Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Risk it!

I love this quote so much, it's meant to be humorous, but I find it inspirational as well:

"You live a sweet, little, nerfy life. Sitting on your biscuit, never having to risk it." 

So go out there and risk it!! (Really this is for me because I'm not risking anything right now and I know I can be achieving A LOT  more than I am.  If you are in the same sitch as me, GO OUT THERE AND RISK IT!! :D)

Who can name that quote??!! :D  (Melissa if you see this, I posted this in your comments after you used the word biscuits,  I LOVE it so much lol :D)


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Is it from The Office?

Katie said...

Yayyy yes it was from the office!!! Now anyone else who knows it can add who it was said by :D LOL I think we were commenting on each others blogs at the same time :) My comment might make no sense though bc I drank a little and was being a bit too introspective!