me home with a wide array of assorted cookies and candies, despite my insistence that we did not need or want it.  Apparently they are all on diets.  I'm willing to ship it away, anyone want Godiva ;)

That looks like enough to keep me busy this week :D
How are you preparing for your goals in the new year?

Also, it looks as though I will be making more cake pops in the future:

Christmas present from my MIL, they are all so adorable!!

Who wants to be  my business partner?  AKA: Who wants to keep me from licking the bowl  ; )

     Lastly,  enter my giveaway  at this link or just below!!  Who doesn't want some fun knee socks to start the New Year!   
     Ends on December 31st and I WILL be getting a few more things to add to it tomorrow :D   So check it out! 

PS: So I guess I may or may not be posting for the rest of the week (most likely no).  Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday : )

Friday, December 24, 2010

"Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now" :D

     I have developed a deep passion for Knee Socks since starting this bloggy (three months ago on the 22nd :D),  so I thought it only fitting that I spread the Sockstar love with you all in my 2nd giveaway!

    I didn't want to leave out the guys, so I added some Clif Bar shtuff as well :)   Although I am sure all of your wives/girlfriends/whatev would love some Knee Socks, and you would  love them in 'em! (Matt is a fan ;)  Or if you want, you could wear them yourself, send me a pic and I'll post it!  I'd LOVE to have some knee sock wearing men on this very "special" blog :D ( Lady pics are welcome too!!)

 Onto the swag:

These ones come in a two pack:

Anddd Clif Bars (more to come):

Here is the breakdown:

             2 Winners- 2 pack of Knee Socks
             3 Winners- 1 pair of  Knee Socks
             2? Winners- Clif Bar Assortment

  More may be added during the week!! (I gots some Kohl's Cash)

LOVE these babies:

Yesss, I got ALL of these for myself, as well. I COULD NOT resist :D

and most of you have seen these:

     The double packs are from Kohls, the single socks are from Target, I tried to find them online, but neither store had them.  If you would like to go and buy these, I would suggest going to either store.

  Some people asked about the pink polka dot HIGH socks I wore in my last race, seen here.  They are adorable socks, but truth be told they don't stay up at all while running, plus they are kinda pricey for socks (I think like $15).  They are from Gilly Hicks and I checked their website also, no luck :/  But if you have a Gilly near you they might still be in the store (my bro got me a Gilly giftcard for Christmas!)

  Whatcha have to do:
      # 1~ Tell me whatcha want, what you really, really want.  (ie: Socks! Clif Bars!! Both!!!) +1
      # 2~ Come follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow ME. on GFC.  (Remember this song? I couldn't resist :P) +1
       #3~ Link it up on your Blog, FB, and/or Twitter (just once for each) + 1 for each =  +3 for all
Then leave it in one comment~

  For Example
        Don Juan:
    #1 I want it allll!!
    #2 I follow
    #3 Tweeted 

        Julia Goolia:
    #1 Gimmeee Soxxx

Contest ENDS on December 31st
[I really wish I could send it outside of the US, however after looking up mailing prices I realized it would cost a lot more than the socks were even worth,  Sorry :(   ]
   I think that is everything.

  No more posting from me till next week, so have a Super, Fantastic Holiday!!!  I'm so excited to spread the sock love, I WILL be updating if/WHEN I add to this little giveaway :)

I'll catch you on the flipside (Yayy 2011!!!!). . .

Crazy Making

   On Sunday I posted some pics of  Nolan and I  in the very beginning stages of Cake Pop making and here is the end result:

   I started to type a novel. . . Let's just say by 11 PM on Wednesday.  .  .  well I might be happy to NEVER see. . . I'm LUCKY that I survived Cake Pop making hell with ANY shred of sanity.

   . . . Matt informed me that his co-workers will now be expecting  Cake Pops for every occasion. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fortune Cookie Message of the Day

     "If we are to have magical bodies, we must have magical minds"

   Ahahha, My brother felt the need to share that with me and I felt the need to share it with you :D   His words,  "I thought this was motivational and you might like to see it."   I you knew him this might be funnier.

