Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spreading the Wealth

          First off,  I need to give a HUGE Thank You  to everyone who commented on my bike post.  I value everything that each one you had to say.  As it stands right now I am stopping by my local bike shop tomorrow to get sized and see what they have in stock there right now.  I did go there in November when I first decided I wanted to get a road bike, as far as women's road bikes they carry pretty much exclusively Felt bikes.   They did tell me that the 2011 models were slow coming in so I'm not sure what else they have, but I will find out tomorrow.   I'll update on how that visit goes and what I decide on :D

        Second, while browsing new blogs today I came across Deanna's blog PRetty in Pittsburg.  She had a post listing her favorite running songs and I am ALWAYS up for new song ideas :D  I could tell from her list that we had very similar taste in running music and at the end of the post she had a link to a free mash-up album down load.  I immediately went and downloaded it and fell in love.

  Here it is: Girl Talk~ "All Day"

           If two opinions are not enough to convince you to download it now, I later read a post by the amazing *bitchcakes* on  "the day she became a runner"(which is such an awesome, inspirational post, you should definitely go read it) and she was also singing the praises of listening to this album while running.  She actually had a running epiphany while listening to it.   And I must say a i'm slightly very jealous that she is running the Empire State Building Stair Climb (but I have the utmost respect for her raising over $2,500 in ONE day!)  I am going to apply for the race, but it is unlikely I'll be accepted.

        This album might be old news to some of you, but I had to share it for all those who use music to motivate them through tough runs or just like a nice beat to enhance the experience :).  I, for one, cannot wait to listen to it during my long run tomorrow (it's going to be 50° out :D)

Edited to add: Here is a sample of one of their mash-ups (warning: some bad language, for those w/ kids nearby)


Crafty Jogger said...

I can't wait to see which bike you get! Post pictures! I'm hoping to save up for one by next summer.

Also, make sure you buy/wear a helmet too!! It might not look cool...but neither does brain damage =(

Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Yeah keep us posted on the bike!!

Julie said...

I am still looking for a bike. Hopefully I will have one soon too. Good luck with the purchase.

That Empire State stair race sounds intense! You could totally do it:)


Sorry I missed your bike post.

I have another idea for you and you will end up with a much nicer bike.

First off, go to the LBS (local bike shop) and find out what size fits you.

Next, go on Craigs list in your area and check out what is available. Hopefully you live near a big city or close to one.

In most cases you can get that 1 or 2 year old bike that is $2K new for under $1K. Top brands you ask? Felt, Cervelo, Trek, Scott, Kestrel
Quintana Roo, Cannondale, QR.

I bought my Cervelo P2 on Ebay for $1100 two year ago and can't be more pleased. 3 IMs later and the last one I passed 1000 people. (that just means I'm a crappy swimmer... but anyway...)

coach dion said...

Empire State stair race is a dream race for me, but I've just come across your blog, like you I also 'surf' running blogs... Don't believe anything I write in my blog, I really only want a body of a Greek god...