Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing with Persimmons

  I was going to do a Three Things Thursday in place of my weekly Thursday weigh-in, but the Persimmon portion of my three things just took over :)
  While grocery shopping on Sunday, I came across a Persimmon, it was a lovely bright orange color.  It was located right next to the pomegranates and in an effort to increase my produce consumption mixed with my pomegranate love, I figured, why not?   I wasn't even sure if it was a fruit or a vegetable because it looks kinda like an orange pepper, but it said sweet persimmon so I guessed fruit.
I got the Hachiya version on the Left.  The other kind, Fuyu, looks like a tomato
     Tuesday I decided to try it out.  I didn't look up any info about how to eat it, I just figured I'd bite right in and hope for the best. . .

      Wow, WOW,  BIG mistake.  Although the first few seconds seemed promising, my mouth suddenly felt coated in a chalky substance .  It was completely bizarre, I can't even describe the sensation.  I immediately went online to figure out how on earth anyone eats these things,  this is what I found:
"If you eat the Hachiya type of persimmon before it's completely ripe, you will find it bitter and chalky, and have the strongest mouth puckering experience of your life. It will numb your lips and tongue for a short moment. However, you can avoid this by soaking the persimmon in salt water for a minute before you eat it. The salt will remove most of the bitter taste in your mouth. Alternately, simply wait until the Hachiya persimmon is soft and ripe. Or freeze the persimmon, and the chalky, tangy, bitter taste will be gone. The fruit can be defrosted in the microwave and then eaten in all its warm gooey splendor. Be careful of the seeds."      From WikiHow  
  Supposedly the Hachiya Persimmon is not ripe until it is very mushy and seems rotten.
      Being the nut that I am, I actually had to try it two more times to experience that unpleasant but intriguing sensation again. I tried to talk Matt into trying it (after I had already described how awful it was :D) but he was having none of it.    Then I left it on the counter, planning to soak it in salt water and re-try it, but after it sat there for a day I just threw it out.  I may get one again though and try freezing it because they are supposed to be amazing when eaten the right way.

    During my web search on the Persimmon I also came across, this post from the site  not so serious.  I LOVE how she describes the unripe experience,
"It’s a very strange feeling and worth a try, if you want to experience what can only be described as your delicate cheek tissue rapidly sloughing off and going down your throat."

 You're all totally going to go out and try an unripe persimmon now, aren't you ;) 

Have you ever eaten a persimmon either ripe or unripe?   
What did you think of it?
If you haven't, how curious are you to try it now? :D

I think it would make a perfect April Fools prank :)


Emz said...

I put a pasturized persimmon on my plastic pastie.

pastie persimmons = pukie on pastie

Katie said...

OMG I am dying over here. hysterical.

I don't even know what to say to that. . .

Emz said...

welcome to my daily interactions with others.

is "emz"
normal. ;)

Julie said...

I hate when I try a new fruit/veggie and it is totally not what I'm expecting. I did that with a horned fruit. It looked so exotic and I expected it to be citrus and sweet and sour, but it was just yuck. Maybe I didn't get a ripe one...

At least your persimmon is salvageable :-)

Crafty Jogger said...

woah! thanks for the warning! That fruit should come with some kind of instruction sticker.

Renea said...

I noticed these at walmart yesturday but grabbed the oranges instead..I will try anything once and glad to know there is a RIGHT way to eat these..Thanks
BUT... that would be fun to try the wrong

Katie said...

CJ~ lol The one in the picture has a small sticker that says "eat when soft." However this would not have helped me even if I HAD seen it because as far as I'm concerned it WAS soft. What it should say is "eat when mushy."

Renea~ I'm totally telling my bro to try this ("it's so delicious" :D) when he comes home for Christmas break

Alex said...

funny-I'll remember that if I get a persimmon. sounds like a good practical joke to pull on someone.

Tom said...

What are the odds? I'm 42 and have never seen one of those my entire life until last week. My wife brought some home. They were ripe, but they had the most odd texture and flavor I've ever encountered. I'm still not sure if I ate it properly, but I know it's not on my favorite food list.

ms s loveridge said...

i just had the same experience.... x(