This may or may not be my bro

and that may or may not be my eye liner (and my sister)

and he MAY or MAY NOT be CRAZY

 Regardless, that is STILL one of the most truthful fortunes I've read.  It is ALL about the mind :D

No he's really not crazy:

Also, he may or may not be Rick Jag-her, lead singer of Skid Marx

NOT the Bikini Pics You Were All Anxiously Awaiting Like Christmas Morning ;)

       How's that for a title :P

(My last bikini pics are my most viewed post by 3x)

        Today was the day I was going to post my stats, after three weeks of not weighing, along with some new pics.  I know  so many of you could not WAIT for this day to come (where is that sarcasm font, EMZ).  
       Once again my stats are not very exciting, I have stayed in the 122-24 range, but considering we are few days from Christmas, I'm pretty darned pleased about it :)
        No pics because I just wasn't feeling it today, it's mid December, there are flurries outside, I'm PALE, and even though I haven't gained weight (yet) I'm still feeling ick from the past few days of eehhh eating.

Is that enough excuses for you or what.

   I have a million other little ramblings that I want to post about and no desire to write them (nor are they all that interesting to any one but me).
       All I want right now is for Matt to hurry up and get home!!, so that I can throw my entire self into his arms and we can start this vacation already!!!   Today is a Mommy/Nolan day and we've spent mucho time cuddling on the couch and face smushing (our completely ridiculous routine of. . . smushing our faces together :D) and exchanging loving nicknames (pood, shnood, stink, chickee pooo. . .)

Not a pic from today,  I WISH I still had that tan 

  As I mentioned in my last post, after tomorrow's post I will not be posting again till after New Years, but stop by sometime during the week to enter my giveaway of Knee Socks and Clif Bars!! :D

Now back to lego building and car racing. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Excited for 2011!!

   First off I want to note that this post, my final weigh-in/progress post on Thursday, and my Knee Sock/ Clif Bar giveaway on Friday :D  will be my last posts for 2011.  I'm going to take the whole holiday week off to spend with my family,  Nolan's off from school and Matt is off the whole week as well (I only work a few days a week and make my own schedule, so for me the break is all about them being home!).  Also my sister will be here the whole week (she currently lives/works upstate)  and my brother, as I mentioned, is on break from school in FL.

    It will be nice to take a little break and think about what my goals are for the year, I have some idea, but also some stuff that I am still figuring out.  2011 is my year,  my birthday this year will be on 11/11/11 so how could it not!! :D  Besides, I am very happy with the way the last 3-4 months of 2010 have gone and I am excited to continue this journey into the new year.

    Blogging has been an amazing addition to my life, it has helped me:

~ Explore/ express/ learn about myself through writing, as well as improve my writing as I go.  I have never considered myself a writer, sometimes I struggle with finding the right words and putting my thoughts together coherently, but it is now something I am working on daily and I am proud :)  I never  really considered the way that writing could help you to understand yourself better,  my head is a constant stream of emotions and thoughts and dwelling and anxiety and ideas and on. . .  It is a wonderful thing to be able to put these things into words and release them from taking up all the space in my brain, thus allowing me to come up with more brilliant thoughts ;)

~  Realize that I am not alone with my fears, doubts, anxieties, issues etc.  In the real world you rarely have the deep kind of conversations  you find on blogs and so you don't  always realize that we all struggle with the same insecurities. It is comforting to know that other people have these feelings as well, even the people you see as having the "perfect life."   I think it is much easier to write these things then to speak them and so this is why you often feel such a deep connection with other bloggers.

~  Reignite my passion for running/ racing and challenge myself to go bigger and better.   It is really hard pretty much impossible to read all the amazing/inspirational posts in the running/tri community and NOT want to jump in a marathon/ triathlon/ 140.6/ 13.1. . . right that very second.   In High School as a distance runner, I always thought I would  eventually run a marathon, but over the past few years I had decided that I was not really that interested in doing one.  Well the desire to do one has returned with avengence,  not only do I want to run a marathon/marathons, but I hope to do a Full Iron in the next few years, I never saw that coming.

~ Laugh, all alone in my living room on a daily basis :D And what is life without laughter?     (ETA: For Example, I just read this over at Life of an Aspiring Triathlete and broke out in uncontrollable laughter  :DD)

Things to come:
*I will be starting triathlon training, YAY! and I am sure it will be quite an adventure.  I'm don't even know how to ride a road bike yet and to be honest I am ever so slightly scared about it (make that completely terrified :/.)  Anyway there will be plenty of stuff on my training progress :D

*My first half-mary :) and possible plans/ training for a full! and first Tri!!!!

