Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bikini Body Move #2 - The Plank

 If you're looking for flatter abs The Plank is absolutely the best exercise for you.  To perform a plank  assume push-up position with your elbows bent, forearms extended on the floor. Your body should form a straight line and you should be contracting your ab muscles to stabilize your core.  Hold for as long as you can, try for 30 seconds and work your way up to 2 minutes or more.

(Taking pictures is a good way to fix your form too, in this pic I realized my elbows should be slightly more aligned with my shoulders.)

Demonstration video below:

End of Week #1 Stats~

Despite a less than stellar weekend (although total cal intake was prob not bad),  I got right back on track during the week and logged a .5 lb loss :).  Nothing special, but when you're close to your  goal weight it usually comes off slowly.

I also took some measurements today:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missing the Summer Already

It is still pretty warm around here and even more so in the south, but summer is officially over.  I am off duty from the beach until memorial day and not all that excited about it :(.

This video my co-worker put together makes me miss my summer job even more.  The good thing about this video is that it will keep me motivated all year anticipating my amazing and super confident summer '11.  If I get off track during the winter doldrums I will watch this and visualize myself kicking ass on the beach in my bikini.

It also showcases many of the awesome workouts you can get in while you're at the beach and they don't even feel like work!   Boogie Boarding, Surfing, Body Surfing, Paddling, Kayking, Rowing, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Swimming, Sand Runs,  Competitive Rescues (you might look silly if your not a lifeguard but they are a great workout :), Scuba Diving. . .

Ohhh and the guy who looks (but isn't really) naked throughout the video is my brother :D

T- minus 9-ish months till next summer :D

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday's Workout

After getting in my workout today I really did feel 100% better, it is amazing what a hard workout can do for your mood :).

Today I did my 2nd favorite workout (after running stairs): 12% incline intervals on the treadmill.  So for the first 15 mins I set the treadmill at 12% incline and alternated between walking at 3mph and running at 6.2-6.4 mph.  My running interval is usually 1 min long, sometimes I tough it out for a few more seconds but it is hard!  Then I walk for a 1min - 1.5 min, often timing my next running interval to an upbeat part of the song i'm listening to.  So I got in 5 ~1 min running intervals and then near the end of the 15 minutes I decided to throw in one last run at 7mph which I held for 30 seconds.

After that last interval I brought the treadmill back down to 1% incline and ran at 6 mph for 5 mins. which is cake after running at 12% even though I am spent by this point.  I was going to stop here but a great song came on my shuffle (Fallout Boy ~ Hum Hallelujah Infinity on High) so I brought it up to 7.5-8 mph and did 5 more min. (never underestimate the power of music.)

I am glad I did those last 5 minutes because I am thinking about running a 5k on Saturday.  I wanted to see how 7:30 pace felt, especially after I had already exhausted myself.  It wasn't easy, I had to tough it out, but I did it!

Total workout time: 25 mins. and I was dripping by the end :D

I am also going to do some bodyweight stuff tonight while i watch TV.  I have to get back into the routine of doing this every night.  The times that I have made planks/ push-ups (and whatever else I decide to throw in) a nightly routine also happen to be the times that I've been in the best shape and at the  lower side of my weight range.

Getting Back On Track

 Okay so you've had a bad weekend, two days of unhealthy habits are not going to destroy your progress, the important thing is to get right back on the wagon come Monday.  For some people once they slip up they think all is lost and cave into old habits.  This is not the case though, in the words of Dory, "just keep swimmimg" and you will continue to get results.

In my previous post I detailed my less than stellar weekend, I woke up this morning feeling not so great but I am determined to start my week on a good note.

First lets put a positive spin on the weekend, I realized this morning how awful I felt after two days of drinking and not getting my usual workouts in.  I felt lethargic, no energy, bloated, soft and my stomach hurt. . . not at all how I want to go about my day.  I have been slow to get started today but I cannot wait to get my workout in and re-energize myself.

How I felt after a rough weekend . . . not  good : /

Here are some tips on getting your motivation back:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

Sooo I got slightly off track over the weekend, which seems to be a big problem for many people.  You work hard all week and then sabotage it over the weekend :/.  I actually didn't eat too much, I really only had one meal on Saturday and one on Sunday.  It just wasn't the healthiest food and it was BIG portions.  The real problem was I drank. a lot.  Possibly too much? . . .

On Saturday one of my best friends from college came to town and we went shopping during the day. Afterwards we went to California Pizza Kitchen (my absolute favorite restaurant!).  CPK does have some very healthy choices and I love how they put avocado on almost everything :D.  We ordered Avocado egg rolls (not so healthy, which our waiter pointed out when he told us that they were his favorite, butttt not so good for you.  Unfortunately, they are my favorite too :-)  and their AMAZING guacamole.  This would not be so bad, but I also ordered a Aussie Splash, which is basically a very sugary ie: caloric, sangria type drink .  After that we got two more orders from their small cravings menu (great for dieters and all delicious!).  We got the chicken quesadilla and the steak tacos but were pretty much full at this point and brought most of it home for hubs.