*Less focus on weight,  but still some stuff on getting fitter, leaner, stronger.  People have responded well to my resistance exercise posts/videos (they are some of my most viewed posts) and I will be adding some more of those.  Resistance exercises= SUCCESS :D  Also MORE focus on improving Self -Acceptance (I've got a LONG way to go :/)

* More meaningful/ thoughtful posts, I've got a lot to say, but (for me) writing the deeper stuff is hard.  I'm afraid I won't convey things the way I wish to in my head and I often procrastinate on writing that kind of stuff.  But as I mentioned above, those deeper posts help us connect, relate and feel less alone on our journeys.

* My pursuit of a career in fitness! I ordered the training manual for the ACE certification test a few weeks ago, it was on back order but it should be here soon :D  I am beyond excited to be making moves toward a career that I LOVE.  This is only the first step, I am going to go for other certifications, including possibly coaching, over the next year(s).

* Plenty of races, race reports, fun race attire :D ahhhh I can't wait!! New PRs!!! Of course I'm guaranteed a PR in the half ;) and the sprint tri ;) ;) and then I'm gonna have to go break those PRs before the year is over :D :D  Hopefully I will get to meet some bloggers at some races this year!  I might even travel to Boston to cheer all of you amazing BQ'ers on (there are not enough exclamation points to express all my excitement over this whole paragraph)

* Whatever other amazing, exciting, possibly disappointing (everything can't be sunshine and roses ALL the time :/), surprising things come my this year.  

* And of course, there will still be lots of knee socks and picture of me wearing them (I know your psyched :P)

#1 Resolution for '11: work on accepting myself.  Striving for improvement is great (and necessary, for sure!) and I plan to do it, but I need to be happy with who I am now, in order to grow as a person.

  I may or may not be around reading/commenting during the next week, but I want to wish you ALL the Happiest and Healthiest Holidays!!  Thank you all, so much for reading and commenting, your support has meant more than I could possibly express and I cannot wait to learn, share and experience with you all in 2011 :D

ETA:  I cannot believe I left out the most exciting thing for the coming year!!  I am, as of right now planning/organizing a 5k race for a local charity organization!  It is in the beginning stages and I can't go into detail right now but I will post about it as soon as I am able.  It is a charity very near and dear to my heart and I feel very blessed to be able use my passion for running to benefit the cause.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Funday

I brought the spirit today while watching the Eagles- Giants game, and it worked!  They came back from  24-7 to win it 38-31 in the final seconds :D  

Today I decided to stop being a wimp and run outside, I changed my shirt and sneaks and was ready to go:
I'm  all about the head tilt, hands on hips, turned feet today.
I need a new pose.

If you like my socks, stayed tuned for Friday, I am giving lots of them away!  I went to Target and Kohl's yesterday and they both had a large variety of awesome knee socks (I'm obsessed.)   I got a bunch for me and I got a bunch for you guys :D  My thoughts while I was picking them out, "one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you. . ."  I wanted to spread the wealth (of adorable socks) and I had a Kohl's 30% of coupon :) 

     My run outside was great, It didn't feel too cold at all (around 30°) and It was really nice to get some fresh air outside.  I am definitely going to try and run outside a few times a week and I'm pretty sure I'm going to do the first 5k of the Winter run series.

After my run Nolan and I did this:

Kid can't take a normal picture to save his life.

In order to make these:

Source: Bakerella

and these:

Source: Bakerella
    If you have never seen these before, they are cake pops from Bakerella (seriously go see the newest post on this site right NOW, it is a Cupcake Christmas wonderland!) and they are amazing.  The process involves making a cake, crumbling the cake, mixing it with icing, rolling it into balls (or other shapes) and then decorating them.

  I made some Pumpkin ones for Nolan's October birthday:

Tomorrow we will do all the crumbling and rolling and decorating, this round is for practice and experimenting, hopefully some of them come out good enough to give to Nolan's teachers.  I'm going to make another batch or two for Christmas :D  Oooo maybe I will give some of these away too!

What did you do on this Super Sunday? :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stair Running SUCCESS

ETA: I had a change of heart on the title (previously Stair Running FAIL),  getting out the door today was a success, even if it wasn't the workout I wanted it to be :D

   Coming of my glorious 45 minute stair run last week, this week's stair workout can only be described as disappointing.

     I knew it wasn't going to go as well as last week upon waking up, I was in no mood for it and contemplated skipping it altogether. But  I forced myself to get it done by recalling that I stuffed myself with Thai food and NotSoSkinnyWhenYouDownTheWholeBottleGirl Margarita last night.   Plus since I  promised updated bikini pics to my creepers stalkers JohnP and Coach Dion   faithful readers this Thursday, it is clean eating and intense workouts from here till Christmas.

    Things got worse when I arrived at the stairs and went to turn on my shuffle. . . dead.   I thought about scraping it again (I cannot do stairs without music!), but I had just walked up there in the cold and figured I might as well get something in, even if it was only a few minutes worth.  Accompanied by the soothing sounds of Santa distributing popcorn balls by firetruck and my hip clicking?! (more on that in a coming post), I busted out a fast 20 minutes and called it a day.

    It so did not have the mood boosting effect of my usual music blasting stair sessions, but I feel slightly less bloated, so not a complete fail  A complete fail would have been not doing it at all, and instead sitting on the couch finishing the left over Thai.  I was looking forward to rocking out to my newly downloaded Girl Talk album though, which is AMAZING!

    I came home to my son standing barefoot in his jammy-jams (Office obssessed :D) on the lawn, accompanied by my brother (who is on break from college in FL, where he is majoring in skipping class to surf all day), patiently waiting for their Popcorn Balls from Santa.

Friday, December 17, 2010

What I Did at Work Today

Coloring is free therapy :)


    At 2 pm today my page views jumped from 200 to 600,  I tripled my page views in 2 hours, which is crazy because I've only been getting 3-400  a day (which I was quite happy with as it was a big jump from last week/month).     At this rate I will be close to 1,000 at the end of the day.

     I'm just curious as to where it's coming from, my traffic sources are mostly various google readers (much more than I've ever had in the past and my followers have not grown too much), also various mailbox addresses.  I'm wondering if I have been featured on some feed.  It is also interesting, to me at least, that the most clicked on post with this high traffic is my bikini pics and I really would like to know where the people viewing those are coming from.  

New readers:  How did you find my blog?

Thank you very much for any input :)

ETA:  Problem solved!  It was the SkinnyRunner jean post that I mentioned and took pictures for yesterday.  It wasn't up on her blog yet and only showing up on google feed, so I didn't realize that was were it was coming from.  I just wanted to confirm that it wasn't a bunch of creepers.   Thanks SkinnyRunner, you're such a rockstar :D

ETA #2 :  Post is up! Thank you again SkinnyRunner :D  and happy birthday!!!  I had fun taking fashion pics, I might have to make that a regular thing :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outfit Blogging

     I took some pics of my brand new jeans today so that I could send them over to SkinnyRunner, since she requested jean pics in this post.  Then I decided to also share my clothing steals over here. I went Christmas shopping with my mother today and ended up getting myself a few things as well (oops), as the deals were to good to pass up.  I fell in LOVE with these Lauren Conrad bootcut jeans today:

   They are from Kohls and I did not realize until today, the magic that is Kohls.  I got these jeans along with a TON of awesome stuff for Nolan (and a present for his little cuz) for. . . $70.   Everything was marked down from original price and then we had a 30% of coupon on top of that.  These $54 jeans cost me $20 :D  The whole Lauren Conrad Collection is fab-u-lous!

  The shirt in these pics is a Free People top, originally $ 78 and I got it today at Lord and Taylor for $20!  I have a slight obsession with Free People, but I cannot afford to fill my closet with it :/  This shirt makes me very happy though, I love lace :)  Here is another shot of it combined with black shorts I got on clearance at AE:

Confession: I wear SHORT shorts,  If you got it. . .

     I also got an Aerie F.I.T. Racer Back Tank, on the website this cost $20,  I got it at the store today for $7!  The great thing about this tank is it is can be used for working out or for going out :D  The Aerie F.I.T. brand has adorable workout clothes:

Yes, I use the celebrity, hide the arm fat pose :P

    I got two other items on sale at Lord & Taylor, but Homework Duty called and my fashion shoot had to come to an end. 

    Moral of the story: Kohls is pretty darn amazing, although I think I am the last one to figure this out (they also have a wide variety of runner sneakers and they are MUCH cheaper than the same models at Sports stores.)  I also fell in love with Lord & Taylor today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Risk it!