The rest of the night consisted of. . . more drinking.  We bar hopped in a nearby town anddd had a great time :).  On a positive note we walked approximately 2 miles in 5-inch  heels (work those calves!) plus dancing :D.

Sunday consisted of me recovering from my hangover.  In my hungover state I caved in when hubs suggested Taco Bell on the way home from Target.  So so bad I know but gahhh it is soo good sometimes!  Then at night drinking again, this time Skinnygirl Margarita. It sounds semi- healthy, but is pretty much still a sugar-laden( albeit with natural agave nectar), calorie-laden drink.  One serving is listed as 35 cals but a serving is 1.5 ounces! You can multiply that calorie count by 10+ for me :?

Positives for the day: we went on an glorious family bike ride and . . . that's all i got .

Goal for next weekend: Don't drink so much!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's Workout

Today I did my favorite workout, running stairs :D.  I do this at the college down the street from my house, there is a staircase that is rarely used (secret I learned while I was on the crew team there).  I  try to do it between Fri.-Sun. when there is less undergrad traffic.  I have been running stairs routinely for 3 yrs now and it is absolutely the best for your backside . . .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bikini Body Move #1- Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges are one of my favorite body weight exercises, you can pretty much do them anywhere.  I am prone to randomly busting them out in my house.  They are definitely difficult, in just 30-45 secs you are exhausted, but they work!  In this video I keep my hands above my head but they are easier if you keep them on your hips or move them for momentum.

20 Jumping Lunges (w/ In for the Kill [skream remix] by La Roux~the last min. of the song):

Starting Stats

 I did my first official weigh-in this morning here are the results:

             Height ~ 5'4"
Current weight ~ 125.5
    Goal weight ~ 116-118

So as I've mentioned, I only have 5-10 lbs to lose but  most people know that those are the hardest!  I tend to gain/lose in my stomach area so for me those last few pounds define my waist and flatten my belly, who doesn't want that :)

I took some Before pics today, they're not great quality cause I took them with Photo Booth but PB is just so much easier than a camera.  I don't look too bad but there is definitely room for improvement. . .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Songs to keep you running. . . fast.

Music is one of the biggest motivators for me while i'm working out.  It helps me push myself longer and harder, which i'm sure is true for many people.  If I am dying during a run on the treadmill but want to push myself a few minutes extra, i'll start a five minute song that I love.  Usually i'll end up pushing myself through the whole song even though I have nothing left.  My list is always changing as I tend to overplay some songs and get tired of them.

Here are a few of my current top songs:

More goals. . .

Aside from the goals I stated in my previous post which were, getting down to around 116 lbs and looking like this in a bikini again, I have some more "serious" fitness goals I am working on. . .

1) Complete my first triathalon ~ I have already picked the one I plan on doing, some of my co-workers have competed in it the past few years.  It's a sprint tri (.5m swim, 10k bike, 5k run)  The date is at the end of August so I have more than enough time to train.  Also I don't want to just finish it, I want to rock it!

2) Look into personal training certification ~ I am very passionate about fitness and staying in shape. I will probably write a future post on this but I have lost 50lbs twice in my life (once at age 13 and then after I had my son at 21).  Both times I went from around 170 down to the 120's.  I would like to specialize in helping kids and mothers get fit based on my experiences. Part of my reason for this blog is to explore and document my personal fitness philosophy.

3) Stop using the scale  every. single. day. ~ In order to help others, I need to have a healthier attitude towards my body.  I think the scale is a decent way to monitor progress and keep on top of your weight slowly creeping higher and higher.  That said, once maybe twice a week is sufficient.  The biggest problem with my daily weigh-ins (usually more then once a day) is it affects my mood to much.  I get depressed when I see a bigger number even if it's after a big meal :/.   On here I am going to aim for weekly weigh-ins, possibly starting tomorrow?  I will have to hide the scale in between :-o.
Anddd although I have a weight goal, it is flexible, I am plan on basing it more on how I look and how I feel.

ehhh, that's enough goals for now.


ETA: Those coming upon this post now, goals change, I now think I can look even better by summer.  Summer '11 Bring It On!

Background and other details to follow but first. . .

                                           (please excuse the mess :D)

I want to start with this.  These pics are me in the beginning of Summer '09, when I weighed around 116-118 (@ 5'4").   This is my goal for Summer  '11,  although if I can get in even better shape I'd be happy :)  I am currently 126ish, so only 8-10 lbs to lose, don't want to go under 115 cause then I look too skinny.  Realistically  I am trying to focus on getting tighter and fitter  and hopefully not on the numbers so much.

Also there are some backside pics but they show a little more then I am comfortable showing for now ;)