I love this quote so much, it's meant to be humorous, but I find it inspirational as well:

"You live a sweet, little, nerfy life. Sitting on your biscuit, never having to risk it." 

So go out there and risk it!! (Really this is for me because I'm not risking anything right now and I know I can be achieving A LOT  more than I am.  If you are in the same sitch as me, GO OUT THERE AND RISK IT!! :D)

Who can name that quote??!! :D  (Melissa if you see this, I posted this in your comments after you used the word biscuits,  I LOVE it so much lol :D)

A Little Q&A Taken From my Comments

   Some readers have asked questions in the comments and I've meant to answer them, but then time went by and I realized they most likely would not see my answer anyway if I posted in the comments.  I've decided to answer them here in this post (some of these were kind of rhetorical, but I had things to say about the topic so I answered them anyway :D)

Jeff said,
 ". . .nice work going to the LBS - did they help you find the right size?"

      I'm not sure how they are supposed to size you at a bike shop, maybe someone can answer my question on whether this is the norm?  The older gentleman working there took down the only women's bike they had (which happened to be a Felt, so that is good at least) and I got on to see how it felt (no pun intended :D.)  The bike was a medium and I knew from looking on the Felt site that based on my height (5'4") I would probably be a small or a medium.  It seemed like a good fit to me, I was on my toes a bit and the guy told me I would probably want to lift the seat a little to be on my tippy toes more.  He asked me how the reach was and I told him I didn't know how the reach was supposed to feel.  Him: "well can you reach to the handlebars."   Me: "yes." 
     So that was pretty much it.  I mean, as far as I'm concerned the medium Felt, felt (lol again) like a decent fit, but I do think they could have been more informative/ helpful.  Nothing has been decided yet and I am going to try another bike shop this weekend.

Tom wrote this on my Persimmon post, 
   "What are the odds?  I'm 42 and have never seen one of those my entire life until last week." 

       Ok this was definitely a rhetorical question, but I had to answer it because I had also never seen one before I bought it 2 weeks ago.  Since I wrote that post, I've seen another blogger I read also write a whole post dedicated to persimmons and have heard/ read multiple other mentions of persimmons.  All leading me to the conclusion that I am going to have to try one again the right way.

Bikini Wannabe! commented,
  "Doesn't it feel good to not step on the scale?"

      YES, it does!  I do have to add though and I meant to say this earlier, I did not make it scale free to Dec. 23rd.  I've been on the scale twice.  I'm not beating myself up about this though, because if I hadn't made the change I would have been on the scale 100+ times (NO exaggeration, in fact that might be an underestimate) during the past two weeks.  Weighing 1x a week = A MILLION times better than weighing 70x a week.  And since I've been eating an abundance of produce, drinking enough water and getting good workouts in  those weigh-ins did not disappoint :)
     Anyway  no matter what the scale says, I can see my body getting fitter and tighter, my stomach getting flatter and more defined and I feel great!  When I ate and drank not so great this past weekend, I could see my stomach puff back up a little and I felt not so great on Monday.  That is motivation enough to stay on track!

There were two more that I started to answer, but they ended up being kinda long and I wanted to think about them a little bit more before I posted them.  They will be addressed in a future post.

Feel free to ask more questions!!  Answering these questions was great because they allowed me to talk about things I had been meaning to address anyway :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ABC Push-ups

    I was going to post another video of my push-up progression today,  I recorded a few sets to critique my form.  I think I am finally getting low enough in my push-ups and I did a new max test of 14 with good form.  I'm starting back at Week 1 so I can make sure all gains are done up to my "very high" push-up standard ;)

    Anyway I was going to post a set from today, but this is much, much cuter:

Nolan performing ABC push-ups, which he learned this year in gym :D

Exercise and Education all in one!

I've actually done them with him and they are not as easy as he makes them look :)  I would assume that if you keep your abs tight and stable it is probably a decent core workout.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


"Congratulations Katie McGrath,
You have successfully registered for the The Long Island Half Marathon."  :D

Edited to add: This is race is May 1st (gives me plenty of time to prepare : )

I have no goals for this right now, my real sights are set for my summer triathlon(s), but I am excited nonethless!!!

Moving past 5ks (scared face)  Ehhh who am I kidding I'm still sticking with mostly  5ks, Sub 20 here I come!

Also I did go to the bike shop today,  I found them extremely unhelpful :/ .  I think I need to try a different bike shop even if it is farther away.  Although, I am leaning strongly towards the Felt ZW 95 , I can't lie I like pretty things and that bike is PRETTY.  I personally feel like having a bike that I LOVE (even if for superficial reasons, but really it is not a bad bike anyway)  will make me more confident and therefore more KICK-ASS!  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spreading the Wealth

          First off,  I need to give a HUGE Thank You  to everyone who commented on my bike post.  I value everything that each one you had to say.  As it stands right now I am stopping by my local bike shop tomorrow to get sized and see what they have in stock there right now.  I did go there in November when I first decided I wanted to get a road bike, as far as women's road bikes they carry pretty much exclusively Felt bikes.   They did tell me that the 2011 models were slow coming in so I'm not sure what else they have, but I will find out tomorrow.   I'll update on how that visit goes and what I decide on :D

        Second, while browsing new blogs today I came across Deanna's blog PRetty in Pittsburg.  She had a post listing her favorite running songs and I am ALWAYS up for new song ideas :D  I could tell from her list that we had very similar taste in running music and at the end of the post she had a link to a free mash-up album down load.  I immediately went and downloaded it and fell in love.

  Here it is: Girl Talk~ "All Day"

           If two opinions are not enough to convince you to download it now, I later read a post by the amazing *bitchcakes* on  "the day she became a runner"(which is such an awesome, inspirational post, you should definitely go read it) and she was also singing the praises of listening to this album while running.  She actually had a running epiphany while listening to it.   And I must say a i'm slightly very jealous that she is running the Empire State Building Stair Climb (but I have the utmost respect for her raising over $2,500 in ONE day!)  I am going to apply for the race, but it is unlikely I'll be accepted.

        This album might be old news to some of you, but I had to share it for all those who use music to motivate them through tough runs or just like a nice beat to enhance the experience :).  I, for one, cannot wait to listen to it during my long run tomorrow (it's going to be 50° out :D)

Edited to add: Here is a sample of one of their mash-ups (warning: some bad language, for those w/ kids nearby)

Friday, December 10, 2010


                     45 minutes of stair running
       (time spent running stairs usually: 22-25 minutes, after that my legs are dead)

that went a little something like this:

20-ish minutes in. . .I'm feeling good today, I think I can make it to 30

At 30 minutes. . . Oooo I love this song, I can make it up and down 4 more times to get to 35

At 35. . . Yay 'nother great song I might as well keep going while I listen to it

At 40. . . (yea actually there was another awesome song)  but I was also thinking, if I'm going to be a member of EAP, I'd better start doing some actual endurance stuff.  Say what you will about 45 mins. not being endurance, but on stairs, for me. . .hell yeaah it is.

All in all it felt great :D  Not only did I go longer, but I went faster than usual (for the first 30 mins. anyway, after that I was all, "just make it up without your legs collapsing underneath you,  please").

Im a nut:  I could easily semi-easily go longer if I took every step when my legs got too tired to take every other step, but I am very OCD about my stair routine.  I HAVE to alternate between taking every step all the way up and then on the next set taking every other.  I guess I think taking every other step has more benefit and it's also harder (for me anyway) so I alternate.  I would feel like I'm cheating if I take every step on every set. 
     I also lose track sometimes on which set i'm on (I used to remember bc each set would take me 1:30; so I'd start with every step/ 1:30 every other/ 3:00 every step/ 4:30. . . etc., but I got faster and now I get confused.  I'll take it :D) so I usually just go with every other step when I forget, that way I don't feel like i'm taking the easy way out.

More Bike Help Needed. . .

For all of you who know much more about bikes than I do, your input is much appreciated. . .

I've narrowed it down to two bikes that I believe are decent and are in my price range.  The one I really want is about $200 more, but I don't know if this is justifiable in terms of what each bike provides.

The Mercier Elle:

   This bike is going for $600 (down from a list price of $1600 according to the site), and the awesome thing about is there is no tax and no shipping cost so it is just straight up $600.

Description from
"The Elle will go anywhere and do just about anything a road rider could want. The Elle is great for those in hilly country, new riders or long distance events. The bike is a dream to ride with that triple providing a go-anywhere gear range, advanced Aluminum frame and Carbon Fork cushioning the ride. Race quality Shimano 105 derailleurs, Shimano Triple STI shifters and comfy Carbon Fiber forks and Aero competition wheels that are proportionately sized. All models have 700c wheels for easier pedaling."

   This one retails for $800, but it would probably end up being more than that with tax.  This is the one that I really want right now, but I don't know if that is only because it is "prettier" and it is a Felt.   I don't know if it is a better bike than the Elle because I do not know what makes a better bike.

Description from
"Felt’s FitWoman custom-butted and shaped Superlite aluminum frame tubing forms the heart of this lightweight, stiff performance road bike that’s built specifically for female proportions. A carbon fiber fork and seatpost add a smooth ride quality, while a handlebar and a saddle designed just for women create a ride quality that’s both precise and comfortable."

 What I would like to know:
Which bike would you suggest and why?  or neither if you think they're both awful  and have a better suggestion :p

     I'm looking to find out if I can justify the higher price tag (I know it's not all that much more, but if the Elle is actually the better bike, I'd rather not spend the extra)  Also this is actually a combined Christmas present between family and Matt and I'd like to be able to tell Matt why it is worth it to go for the Felt (if that is the case.)  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2-ish Months of Workouts

Didn't want to delete this completely, but starting the daily workout page fresh for 2011

10/26 ~ HIIT 3 min. warm-up/ 12 min. alternating 1 min @ 6.0 (or 3.0 if I needed it), 1 min @ 9.0-9.2/ Cool down: 5 min @ 3.0 w/ 12% incline/ 5 min @ 6.0     Total~ 25 minutes
Plank~ 1:15

10/27 ~ 40 min. run - My long run for the week
Pull-up practice-  Hopping on my pull-up bar throughout the day, using resistance bands for assistance

10/28 ~ 2 sets of 8 push-ups (first set was for my initial max test)/ Pull-up practice
My legs needed a rest today so no running/ no leg work

10/29 ~ Quick 1.5 mile run to stretch out my legs and feel my pace.  Plyo drills: high knees, butt kicks, strides.  Felt really loose and ready for Sunday :)

10/31~ 5k race in 22:26 (7:14 miles)
Pull-up work

11/1~ Push-ups- W1 D1

11/2 ~ 2 mile run (very tight in my calves from Sunday)
Plank~ 1:15    50 KB swings    Pull-up practice

11/3 ~ 45 min run (still tight)
Push-ups- W1 D2

11/4 ~ Treadmill Incline workout w/ walking lunges at the end
Pull-ups/ Planks~ 1:00, 1:20

11/5 ~ 22 mins running stairs, 1mile run cool down
Push-ups- W1 D3

11/7 ~ 38 min run
Plank~ 1:30, 1:00  50 Squats

Push-ups- W2 D1

11/9 ~ BW Resistance training: Pull-ups 4x3, Plank Push-ups, Jumping Lunges, KB Swings

11/10~ 2 miles in 17:15
Push-ups- W2 D2

11/11~ 1 mile for time- 6:30  15 min easy run

11/12~ 20 mins running stairs
50 KB Swings,  Push-ups- W2 D3,  Wall Sit~ 1:00

11/13~ Push-up End of W2 Max test- 20

11/15~ Push-ups W3 D1,  Squats- 200, Pull-up work

11/18~ 6k (virtual race)- 46:47
 Push-ups W3 D2

11/19~ Ran stairs-22:30

11/20~ Treadmill Intervals- 30 mins (mostly played w/ 8.7 pacing)
Push-ups- W3 D3

11/21~ 4 mile run-29:50

11/22~ Easy 15 min run (keeping my legs loose),  Push-ups

11/24~ Strides

11/25~ Turkey Trot 5k~ 21:52

11/26~ 3+ hrs dancing :D

11/28~ Ran stairs- 25 min

11/30~ 13 mile run

12/4~ 20 mins of incline intervals- alternating 12% @ 3.0 and 12% @ 6.5

12/5~ Ran Stairs- 22 min

12/6~ 3 mi treadmill run

12/7~  Hour Incline Workout     Kettle bell exercises

12/8~  Push-ups W4 D2, 5 mins of squats, 3 mins. of planks

12/9~ 4 mi treadmill run- 35 min

I've gotten behind on updating my workouts and I forget exactly what I've done the past two weeks, but I am going to start this page fresh for 2011.   I plan on keeping exact detail of what I am doing as I'm training for a bunch of exciting stuff :D and I will need to keep track of how I'm preparing.